👋 Teachers! Introduce yourself here

(Elena Labzina) #1590

Hi all!

My name is Elena. I am a recent postdoc in the Lab of Law&Economics in ETH Zurich. I am working on the intersection of social sciences and computer science. Currently I am using GitHub to keep track of my work and coordinate the workflow of my research group. In future, I plan to use GitHub for teaching because I think it is an awesome tool. :slight_smile:

Best regards,

(10nry) #1592

Hello! I am Jason Colby and work at the L&N STEM Academy. We are a public school that acquire students through a lottery. Each school in the county get a number of spots based on the population of the school. We accept any student who gets chosen.

We are starting some coding classes next year so I am trying to get my ducks in a row. I figured that knowing GitHub would be a good skill to have. Languages will include JavaScript and Python.

(Dragon Lady) #1593

Hello, My name is Elisa Heinricher and I teach Computer Science and Robotics at Bancroft School in Worcester, Massachusetts. I will be teaching my Web Design class in the spring and find it very convenient to use Git Pages for the students to see their work online. Glad to have this community to ask questions.

(Chris Seasholtz) #1594

I’m Chris from the University of Kansas. I teach network security, operating systems, and system administration. I’ve mentioned the Student Developer pack to many students over the last couple years, but recently found out about the resources available for educators!

My classes do not relate directly to software engineering or writing code, but I do teach a lot of scripting and automation. My plan for the coming semester is to have my network security class write scripts to secure their machines. I plan to introduce automation and powershell/bash scripts in my system administration class. Both classes will use repos that they can then show to employers once they graduate and look for full time jobs or when they’re looking for internships!

(Aubreybebar) #1595

Hi all,
I’m Aubrey, and teach adult upgrading math and computer science. I’m exploring tools I can use to help my students learn.

(Ethan McGee) #1596

Hello, I’m Ethan and I teach Computer Science at Bob Jones University in Greenville, SC. I teach Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming, Computer Systems, Software Development, Parallel / Distributed Algorithms, Language Translation Systems and Theoretical Foundations of Computer Science.

We heavily use Git for a lot of our courses, but we don’t yet have any integration with enterprise systems. We are hoping that we can integrate Github into our courses to allow our students to get some real-world experience with the version control systems used by modern companies.

(Lebedevdes) #1597

Hi everyone!
My name is Anton, I am teacher at P.G. Demidov Yaroslavl State University in Yaroslavl, Russia. I teach Computer Vision, Machine Learning and Digital Image Processing, and I want to get my students closer to the GitHub in these courses.

(Joe Keller) #1598

I’m Joe Keller. I teach technology along with some of my students at the Community School of Davidson in Davidson, NC.

We haven’t used Github yet this year. Thanks for the reminder as we’ll definitely start up on it soon.

I’d love to get the free swag bag, the free printed copies and the motivators. There are 58 students in my classes.

Our School address:

Community School of Davidson
c/o Joe Keller
404 Armour St
Davidson, NC 28036
United States

Country Code +1
704.897.8061 school phone
704.534.1092 my cell

Thx so much,

(Nic McPhee) #1599

My name is Nic McPhee, and I’m a computer science faculty at the University of Minnesota, Morris (UMM), an undergraduate, public liberal arts college in rural Minnesota. I’ve also contributed to a number of open source and research projects on GitHub, and used it in work with Kidblog, a start-up founded by two UMM computer science alums. My GitHub handle is NicMcPhee.

We heavily emphasize group work in our courses, and we’ve been using version control systems for decades (first cvs, then svn, and eventually git) to help the students manage their collaborations. We’ve been using git and GitHub-dot-com for several years in our middle- and upper-level courses. We’ve also used a University of Minnesota enterprise installation of GitHub on occasion, but prefer using GitHub-dot-com when possible as that makes it easier for students to showcase their work off campus (with, for example, employers).

We started using GitHub Classroom as soon as we became aware of it, and that’s been a big help in the past few years. Several key classes now have organizations where we have the write-ups and starter code for recurring labs or exercises, and then we use GitHub Classroom to generate the semester specific organizations and team specific repositories.

As examples, these two organizations are the “master” copies of the labs and exercises for our systems lab course and our software design and development course respectively:

These are then used (via GitHub Classroom) to populate semester specific organizations.

(Vincent Claes) #1600


My name is Vincent Claes, I’m an EE working on FPGA, Embedded Software and Machine Learning. My github is located at https://github.com/pxltech

Kind regards

(Sejas) #1601

Hello all!

I’m Antonio, I studied computer engineering and I work as Remote Developer.
I am starting to teach ReactJS, React Native, Git and Machine Learning in monthly free meetups https://reactjs.eu/ and writing in medium http://jsschool.es

My GitHub handle is sejas .
My webpage is https://sejas.es

I live in Las Palmas :beach_umbrella: :sunny:

My interests include travel :ski: :calling: :books:, and :robot: :

I want to learn and share while building a great community.

Thank you !

(Yatri Patel) #1602

Hello teachers!

I’m Yatri Patel, I’m a student and a part of the developers’ student club in my college. I have taught git and github to all the participants and I myself use github a lot.
happy to connect with all


(Chris Kinson) #1603


I’m Chris and I am a professor at Univ of Illinois in Dept of Statistics.

I’m very new to Git and Github but I want to incorporate it into my data wrangling and data analysis courses.

(Dynisha Faust) #1604

I am D. I teach introductory computer courses at Central Piedmont Community College. All the courses I teach transfer to four-year colleges. I’ve used GitHub in academic settings and for personal projects.

My interests include digital art, reading, writing, technology, and music. I love learning and sharing knowledge. I’m looking forward to learning, collaborating, and working with all of you.

:slightly_smiling_face: D.

(Marcus T) #1605

Hi folks!

Coming back to Git and education.github community - looking for ways to get my HS students taking APCS to see more of the development sphere than just the textbook.

Looking forward to learning and possibly connecting!

Cincinnati, OH

(Metrolearn) #1606

Hi all!

Brian Pemberton.
GitHub @mlcpdx
Portland OR, Checking in.
Hoping to start my Masters Program in CS next fall.

(Waqar Mohammad) #1607

Hi Guys :wave:

Waqar here from Manchester UK. Just joined and hoping to make the most of the education community on here.

See you around.


(Kevin Bonham) #1608

My name is Kevin Bonham, and I’m a biologist by training, but over the past few years have been doing primarily data analysis and software development. Currently working on an introduction to programming targeted at biology students. I’ll be starting a position as a Research Scientist at Wellesley College in January. I mostly program in julia and python.

github: @kescobo

(Randy Bielby) #1609

Just checking on Github classroom. I’m a new instructor at Madison Area Technical College in beautiful Madison, Wisconsin. After 30+ years in the industry as a software engineer/developer/programmer/jack of all trades, I found what I hope is the perfect job. Teaching.
We have a few instructors that are using classroom and I’m interested in incorporating it into my classes too. I’m a firm believer that we need to be modeling, as much as possible, a real work environment for our students. Such that when the graduate, things like git, agile, collaboration, etc, aren’t new to them.


(Falnesio) #1610

Hi! I am actually a student at my university but we do not have any classes in computer programming etc. so I am trying to build up a programming culture at my campus. I know very little programming myself but I am trying and am currently in a small study group of my peers, trying to get them to know the benefits of Github. I am an undergraduate in economics with an interest in the complexity paradigm and data science. It is a pleasure to be amongst you.

MG, Brazil