👋 Teachers! Introduce yourself here

(Mosiers) #124

Hello, My name is Scott Mosier, and I teach IT courses at Blackman High School in Murfreesboro, Tennessee (just south of Nashville). While we stick to the CompTIA certifications primarily (A+ and Network+), I do want my students to understand how coding works and how it enriches what they are doing when they are both building and troubleshooting computers and networks.

(Glen Mora) #125

My name is Glen Mora, and I teach Java development and programming at Sarasota High School in sunny Sarasota, FL🌞

I have very little experience using git, but I’m looking forward to integrating it into my classes.

I like sci fi, MMA, old hip hop, and new electronic music​:athletic_shoe::beers::tada::muscle:

(Kristen Thyng) #126

I’m Kristen Thyng and teaching Python for Geosciences at Texas A&M. I taught this last class last semester using github to distribute the materials (Jupyter notebooks). This semester I will probably use git again for this purpose, and will try to use JupyterHub to limit what students need to install on their own machines, and nbgrader for grading, possibly.

(Scott Sanicki) #127

:wave:Sarah. You might consider starting a topic, “Introducing GitHub in the classroom” asking other teachers what’s been successful for them.

(Scott Sanicki) #128

Welcome Eric. Would you be willing to create a topic, for case studies, where you and other long-time users might provide additional details of your use of GitHub in class and answer questions others might have?

(Scott Sanicki) #129

Hi Andrew. Please tell your family and other educators you know about https://education.github.community. Consider sharing the link on social media if you think that will help get the word out about our new community.

(Eric Boivin) #130

Sure! I’ll do that in the next days! It’s great seeing all the people trying to dip their toes, it will be a pleasure to share my experience!

(Scott Sanicki) #131

Hey Nitesh. It doesn’t look like you’ve enrolled as a teacher with us yet. As an educator you can apply here for unlimited free private repositories for your individual account and for any classroom organizations you have.

(Scott Sanicki) #132

:wave: Zeke. It’d be great if you started a connversation about how we might allow coding bootcamp students to request the Student Developer Pack in the future.

(Scott Sanicki) #133

Hello Zach. I hope you’ll encourage your instructors to participate here as well.

(Alexander Bazo) #134

Hi everyone,
I am a phd student at @UniRegensburg. I am teaching basic and advanced programming and software engineering classes. I encourage (and sometimes force) my students to use version control (especially git) for all their assignments and projects.

My teaching focuses on using the browser as a platform for rich applications. In my research I am trying to understand programmers individual behaviour while implementing software.

Kind regards and many thanks to github,
Alexander Bazo

(Scott Sanicki) #135

Hey Matt. It would be :sparkles: if you’d start a topic about “Best practices.”

(Scott Sanicki) #136

Hi Sébastien. We’d appreciate your thoughts on this as well.

(Scott Sanicki) #137

:wave: Chad. Welcome. Have you requested a swag bag for the upcoming semester yet?

(Scott Sanicki) #139

:wave: Tommy. Would you be interested in talking about how to successfully design a curriculum that maximizes students’ employement opportunities?

(Philipschielke) #140

Hi, I’m Phil Schielke and teach Computer Science in Austin TX and my github handle is philschielke. Excited to use github in the classroom this fall!

(Scott Sanicki) #141

Hello Jaime. We’re looking forward to seeing :camera_with_flash: of you and your students with your GitHub stuff on Facebook or Twitter when your :package: arrives, and also to your first post. Welcome.

(Scott Sanicki) #142

Hey Bunkermaster. I’d :heart: to see a post by you on “Inspiring students through open source.”

(Yann Le Scouarnec) #143

Greetings Scott, I’m working on a couple new courses right now but I will try to squeeze a discussion starter on that topic.

(Jim Bowring) #144

Hi - Jim Bowring here. I teach Software Engineering two-course sequence at the College of Charleston and depend on Github and open source projects. This paper details my efforts. I intend to use more of the Github teaching resources going forward. Cheers!