👋 Teachers! Introduce yourself here

(Koshik Raj) #1631

Hello everyone! I’m the founder of a blockchain research and incubation center (https://consensolabs.com/) based out of India. Our entire research project portfolio is hosted on the GitHub organization. We encourage and train our students and researchers to use GitHub as a part of our mentor-ship program. We are excited to find out more about what GitHub can offer to our incubation programs.

(Phil Schniter) #1632

Hi, I’m Phil, and I’d like to learn about using GitHub in the classroom.

(Mr. Roth-Ritchie) #1633

Hello everyone. I checked in a while ago, but did not end up implementing Git with the team because we were not ready. Now, we are. I am an English teacher and part time coder who joined FRC team 6762 as a lead mentor and programming mentor. This is our third year in the game, and we are excited to meet the new challenge (which will be unveiled Saturday).

~Mr. R^2

(Dominique Charlebois) #1634


I’m creating curriculum and lesson plans for HighTechU.

My Github handle is FlyteWizard

I live in Victoria BC :canada:

My interests include photography :camera: , hiking :hiking_boot: , and reading :blue_book:

(Ocrozo) #1635

Hi !!
My name is Oscar Carrillo (@ocrozo) and I’m an associate professor at the engineering school CPE Lyon :fr:
I want to use GitHub classrooms with my students, for this year my goal is to use it with 80 students working in a project by teams.


Hello teachers!

I’m Rohit,a IInd year B.Tech student in BVCOE,NEW DELHI.

My GitHub handle is ROHIT KUMAR .

I live in New Delhi :sun_behind_large_cloud:

My interests include gadgets :iphone: :, and reading :books:

(Anurag Sachdeva) #1637

Hello everyone!
I am Anurag Sachdeva, a React Developer. My GitHub handle is anuragsachdeva28 .
I live in Noida, India, and I am a BTech student.
I like drinking coffee :shopping::shopping::shopping: and programming.
I teach some students in my college development using git to a great deal.

Thank you for reading!

(Nasseef Abukamail) #1638

I’m Nasseef. I would like to introduce Git and GitHub to my Freshman students next semester.

(Nicola Tonellotto) #1639

Hello everybody!!!
I teach Distributed Enabling Platforms (and Computer Architectures) at the University of Pisa. Github offers amazing opportunities for me and my students to keep in touch and share slides, notes, schedules and project assignments for the course. But the most amazing feature I like of Github Education is the possibility to get in touch and use one of the technologies my students will use in their day-to-day life in the high tech market at the end of their studies.


(Boris DEHOUMON) #1640

Hi !!
I’m Boris DEHOUMON (@dehboris ) professor at the engineering school ESGIS Benin :benin:

My Github account is dehboris

I want to use GitHub classrooms with my students, for this year my goal is to use it with 100 students working in a project by teams.

Thank you!

(Oliver Bonham-Carter) #1641

Hello GitHubers,

My name is Oliver Bonham-Carter, Assistant professor in Computer Science at Allegheny College in Meadville, PA. My background is in bioinformatics and I teach databases (a big part of my field) and classes where R and Python play major roles (again, a focus of my field). I use GitHub in my computer science classes to distribute course material and to enable my students to develop and store their source code for their projects.

(Sebastián Cea) #1642

Hello teachers!

I’m Seba, Assistant professor at the School of Industrial Engineering - PUCV.

My GitHub handle is sebacea .

I live between Valparaíso and Santiago

My interests include :family_man_girl:, :books: and :surfing_man:

(Charles Walker Ludwig) #1643


My name is Charles, my GitHub handle is charleswalkerludwig.

I look forward to learning more about all GitHub has to offer its students and teachers alike.

(Kumueric) #1644


I’m Eric from University of Hawai’i–West O’ahu in Kapolei, HI – not far from the resorts at Ko Olina, the location of Disney’s Aulani Resort.

I teach a variety of courses, some of which involve Python at various levels. I am hoping to equip students with useful skills in computational thinking, accounting, and data analytics.



(Zmeica) #1645

Hello, my name is Julia . I teach physics and I am trying to learn how to use gitHub.

(Filipe Correia) #1646

Hi everyone :wave:!

I’m Filipe Correia, I teach Software Engineering courses at the Faculty of Engineering, University of Porto, Portugal.

My GitHub handle is filipefigcorreia.


(Rcspringer) #1647

Hi Everyone!

I’m Roy Springer, I teach Software Development courses at ROC Mondriaan in the Netherlands.

My GitHub handle is @rcspringer


(Socke) #1648

Hi all. My name is Stefan Sobek, I am a computer science lecturer at the Fontys University of Applied Sciences in Venlo Netherlands.

I like the introduction assignments a lot and I am planning to introduce github education in one of my courses.


(Diegoandrade Ufc) #1649

Hello Everybody, :wave:

I’m Diego, Teacher on Federal University of Ceará (Brazil), Quixadá Campus.

My interest in Github Education community is because now I’m teaching two important classes, Configuration management, and software maintenance.

Any help, get in contact.

(Alan T. Arnholt) #1650

Hello! I use Git and GitHub while teaching statistics. I am looking forward to using the classroom workflow to distribute assignments. For more about me, please visit https://alanarnholt.github.io.