👋 Teachers! Introduce yourself here

(José Juan Sánchez) #1428

Hi everyone!

My name is José Juan Sánchez and this year I will be working as a teacher at IES Celia Viñas a vocational training school located in Almería, Spain.

This course I would like to use GitHub with our students and encourage them to use Git and GitHub in their development projects.

You can find me on GitHub as @josejuansanchez.


(Gitesh) #1429

I’m Gitesh . I am a Student, and I Studies at Chitkara University(Patiala) ,in India. I am interested in Mobile App Development . I do App Development mostly in Java.

(Charlie Calvert) #1430

I’m Charlie Calvert and I teach Web Development at Bellevue College. I’m focused on JavaScript, React and AWS, but I also teach about HTML, CSS and various other related technologies.

(Nietcdf) #1431

Hello there!

My name is Rafal. I am an Assistant Professor at the University of Oklahoma. I am looking at GitHub Classroom and how it can help me to teach group workflows and good professional practices from the field of Software Engineering. I hope to use GitHub in several computer science courses that I teach.

Thank you for this great platform and great support for teachers!

(Raji Abdulgafar) #1432

hello i’m abdulgafar, community manager of futmx developer circle, i live in nigeria well, my interest are ethical hacking, gadget and travelling.

(Ali Bayram) #1433

Hello! My name is Ali Bayram. I am a teacher at ASDETAE Neuroscience, Istanbul University. I want to use GitHub platform for teaching and I’m sure that the students will like this concept much.

(Sara Marín-López) #1434

Hello everyone! :grinning:

I’m Sara, Data Analytics Mentor in Ubiqum Code Academy, Barcelona. I plan to encourage our students to use GitHub as much as possible, making them work in individual and collaborative projects.

(Carla Giner) #1435

Hi everybody! :wave:

My name is Carla and I teach Genomics in Barcelona. I’d like to use git and GitHub in the coding assignments, so that my students learn several useful things at once! :slight_smile:

(Luis Larco) #1436

Hi all,

My name is Luis Larco, and I am a software engineer at Google. I work in the Google Brain team on a project to understand medical conversations, and I am located in Mountain View, CA.

However, I’m currently taking a break from my software engineering position at Google and I am doing the Google In Residence program, and have joined the Computer Science faculty at California State University-Fullerton for this Fall semester, where I am teaching the introduction to programming courses, advising student organizations like ACM, and being a resource to the CS faculty for any help/advice/etc.

For the introduction to programming course I’m teaching, we are using GitHub Classroom :slight_smile:

I currently live in Diamond Bar, CA (east to Los Angeles), and moving back to Berkeley, CA after I’m done with the Google In Residence rotation.

My GitHub handle is @llarco. I’m also a jazz musician, and I love going snowboarding, surfing, skateboarding, road biking, mountain biking, hiking, camping, and backpacking.

Nice to meet all of you!


(Eric Hoppmann) #1437

Hi all, my name is Eric Hoppmann and I’m a lecturer at the University of Maryland for a course on programming and data analysis using Python. This year, I’m trying something new and using GitHub Classroom for problem sets / labs and Travis-CI test suites to provide students immediate feedback as they work.

(Yann Thierry-Mieg) #1438

Hi there, I’m Yann Thierry-Mieg I’m teaching at Sorbonne Université in Paris for CS students. Looking forward to try the github classroom features, make some test driven assignments for a C++ distributed programming course for MAster 1 students.

(Angelique) #1439

:wave: Hi everyone! I’m Angelique. I’m a UX engineer for a NY-based nonprofit where I work with a mostly remote team. Starting this semester, I’m also an adjunct professor at a local college and am teaching front-end web development to graphic design majors.

I’m using GitHub Pages for our class web site and students are using GitHub to version control and share their work. (I may migrate to GitHub classroom, but I am obviously new here and still sussing things out.)

Outside of work, I enjoy a plethora of crafty pursuits, like spinning my own yarn. :smile:

(Juan Manuel Gonzalez Calleros) #1440


I am Juan Gonzalez. I am a teacher at the University of Puebla, México

I have been trying to learn Git + GitHub to start teaching at the school. Without understanding the correct use, and potential problems that we could face when using this technology I am not so confident to do it.
Yet, I have finished the Udacity course, a course with a campus expert, and again and again the problem is the nature of the examples. At some point, they lose attention to the learning curve and start using complex examples that does not make any sense at all, thus the problem is not about using GitHub but to figure out where an error o diff is present.

So I am here, to try to find the right approch to learn and then to teach GitHub.

(Ayush Agarwal) #1441

Hello everyone,
My name is Ayush Agarwal and I am a Computer Science and Engineering student from India. I have personal experience in Python, Java, C/C++, JavaScript, Flask, etc. I want to learn and educate fellow students about using Git and GitHub to have a better development experience. Hoping to learn a lot from this community.

(C. Peters) #1442

Hi everyone,

I am a high school Computer Science teacher in Ontario, Canada, in the Greater Toronto Area. I am using GitHub in the classroom for the first time, and hoping to learn more about how to maximize its potential as a learning and assessment tool.

Looking forward to the experience,


(Charlotte Wickham) #1443


I’ve been a github user for awhile, but it’s taken a long time to get around to using github in the classroom - finally jumping in this Fall.


(Mrsbeee) #1444

Hi folks,

I’m Leilani and am teaching AP CS in Hawaii. I’m new to GitHub, myself, but my students were interested in using it…so here I am, trying to figure out enough to make it work for all of us! Growth Mindset is a thing, right?

(Nathan Eloe) #1445

Hi Everyone!
I’m Nathan (or Nate, whichever!) and you can find me on GitHub as @neloe

I’m an assistant professor of Computer Science at Northwest Missouri State University; originally my research area was qualitative spacial reasoning over time (and in 3D), but since becoming a faculty member I’ve shifted my research focus more to how to introduce (potentially intimidating) tools like Git to novice programmers and improve CS Education. More specifically I like to investigate how to make it (and other technologies) a productive and useful part of education instead of a hindrance (I’m looking at you systems that administrations tell faculty to use that just make our lives harder).

Right now, I use GitHub in the classroom for assignments and assessment, and am working towards making be where I distribute most everything about the courses I teach (Data Structures, Operating Systems, Algorithms, Web Mining, and Scientific Computing).

Don’t know what else to say, and it’s early, so I’ll end it here!

(Saksham Anand) #1446

Hi there,

I am Saksham, and my GitHub handle is @SakshamInABox . I teach git as part of university computer science club. Looking forward to this course.


(Fedemartino) #1447

Hi everyone!

I’m Federico, from Uruguay. I teach object oriented programming and system simulations at the Universidad Católica del Uruguay. Looking forward to using GitHub as a tool for sharing code and notes with my students