👋 Teachers! Introduce yourself here

(Takeshwari) #1488

Hi, Takeshwari here! I’m an C++ professor at a University in New Jersey. I mostly teach beginner students who are just starting out programming. I wanted to introduce my students to the concept of Github earlier in their Computer Science journey as I feel it will better help them collaborate with fellow programmers to learn.

In my spare time, I like to run, program robots, and eat good food.

You can find me on github as @takeshwari :heart:

(Argentina Ortega Sáinz) #1489

:wave: Hi everyone! My name is Argentina, and I am a teacher assistant at the master level in Germany. We have a few courses related to robotics, so we are constantly looking for smoother ways to introduce git to our non-CS students, particularly in our robotics club.


(John Pannell Msub) #1490

Hi all -

My name is John Pannell, and I teach Computer Programming at City College in Billings, MT. We’re a two-year college, affiliated with Montana State University - Billings, a four year institution. At present, my course load is:

  • Microsoft Excel
  • Programming with C#
  • Databases and SQL
  • Web Development with HTML, CSS, and Javascript
  • Software Development

Looking to incorporate GitHub into the version control aspect of Software Dev…

(Rebekah Esmaili) #1491

Hiya! I’m Rebekah Esmaili, an Earth scientist/researcher with NOAA and the University of Maryland. I originally presented short coding tutorials at meetings and after receiving positive feedback, I decided to take it to the next level. So this year I am starting a python workshop both at the University and at a national meeting (AGU). I’m on a mission to train the next-generation of researchers to use more modern development tools, including git and version control, to encourage greater transparency, communication, and sharing in science. Nice to meet you all :wave:. In my spare time, I foster cats :cat2: and teach fitness classes :weight_lifting_woman:

(Ryan Bowlen) #1492

Hello, I am Ryan Bowlen. I am the CS Teacher at Caney Creek High School!

(Chris Winikka) #1493

Hey all,

I’m Chris (aka HundredvIsionsguy). I teach high school computer science, which includes web development, programming (Python, Java, JavaScript, Arduino, RobotC,…), computer game design (GameMaker & Unity).

I live in the Pacific Northwest :evergreen_tree::sun_behind_rain_cloud::evergreen_tree::national_park:

I started learning and then teaching Git after a parent volunteer who was a VP of a software company told me that if there was one thing I could teach my students, he would recommmend Version Control Software.

I soon began adding it to my own freelance projects and began introducing it to my after school clubs and now in the classroom.

I love music, playing guitar, watching good streaming shows, and would rather be coding.

(Guillaume SALVA) #1494

Hello teachers!

I’m Guillaume, CTO and “teachers” at Holberton School.
I put “teachers” in quotes because we don’t have any teachers but we have curriculum contributors. So I’m more a curriculum contributor :slight_smile:
At Holberton School we are using everyday Github: for our tools, but mainly our students!
All students must completed projects in git and pushed them in Github.

How about you?

(Muneeb Kattody) #1495

Hi all,

My GitHub handle is muneebkattody

I’m Muneeb Kattody from Kerala, India

working as a full stack web developer.

found happiness in coding, designing we applications and travelling.

(Attila Bagossy) #1496

Hi everyone,

I’ve been using GitHub Classroom in the past two semesters, but for some reason, I haven’t introduced myself – yet!

My name is Attila Bagossy, and I’m a Graduate Teaching Assistant at the University of Debrecen, Faculty of Informatics (Debrecen, Hungary). I’m teaching Computer Graphics to Computer Science Bachelor’s students who are interested in curves and surfaces.

I use GitHub Classroom as a platform for homework submissions and grading. Previously, we’ve been using ZIP files and email, but Classroom provides a much smoother experience.

In my free time, I like hacking around in my personal projects (most of them can be found on GitHub, my handle is @battila7), or I’m just making some noise on the piano or the guitar.


(violin) #1497

Hello everyone!

I’m André.

My Github handle is https://github.com/andre-violin.

I live in Brazil.

