👋 Teachers! Introduce yourself here

(Vishal kumar) #1529

Hello Teachers!
i am Vishal Kumar i teach at galgotias university
i teach 100 students

(Alessio Tonioni) #1530

My name is Alessio and I teach computer vision and machine learning laboratories at the University of Bologna. Beside that I held some brief workshops in meetups and other events.

I’m about to get my phd in computer science and hope to continue teaching in University! I strongly believe in the use of open source software inside university and I want to encourage the use of github to collaborate on various software projects.


Hello Teachers.I am Ashutosh dwivedi, A final year computer science student from Galgotias college of engineering and technology Greater noida.My major areas of interest are Web Development, Open Source, Data Structure and Algorithms.My more than 5 projects are Open Source. I have been the CEO and Founder of my startup CollegeFunde during the 2nd Year of my Graduation.
In my college people are not aware of Open-source contribution and importance of it.
Recently I had opened an organization name SvCodeBit. I have planned to teach students about github on my website http://ashutoshdwivedi.in/svcodebit where I will be organising workshops for students in every week at different places. My main target is Rural area people. I want to introduce the people about GitHub.
Thank you very much :slight_smile:

(Sebastian Hofstaetter) #1532


My name is Sebastian and I teach courses on information retrieval (search engines) at the Vienna University of Technology. This is the first semester we use GitHub Classroom for our introduction to information retrieval course - I am very much looking forward to the improved assignment workflow! I hope to build up an open source place for teaching materials I create in the future.

(Vasiliy Vanchuk) #1533

My name is Vasiliy (@vvscode at github and twitter). In past, I taught PHP. And during last 2 years I’m trying to share my knowledge in javascript.
Programm of my basic course is open (the only minus - it’s in Russian, that’s a limitation from my students. It could be found at https://github.com/vvscode/js–base-course ). I’m trying to apply github repos for learning process during the last 3 years. Hope github classes give me new toolset to improve the process and give to students more actual skillset.

(Ben Feinstein) #1534

Hello everyone :wave:

I’m Ben, a grad student at the Weizmann Institute of Science (@WeizmannVision). I’m TA in the “Intro to Computer Vision” course this year, and I’m excited to integrate it with GitHub Classroom!

(Gazihan Alankus) #1535

Hi, I’m Gazihan Alankus from Turkey. I teach various courses in Izmir University of Economics, related to game development, mobile app development and microcontrollers. I push my students to use git, and I’m excited to explore what GitHub can do to help with that.

(Cassiusf) #1536

Hi, my name is Cassius Figueiredo from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and I am planning to use GitHub Classroom for the first time in Python classes for undergraduates. I also teach Analytics, Machine Learning and related subjects in both Python and R languages.

(Moritz Schubotz) #1537

Hi, I am Moritz and I am planning organizing a community for CS teachers in German universities as part of my Wikimedia Fellowship project open eCoach to automate grading of programming assignments. I am looking forward to meet you.
https://de.wikiversity.org/wiki/Wikiversity:Fellow-Programm_Freies_Wissen/Einreichungen/Open_eCoach:Eine_offene_Infrastruktur_zur_computergest%C3%BCtzten%C3%9Cberpr%C3%BCfung_von_Implementierungsaufgaben_in_der_Informatik for details

(Nery Chapeton-Lamas) #1538

HI everyone! My name is Nery Chapetón-Lamas, I’m the CS Department Chair at MiraCosta Community College. My GitHub handle is @profe

I live in Oceanside, CA :sunny: :sunglasses: :beach_umbrella: and my interests include comic books :woman_superhero: :man_superhero: and tinkering with embedded systems.

(sr_boro) #1539

Hello teachers!!

I’m Oscar, a computer science teacher for college students.
I live in Spain. My interests include reading, percussion, meditation, and history.

I’m looking forward to have a smooth github setup for my groups of students.

Best regards!

(Purusothaman Gd) #1540

Hi Teachers, It is nice to begin with GitHub and teachers community here. I am from Rathnavel Subramaniam College of Arts and Science, Sulur, Coimbatore , Tamil nadu, India. Hope I utilize github for helping our students community and my learning purpose. Happy Learning!

(Prafful Kumar) #1541

Hey everyone!

I’m Prafful. I’m a teacher at Web Development club of my college. I’m Planning on using GitHub in my classroom to encourage my students to collaborate their work.

Happy to connect with all of you.

(Melissa Goodall) #1542

Hello! I’m Melissa Goodall at Miami Valley CTC in Englewood Ohio. I teach a 2-year intensive programming curriculum to high school juniors and seniors. At the end of the two years, they will (hopefully) have earned a 1 year Fast-Track programming certificate from Sinclair Community College, 18 credits towards a CIS degree, and a $3,000 Tech Prep scholarship.

I teach about 40 kids each year.

My contact information is:
Melissa Goodall
Miami Valley CTC
6800 Hoke Rd.
Englewood, OH 45315

(Mr Stubbs Gcs) #1544

Hello everyone!

I’m Collin, a Com Sci/Math teacher from Toronto.
I enjoy GAS development and hackathons. I’m hoping to use github to track student progress in the classroom.

(PythoShark(#techno utopian)) #1545

Hello everyone my name is ishaan i am an Ibm cloud developer and a teaching assistant u can chk my github on https://github.com/Ishaan28malik/ iam an open source contributor at Fossasia and Coala
I am a student and a teacher (Assistant Professor) at The Northcap University
I teach for my community and inspire them towards open source and i have setup a Github community there
My phone number is +917532944786 and mail id is ishaan16csu152@ncuindia.edu

(Mr. Koopmans) #1546

Hi everyone! My name is Erik, I’m a CS teacher at Northcote High School in Melbourne, Australia. My school handle is @ekoNHS, and our organisation is NorthcoteHS.

We’ve structured all of our new computing classes around GitHub. We have a Python class (10MCOD), Web programming (10MPRO), and a Year 11 Computing class (11COM).

(Leader112) #1547

Hello my name is pradeep singh i am an assistant professor at IIT Delhi .
I work on pure applied Mathematics and have started contributing on open source i have a
class of 27 students whom I inspire to work on open source

I would like u to please check my profile https://github.com/leader112 although i have started contributing just a few days ago but i would like to start this in my community

I love to do cycling and computation and mathematics are my passion

My phone number is +918744998887 and my mail id is ps112iit@gmail.com

(Faheem77) #1548

Hi. salam . My name is mohammad faheem and i am from Pakistan . i am student BSIT in virtual university of Pakistan . i in 2nd semester. i just join this forum but i still dont know how it works :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: . someone please can help me?

(Martijn Liebrand) #1549

Hi Folks,

My Name is Martijn and I am a lecturer bioinformatics at HAN Univeristy of Applied Science in Nijmegen (The Netherlands). We use GitHub Classroom for (Python and Java) programming assignments. I am here to learn more about GitHub Classroom.