👋 Teachers! Introduce yourself here

(JRosales_GIS) #1408

Hello All,

I’m Jessica and I teach in Redlands, California. I’m new to the GitHub community, but look forward to collaborating with you.

My GitHub handle is JRosalesGIS.

(Brian O'Shea) #1409

Hi all! My name is Brian O’Shea, and I’m a professor in Michigan State University’s Department of Computational Mathematics, Science and Engineering. My GitHub handle is bwoshea. My background is in computational and theoretical astrophysics, and I’ve been using GitHub for development of open-source astrophysics software packages, and for collaborative development of course materials in computational modeling and data science. I’ve also been using GitHub Classroom to teach courses - in particular, a course called “Principles of Data Visualization,” and a second course called “Computational Astrophysics and Astrostatistics.” I look forward to getting to know the community here!

(Lewenhagen) #1410


I’m Kenneth. I am a teacher in Sweden, in a program focused on Web programming.

We use Github in several of our courses. All educational material is available for the students on Github as well.

Best regards


(Cynthia Teeters) #1411

Hi to all here,

I am Cynthia and I am teaching a college course titled Web Page Development II. The first semester class did not use GitHub, so this is all new to my students.

I introduced GitHub to them as a must-have account for web professionals.


(D Alger) #1412

I teach mostly Web Design at a community college in Virginia, U.S.A., but have many interests. I am exploring using Git in the classroom to help my students expand their skill base before seeking employment.

(Emil Folino) #1413

Hi there,

I’m Emil Folino and I work as a lecturer at Blekinge Institute of Technology. I mostly teach within the field of web programming, so a lot of HTML, CSS and JavaScript with a plethora of other technologies, frameworks and programming languages.

We have recently welcomed more than 400 students to our programming cluster, most of the students are distance students. We teach using blended learning and all of our material is available on our web page, github and youtube.

Looking forward to getting inspired.

(Docmilo) #1414

Hi Everybody,
I am Shane Wilson from Ulster University. I teach computer science related topics. Mostly programming (C++, C#), game development and 3D computer graphics.

I only started using GitHub in the classroom last year for group assignments but I have been ‘encouraging’ students to make use of it for a couple of years now. This year I plan to integrate GitHub classroom with a continuous integration (CI) solution, possibly Travis to auto grade student submissions. I will probably have around 200 students in my C++ programming class this semester. If anyone has gone down this route already any advice would be more than welcome.



(Eneko Agirre) #1415

Hi all,
I teach Compiler design and Deep Learning in the University of the Basque Country, and was planning to use github to collect student projects. All in all I have around 50 students a year.

(Cécile Ané) #1416

Hi all,
I am Cecile Ane (@cecileane) and will be teaching a course on ‘computing tools’ for the second time. It’s all about getting STEM graduate students into reproducible & collaborative computing with large data sets. We are using git and GitHub a great deal in this course, with all of its great features for collaborating on code. I found GitHub classroom very useful last time I taught this course, and I can’t wait to experience new features this year.

My background is math and statistics. Over time I shifted to applied research that translates into useful tools for biologists. So my research includes a lot of computing now. I’m a Julia fan these days.

(Kyungsooim) #1417

I teach computer science at CBU.
My GitHub handle is kyungsooim.

(Fabrizzio Soares) #1418

Hello, I am Fabrizzio.
I teach Human Computer Interaction, Algorithms and Data Structure, Statistics and Empirical Methods in Federal University of Goias - Brazil.

(Lescano Micaela) #1419

Hello everyone!
I am Micaela (@LescanoMicaela ) and I am a Full Stack Web Developer Mentor at a bootcamp ( Ubiqum)
I want my students to use GitHub from day one!

(Daan van Berkel) #1420

Hi :wave: , my name is Daan van Berkel. I am a teacher at the HAN university of applied science.

As an experiment I started using GitHub Education. Looking forward to learning a lot from the forum.

(Vasil Markov) #1421

Hi there :hugs:,

My name is Vasil.

I’m a Full Stack Java Mentor of Ubiqum Code Academy Barcelona. I want to take a full control of what Git and Github can offer me, so i can easily integrate it and pass the knowledge to the students in our academy.

(Paul Inventado) #1422

Hello! My name is Paul Inventado. I’m an assistant professor from California State University Fullerton. I’ve been using Github for teaching introductory programming this past year and me and my fellow instructors find it very useful as a tool for collecting and grading student assignments.

I’m doing research on supporting novice programmers so Github is a great platform to use for collecting data as well!

Unfortunately most of my repos are private because they contain student solutions and I don’t have permissions from them to share it, but I’d be happy to talk about them in detail for anyone who’s interested.

Looking forward to working with everyone and talk about how we can leverage the platform for CS education.


(Evan Pratten) #1423


I am Evan Pratten. I am a programming captain on frc robotics team 5024

We are planning to use GitHub classroom to help organize our teaching material for new programmers.

(Alex) #1424

Alex Mercado web and mobile trainer, from Mexico, I work for KMMX a Training and certification company in CDMX.

(Mr Chae) #1425

John Chae is my name and I am high school Math teacher in Syosset NY.
I teach Robotics, App Development, Drones.

(Andreas Arne) #1426

Hello My name i Andreas and on Github i nick AndreasArne.
I teach at BTH in Sweden, more specifically i teach web development. Both on campus and distance. I have around 200 students on distance and 50 on campus.
I do blended learning and flipped classroom to simplify the process of teaching for both campus and distance. All the teaching material is available online and is version controlled on GitHub.

(Lauren Mitchell) #1427

My name is Lauren Mitchell, a computer science teacher for Sacred Heart Girls school in New York.

My github handle is laurenmitchell.

I live in NYC!

My interests include coding, running, and teaching! :heart_eyes: