👋 Teachers! Introduce yourself here

(Krissielski) #1550

Hello Everyone. It’s great to be apart of the GitHub Teacher community!

My name is Kris Sielski, and I’m one of the the programming mentors for FIRST FRC team 1507 Warlocks from Lockport High School in New York. Recently, we’ve switched our programming language from LabView to C++, and we are now introducing version control by using GitHub. A majority of the FRC teams already have repositories on GitHub so it’s great to be catching up.

Although most of my career I’ve used Subversion, I have just switched jobs to a company that uses git. I’m frantically learning as fast as I can.

I’m looking forward to learning how I can use GitHub to help my students learn programming and good source control practices to help set them up for a career in technology.


(Neel Shah) #1551

Hello everyone, I am Neel, M.Sc. computer science student in Lakehead University, Canada. I am working in NLP and Data analysis for real-time system. I love python and c. I am passionate about biography and poetry books. And I love to do cooking except coding everyday. I am so excited to see the same minded people around globe, who want to change world in more better place. Looking forward to work with everyone.

(Eric Ford) #1552

I’m Eric Ford, a Professor in the Astronomy & Astrophysics department and the Institute for CyberScience at Penn State. I am looking forward to trying out GitHub Classroom in support of a class on High-Performance Computing for Astrophysics in Spring 2019.

(Zhiguangxu) #1553

Hey I am Zhiguang and I teach two 4xxx level CS classes using Github –

Senior Seminar where students develop their Capstone Projects and Full-stack Web Development where they learn the MERN stack.

(Olivier DEBAUCHE) #1554

Hi my name is Olivier Debauche.
i’m teaching assistant at University of Mons.
I use Github classroom for my pratical works

(Romell D.Z.) #1555

Hi am Romell, Software Engineer, San Marcos University from Peru, i had studied data science from help peruvian education problems, using analytics concepts.

Recently i build my page using Github pages, @romellfudi, and deployed using my own domain romellfudi.com, its amazing cuz i have stronger analytical ability in software development on mobiles.

Im training to teach enthusiast at middle school at Callao province.

My portfolio page is portfolio.romellfudi.com

(Scott Vanselow) #1556

Hello. I am in the Software Engineering department at Florida Gulf Coast University. I have my Introduction to Computer Science students make sites on GitHub and after that course, I have them use it to submit programming assignments.
I like my assignments to be authentic and meaningful to students.

(Ferrant Frédéric) #1557

Hello. I’m Frédéric Ferrant, Belgian consultant in IT (Scrum Master) and also giving lessons for students following a bachelor in IT (evening lessons).
My course starts in January and I’d really like to put the students more ‘in control’. I believe using git to publish exercises and let each of them work on them will be more efficient than just giving them homework (that they sometimes ‘forget’ to do…).
Of course, this would also be a good way to let them use a tool that my team’s programmers also use at my day to day work…
So, let’s start learning git using GitHub…

(Nikolai Magnussen) #1558


I’m Nikolai Magnussen. I am a TA at UiT, the Arctic University of Norway

I have previously been using GitHub Classroom for two different courses:

It’s great to get into this community!

(Steven Weslee) #1559

Hello guys .
I’ am Steven Weslee I teach web design and development at UEB ,Rm.

(Olaosebikan Rotimi) #1560

I am Rotimi Olaosebikan, a Software Engineer at Adekunle Ajasin University, Nigeria.
Presently Co-Organizer and Coordinator of Google Developers Group Akoko (GDG Akoko), where we use Google technologies to build educational apps across platforms (Web and Android).
Looking forward to using GitHub Classroom to better enhance source control and programming skills of my students.

(Yash Agrawal) #1561

Hello everyone,
I’m Yash, an undergrad at LNMIIT, Jaipur, India.
My GitHub handle is YashAgr5980
I am a full stack web developer. I am proficient in Angular, NodeJS, ExpressJS and intermediate in ReactJS. I love to work with JS and try to solve new everyday problems. Open Source development is a passion. I have been teaching and spreading the word about open source with my peers at my institute.
Looking forward towards a lasting relationship with the community.

(Richard Hpa) #1562

Hey Everyone.
My name is Richard and I am a Web and UX Design Teacher at Yoobee School of Design in Wellington, New Zealand.
Ive been using git for a while now and am looking forward to being a part of the education community :slight_smile:

(Joshua Law) #1563

Good Morning,

I’m Josh, but my students and colleagues and friends just call me Law. I’ve been using Github independently in my classrooms for about 3 years now and decided I would give Classrooms a try and see how it goes.

So, Hello!

(Nikgid) #1564

Hello everyone,

I’m Niklas. I want to use Git/Github Classroom for coding workshops at a small democratic school. I will focus on 2d game development with Lua/LÖVE as I think the language/framework is a very “readable” starting point for students … and of course coding their own games is enjoyable for them.
I have been coding amateur-style for quite a few years in C, Python and now Lua - but somehow using Github actively is still quite new to me :slight_smile: (I used it to browse other peoples code mostly until now).
When engaging in that new coding project with my little group of students I thought I might as well do it the proper way and finally use Github etc.


(Chaiyong Ragkhitwetsagul) #1565

Hi all,

My name is Chaiyong Ragkhitwetsagul and I’m a lecturer at the Faculty of Information and Communication Technology, Mahidol University in Thailand. I’m planning to use GitHub for student projects in the two classes that I’m teaching (Fundamentals of Programming ©, and Intro to Software Engineering).

For the Intro to Software Engineering, I’d like to use GitHub as a tool for teaching basic software engineering tools (version control, issue tracking, pull request, continuous integration, and continuous deployment).

I’d love to learn from you all and also wish to share my experience of teaching programming using GitHub as well!


(bk) #1566

I am a 9-12 grade teacher in New Jersey.
I teach a foundations Engineering and Design class covering everything from electronics to woodshop. Excited to see how I can integrate github into my practice and student work.

(Jayesh Bapu Ahire) #1567

Hello Everyone!
I am Jayesh and I am from Pune, India.

(Sarah Dukes) #1568

Hello all!

I am a high school computer science teacher. I am completely new to GitHub and am looking to start using it in my classes.


(Sara) #1569

Hello Everyone!

My name is Sara I just started a nonprofit called Code Ladder. We provide free coding classes to K-12th grade students from under-served populations and low cost classes to all other schools, organizations, and groups.

I joined GitHub to share resources and ideas as well learn how to incorporate it into classes for my older students. I am completely new to this and am not sure what is available so any advice you have is greatly appreciated! I look forward to learning from and participating in the community!