(lena lekkou) #1498

Hi all!
I am Lena Lekkou and I live in Athens, Greece.
I am Multidisciplinary Designer and Head of Web at SAE Athens.
I support the use of github from my students and I want to see how we can use it more in our Classroom.
Nice to meet you all

(Daniel Buzzo) #1499

Hi, I’m Daniel Buzzo,

I lead the Creative Technology Master program at University of the West of England in Bristol. We use github to share and collaborate on code, demos and examples in creative coding in classes with students. We are introducing git to all students as a way to manage, share and contribute to their own work - not just coding but writing also -

you can see some of what we do here;

(Patrick Reimers) #1500

Hi all!

I’m Patrick and I live in a small village near Basel, Switzerland.

I’m Software Architect and teaching some development courses at our ICT-Scouts / Campus.

I plan to include git and GitHub to our courses.

If you got any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me.

(Mmmjesss) #1501

Hi! Nice to meet everyone! Im Jess and we are hosting a Product For Good Workshop! We’ve accepted 22 people from underrepresented groups in tech and we’ve partnered them with Non-Profits.

(Martin Dreher) #1502

Hi Everyone!
I’m Martin (@mercutiodesign on GitHub), and I teach Software Engineering at CODE University Berlin.
A lot of our students are ready to dive deep into git as soon as possible and I’d love to be able to prepare them in the optimal way.
Currently, I’m refining a set of challenges that aim to introduce students to git in a series of fun workshops.

(Bruno C. da Silva) #1503

Hello Folks!

I’m Bruno C. da Silva (bcdasilv is my GH username), a software engineering professor, Ph.D. in computer science, and passionate to make software development a joyful activity. I love to travel with my family and practice sports in my spare time.

I teach Software Engineering classes at Cal Poly (California Polytechnic State University) in San Luis Obispo, CA. Besides teaching, I also do research on the following topics: software maintenance, software design & evolution, program comprehension, mining software repositories, and software measurement.

GitHub has been part of my life for years. I started using GitHub during my Ph.D. and going beyond just version control. I used GH to mine public software repositories and this is one of my favorite research topics, btw. Last year I published a paper where we mined millions of commits from GitHub repos and analyzed the correlation between build breakage and developers’ sentiment expressed on commit logs. Currently, I have Cal Poly undergrad students working on mining developers’ code style in Python and Java.

Additionally, besides doing research with GitHub, GH has been always part of my Software Engineering classes. This year I’m teaching the Software Engineering Capstone classes at Cal Poly and the students are developing software over 3 quarters for a real-world customer, and, of course, having GitHub as the main platform for version control, collaboration, and continuous integration.

I just saw this community and forum and I’m excited to be part of it.


(Auzi Asfarian) #1504

Hello folks!

My name is Auzi Asfarian. I teach in Computer Science Department, Bogor Agricultural University, Indonesia. Nice to meet you all.

I teach software engineering class and plan to implement good development practices using GitHub. My courses include: human-computer interaction, object-oriented programming, and computer graphics. I also supervise student developer community in our university.

I hope we will soon have our first GitHub Campus Expert in our university.

Looking forward to interact with you all.


(Shreyansh Sawarn) #1505

Hello teachers!

I’m Shreyansh, GitHub Community Advisor, Galgotias University.

My GitHub handle is sirkinshu (https://github.com/sirkinshu).

I live in Greater Noida, New Delhi, India

My interests include sports, gadgets and reading.

How about you?
nice to meet you all.

(Clcchicktech) #1506

Hello, I’m Christine. I help run a local chapter of ChickTech here in Orange County California. We provide free and low cost programs and education for high school youth who have an aptitude for tech. We are hosting our second year of our signature program ChickTech High School starting this November. It’s a free program for 100 OC high school girls.

(Codeatschool) #1507

Hi all,
I’m not an “official” teacher, I’ve a role in a travel company. With a group of friends and colleagues we’ve got the ambition to fill the gap of absence of tech and computer programming education for children in our local area. I’m currently exploring Github Classrooms solution which seems great for our purpose. I see a lot of opportunities here for getting suggestions from this community and sharing soon our experience and potentially help others with the same ambitions.