👋 Teachers! Introduce yourself here

(Vladimir Jovanović) #1570


My name is Vladimir and I come from Serbia. I’m a computer science teacher at Zamphyr. Looking forward to use GitHub classroom so that we can improve our classrooms with the tools that GitHub is providing to teachers!

(Nikola Dašić) #1571

Hello friends!

I’m Nikola. I’m Full Stack Developer, I love Coding, Electronics (old school too) :pager: :fax: :tv: :radio:, and beer :beer: :beers: !
I teach Meteor, Html, CSS, JS, etc. @ Zamphyr
I live in Beograd, Republic of Serbia, place where Alternating Current (AC :electric_plug:), lightbulb :bulb: and many other electric and electronic stuff have been born, thanks to Nikola Tesla, and we have Git, PCs, the Internet today thanks to this (hooray)!

(Annmariewhite) #1572

I’m Ann-Marie. Chair of the Science Dept at The Blake School in Minneapolis. Also I’m the coach of our Upper School First Robotics Team!


(Academy of Innovative Technology) #1573

Hello Teachers,

My name is Aaron, Teacher from Academy Of Innovative Technology in Brooklyn NY.

My interest is joining Hackathons and always learning something new either through books or meetups.

Currently developing applications to solve problems for teachers in the Department of Education.

(Antonio Gámez) #1574

Hey there! I’m Antonio (@antgamdia) from ISA Research Group at the University of Seville (Spain). One interesting project that I work on is the SLA4OAI specification, an extension to the OpenAPI Specification (fka Swagger).

My research interests in Software Engineering are focused on Service-Oriented Computing and specifically in the government of RESTful systems.
At the industrial level, I have participated in several ICT projects and collaborates closely with leading organizations such as the OpenAPI Initiative, Docker or Auth0 for the technological and industrial knowledge diffusion, having imparted a number of invited talks and workshops.

I use to teach two subjects closely related to the development of web applications and microservices. Java/JSP and Node.js/MongoDB/Angular stacks are used. We have about 50 grad students and they are asked to collaborate through Github and push their assignments there.

Thanks, Github, for your support and interest in teaching. You rock, guys!

(JFE) #1575

Bonjour à tous,
I’m jean-marie. I’m teaching computer science and software engineering at the university in grenoble (france). I’ve been using GitHub in classrooms for years, not only using repo, but also using issues and projects. This is really cool since this allow providing assignments in the form of issues, using project to plan these assignments. I’m using a python api to script some stuff, for instance to duplicate issues from one master repo to many student repo.
Like many I was using moodle before, but I completly moved to GitHub because it is scriptable and it actually is a useful knowledge for software engineering studends.
GitHub is really cool!
Now, what is missing in my case is to link github to travis, all that using private repos. That’s why I’m applying to a Caompus partenership.

Have fun.

(Harun Umar) #1576

Hello Everyone,
I am Harun (@harunaadoga). I teach Object Oriented Programming and Software Defined Networking at the Department of Computer Science, Federal University Lafia, Nigeria.

My interests are in the areas of distributed systems, software development and software defined networking.

Although I teach OOP using Java, I work on my personal networking automation projects using Python.

My students will be glad to make use of the tools provided by GitHub Education to learn faster and better.

(jeanluc kabulu) #1577


hello my name is jean-luc Kabulu i stay in Democratic Republic of the Congo :compass:

and I am a trainer in the programmer’s club in my school

I am creating my school of intelligence artificial here in the DRC

(Marcel Roesink) #1578

Hi there,
My name is Marcel Roesink and I’m a teacher at ROC van Twente in the Netherlands.
I mainly teach programming and databases.

We use SCRUM for our lessons.

(Rpindoria) #1579

Hello! I am currently teaching physics, mathematics and working with tensorflow with Python. Any comments and suggestions would be appreciated.

(Cleyton Slaviero) #1580

Hey there, I’m Cleyton Slaviero. Currently I’m teaching Web Programming to my students at Rondonópolis Federal University (UFR), in the Information Systems Program. I’m trying to use github (Classroom) to help me organize students assignments and to make them work together easily. I trying to enforce group work and github seems the right tool so far to this end.

(Jared Rigby) #1581

Good afternoon everyone,

I’m Jared - @jazibobs - and I teach High School computer science.

I’m originally from the UK :uk: but now live and teach in Suzhou, China :cn:

I want to introduce Git and GitHub to my class so students can better organise their software projects and collaborate more easily with their classmates.

I’m still fairly new to teaching as I spent the last 5 years working in web development before making the jump overseas.

I look forward to sharing ideas with you all.

(Teake Nutma) #1582

Hi everyone!

I’m Teake Nutma (teake on GitHub) from the Netherlands. I’m a software engineer that builds archives for ESA space missions, and I’m about to give my first VCS lecture here at the University of Groningen for a bunch of astronomy graduates.

TBH I haven’t yet decided to use GitLab or GitHub for my lectures. I’m leaning towards GitHub though since we’re training them to be (data) scientists, and for scientists the place to be is GitHub, right?

(Priyanshu Gandhi) #1583

Hello everyone,
I am Priyanshu from Indore, India. I am a Developer and Open Source Contributor.
I am looking forward to use GitHub with my colleagues and juniors so as to encourage them to use Git and GitHub in their development projects.

(Ujcs) #1584

Greetings all! Jakob Barnard here, Instructor at the University of Jamestown here in North Dakota. Looking at perhaps utilizing github classrooms for one or perhaps both of my web design courses, and possibly database as well.!

(Kevin ROBERT) #1585

Hi Teachers :wave:

I’m Kevin, teacher and developer at Le Wagon :minibus:, a French coding bootcamp school.

You can find me on GitHub as krokrob.

I live in Paris :fr:

Climbing, coding, traveling and tv shows are my main hobbies

(J Rice) #1586

I’m Justin, teacher with Buckeye Homeschool Network and Systems Engineer.
I live in Ecuador with my wife and 2 boys. :grin:

Nos vemos!

(Nicholas Outram) #1587

I am a Senior Lecturer in Computing and Electronics at the University of Plymouth (UK). I currently teach iOS development, embedded systems (C/C++) and VHDL. I’ve used git and GitHub for a few years now, mostly via Xcode but also via the command line. I’m now looking at how to integrate this into group work assignments. This means providing training to students and handling all the inevitable queries.
I would not classify myself as an expert however (git still confuses me, especially for merge conflicts).

(Edsoca) #1588

Hello all,
My name is Eduard. I’m a spanish Computer Science Professor. I work in a High School in Reus (Tarragona).
My interests are reading, cinema, boardgames (chtulhu ones…), gym and hiking.

See you soon,

(G Rudolph) #1589

I’m a Professor of Computer Science at Utah Valley University. I’m interested in how to use GitHub effectively for teaching classes, even though we use Canvas as our LMS. I also want to learn how to set up autograding, if possible, for student projects. Likely, this would take some form of unit testing.