👋 Teachers! Introduce yourself here

(Readoc) #145

Greetings all:

I’m a professor at Western Michigan University in Kalamazoo, MI.

I primarily teach programming (Java, C#, PHP, Python, Android, etc.) and am in charge of our Graduate and Professional Information Security program.

When I’m not teaching I tend to work with the POSSE group (http:/foss2serve.org)

I’ve used Github quite often for student projects. I’m requiring it for my Fall classes and received my huge box of handouts a couple of week ago from GitHub (thanks again).

I look forward to learning much from everyone.

(James Abela) #146

Hello Everyone,

I am James Abela and I teach Computer Science. My students are using github to store their Python Challenges. You are very welcome to join in too at:

Best wishes

P.S. If you want to add a link to your school’s assignment page, just let me know. (I use a Google Form)

(Jiayu Zhou) #147

Hi, my name is Jiayu Zhou (@jiayuzhou ), and I teach Machine Learning in Michigan State University. I use Github for research projects, as well as collaborating latex writings.

(Tim Dams) #148

Howdy folks,

I’m Tim Dams , software development teacher from brave little Belgium.

I teach at the AP University Collega from Antwerp (famous for it’s diamonds and uhm… :slight_smile: ).

We’ve been using github (and the classroom) pretty extensively for the last two years and are intgrating in many courses in different ways (including thesis management, syllabus writing, team projects, etc). Looking forward to the new momentum that likely will happen with the github classroom in the next few months!

Keep gitting y’all!

(Lars Möllendorf) #149

Hi, I am Lars Möllendorf from the phaenovum Center for Young Scientists of Lörrach where I help enthusiastic pupils to learn programming. Currently I am organising RoboRAVE Germany a free and open robotics competition.

(Dzmtiry Varabei) #150

Good octoday, guys!

I’m Dzmitry Varabei from Minsk, Belarus.
Together with friends we run free JavaScript/Front-end course twice a year for 40 - 60 students.
We use GitHub ecosystem for almost all educational activities.

  • GitHub and gh-pages to store all our course materials (syllabus, assignments, slides, etc…).
  • Private repositories for the assignments and PRs for the implementation review.
  • Gitter as our communication channel.

Thanks, for your support!

Best Wishes,

(John Britton) #151

Unlike many school projects, each team builds a web app in their technology of their choice and have to integrate between each other. For example, one team building an e-commerce website will have to process payment through another team’s banking API.

That’s really cool. I haven’t heard of anyone making their students integrate their projects across teams before. I bet it’s a great experience for them.

(Jesús Torres) #152

Hi everyone,

I’m Jesús Torres a.k.a. @aplatanado at GitHub and many other sites.

I’m a assistant professor at the Computer Science college of University of La Laguna in Spain. I teach courses about operating systems, software system development, embedded systems and related topics.

My courses are mostly focused in project-based learning. For that, GitHub and GitHub classroom are awesome tools and allows the students end up with a portfolio with their own work.

For my courses, I mainly develop software in C++ and Qt but I also usually use Python and Django (mainly) for my own projects.

(Eric Boivin) #155

Yeah! They enjoy it a lot, although it’s always a challenge when a team is not meeting expectations and they are thus impacting their dependencies team. Life lessons for their future careers!

I plan to do a little post to explain what I set in place in the next few days so that I can share and get some feedback!

(John Britton) #156

Welcome @ckinnard, we’re big fans of Project Lead The Way. I’ve met a few folks from your organization in the past, including Bennett Brown. Looking forward to having you and the rest of the PLTW crew participating.

(Emily Claire Reese) #157

Hello everyone! I’m Emily, I live in Paris, France, and I work at OpenClassrooms, the largest online learning platform in France. I was a dev at Kickstarter back in NYC, and now I help others learn to be developers themselves by teaching code courses in English and French!

We already have courses about GitHub in English, French, and Spanish on our site and are stoked to find new ways to involve GitHub in our students’ workflows via these cool educational materials.

Yeahhhhh learning! :pencil2:

Emily Reese (twitter: eclairereese)

(Elhambuxton) #158

My name is Ellie buxton. I am an assistant professor at University of Illinois at Springfield. I teach data structures and big data analytics and I have started to use github for code submission this semester. I wish everyone a great semester.


(Miguel van de Laar) #159

Hi all!

My name is Miguel van de Laar. I’m a senior lecturer in software engineering at Zuyd University in Heerlen, The Netherlands.

Our students mostly use GitHub as a collaboration platform for software development.

(Markey Pappalardo) #160

Hello Everyone,

I’m Markey Pappalardo and I am teaching Mobile Device Programming for the Computer Science Master’s program at Hofstra University in NY. I have been using Git and GitHub for several years now in my full time position as a web/mobile developer and realize the importance of source code management. I will be introducing GitHub to my students for turning in all assignments, sharing notes and doing peer reviews so they can get a head start at becoming better professionals.

(Boanerges Aleman Meza) #161

Hi all,

I teach a section of Data Structures class at the University of Houston (link to my class’ repo).
I used GitHub last semester to get students to share test cases for the programming assignments . The syllabus is in GitHub. Its use in class is optional but I did a demo of how to “copy” files from a laptop to the linux server (via push, then pull) where students place their code for grading purposes.

This semester I’ll utilize issues instead of a mailing-list for the class.

We use GitHub at my full-time programming job, but I did learned new things about it when using it in class that blew my mind (such as seeing who forked a project and doing a pull request from it directly).

(Juliet Pulliam) #162

Hi everyone! I am the Director of the South African DST-NRF Centre of Excellence in Epidemiological Modelling and Analysis (SACEMA). We have been using GitHub as a platform for collaborative computing and version control for training workshops through the International Clinics in Infectious Disease Dynamics and Data (ICI3D) Program for the past few years. I have recently moved to Stellenbosch from Gainesville, Florida, where I also used GitHub for a variety of other educational and research endeavors in my lab.

One of my goals at SACEMA is to better integrate use of version control and reproducible research practices into our postgraduate training activities. We are also always looking for ways to improve how we use GitHub with our ICI3D program participants. I hope this forum will help give me ideas and resources!

(Eric Hollenberry) #163

Hello everyone!

My name is Eric Hollenberry, and I’m a Hubber currently working on the Training Team at GitHub! Before becoming a Trainer to demonstrate the capabilities of GitHub to our current customers, I used to be a teacher (both in the classroom, and for a coding bootcamp).

I’m excited about this community because I know the potential of a motivated teacher, and how powerful open sourcing lesson plans and resource sharing can be. I’m looking forward to meeting you all here.

(Baochuan Lu) #165


I am Baochuan Lu teaching Web programming and software engineering at Southwest Baptist University in Missouri. My recent interest is in full-stack web development with JavaScript. I have been using github in my software engineering class.

I have learned so much by just posts in this thread. Thank y’all for sharing.

(Dan Pickett) #166

Hi everyone,

I’m Dan Pickett, Co-Founder of Launch Academy, an accelerated learning program that trains aspiring web developers. We’re currently in Boston and online, with plans to expand to Philadelphia in 2017. Our program covers HTML, CSS, Ruby, Rails, JavaScript, and ReactJS

I’m dpickett on GitHub.

I want to thank GitHub for being so supportive of us in the earliest of our days. All of our systems and curriculum are heavily dependent on GitHub and the GitHub api, and the whole team there has been a dream to work with.

I’m looking forward to being active here and contributing to the conversation.

(Chris Janes) #167


I’m the course leader for both computer games design and mobile and web engineering over at the University of Suffolk in the UK.

Both courses are new and I’m rolling out a full GitHub education setup that will also introduce students to test driven development and continuous integration.