👋 Teachers! Introduce yourself here

(HTL Leonding) #1468

my name is Thomas and I am teaching at a vocational college for informatics in Austria (JEE, project development, database). We are using github classroom, so our students get used to git.

(Zack Siri) #1469

Hey All!

My name is Zack Siri, I make weekly videos students can follow along, some videos are free some videos are behind a paywall. I believe my videos can help many people learning to code. I have topics covering, Ruby On Rails, React, and upcoming episodes on Elixir.

(S Gopinath89) #1470

I’m Gopinath, Instructor form Vavuniya campus

(Wilson Mar) #1471

Hi, I’m Wilson from Montana.
I’ve been training on Git and GitHub for 4 years now (since 2014)
I created a video based on an animated flowchart.

(Wilson Mar) #1472

zacksiri, Where are the Git videos? I only see Rails

(Chris Jones) #1473

Greetings, I’m Chris from Chicago, IL. I’m and adjunct for DePaul University where I teach an assortment of software engineering classes at the undergraduate and graduate levels. While both Git and Github tend to feature prominently in those courses, I also use it extensively for my own ongoing research projects and have been busy trying to convince some of my peers to do the same.

(Umang Jain) #1474

Hi everyone,
I am Umang from New Delhi, India. I am a Web Developer and Open Source Contributor.
I am a teacher for the Open Source Learning Centre(OSLC) club at my college as well as a student.
This Semester I would like to use GitHub with my students and encourage them to use Git and GitHub in their development projects.
You can find me on GitHub as @umang-jain

(Anurag Singh Waliya) #1475

Hello Teachers! My name is Anurag Singh Waliya, I teach at ABES engineering college, in Ghaziabad, (northern India).
I am taking Web Technologies course where I teach HTML/CSS, JAVA, JAVASCRIPT, JSP etc. I am also supervising a couple of student projects on Computer vision and social media analysis using Deep learning and ML.
I wish to use GIT and GITHUB for my course labs.
my github handle is @zoid-anurag

(Monika Sethi) #1476


I am Monika Sethi working in Chitkara University as a assistant professor in the department of Computer Science and Engineering department.

(Konstantin) #1477

I am Konstantin, greetings from Germany! I am a lecturer at the HTW Berlin in business computing.

(Tachun Lin) #1478

This is Tachun Lin, associate professor of computer science at Bradley University.

(pietschj) #1479

I am Joachim from Dun Laoghaire, Ireland. I am teaching inIadt
. Hope to use GitHub in my teaching this year.

(Glenn) #1480

Hi everyone!

I’m Glenn, @gdaneels on Github and a teaching assistant at the University of Antwerp, Belgium. For personal use and research, I already use Github daily. Now I also intend to use it in my class Advanced C++ Programming.

Great initiative, guys!

(Harsh Bothra) #1481

Hi Everyone,

I am Harsh, I share my knoweldge while delivering knowledge sessions with various companies & Cyber Club at Amity University Rajasthan. I specifically work on Web Development, Information Security & PenTesting.

(Shivam Singhal) #1482

Hi There, I am Shivam from India ,frontend develoepr, my GitHub profile is https://github.com/championshuttler/ . Most of the time I contribute to open source projects majorly Mozilla. I teach web development

(Mallika Sirivorajanyadee) #1483

Hello everyone!
I’m Mallika, I wanna be a teacher in computer science in the future.
Now, I’m studying in Master degree of computer education at Khonkaen University in Thailand.
I live in Thailand.

Nice to meet everyone!

(Aleksei Aksenov) #1484

Hi everyone!

I am Aleksei, a senior lecturer in State University of Aerospace Instrumentation in Saint-Petersburg, Russia. I’ve been using GitHub for several years in a couple of courses I teach, namely Databases and Interactive Computer Graphics.

(Antoanne Pontes) #1485

I am Antoanne, greetings from Rio de Janeiro - Brazil!
Lecturer and Pedagogical Coordinator at the High School of Game Development.

(Gabriel O. Mendivil) #1486

Hola soy gabriel

(Mbuescher) #1487

Michael Buescher here, teacher of Mathematics and AP Computer Science A at Hathaway Brown School, independent school in Cleveland, Ohio. We like to think of ourselves as the top school for STEM girls in Ohio.

I want my students to do more collaborative projects, and I think GitHub is probably the best way to do that, so I’m looking forward to learning it.

Michael Buescher