👋 Teachers! Introduce yourself here

(Tameesh Biswas) #1388

Hello Everyone!
I’m Tameesh Biswas,
My GitHub Username is tameeshb.
I’m presently the Coordinator for NJACK, the Computer-Science club at the Indian Institute of Technology Patna.
At NJACK, we host a range of sessions and events to support learning software development and giving back with Open-Source contributions on GitHub.
I’m also personally active in contributing to open-source in many ways including code contributions, mentoring in programs and also organising events to encourage contributing back to the Open-Source community on Github and otherwise.


(S Gopinath89) #1389

Hi S.Gopinath Instructor Form Vavuniya Campus.

(Csvhs) #1390

Hi, I’m Son. I teach computer science at a high school in Austin. I am looking forward to introducing GitHub to my students

(Nirav Madariya) #1391

Hello teachers!
I’m Nirav.
My GitHub handle is niravmadariya.
I live in Pune, India.
I teach Git and other trending technologies to students.

(Brian Schott) #1392

Hello! I’m Brian, I teach CS in the Bronx to high school students. Am excited to utilize Github again this year in teaching my students!!

(Manel) #1393

Hi, I’m Manel from València (Spain)

(Vincenzo Coia) #1394

Hi everyone! :wave:

I’m Vincenzo. I teach data science at the University of British Columbia – specifically, the courses STAT 545/547, and many courses in the Master of Data Science program. We use git and GitHub regularly :slight_smile:

(Nikhil Komirisetti) #1395

Hello everyone!

My name is Nikhil Komirisetti and I am the Lead Teaching Assistant for the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill’s Intermediate Java programming course. Although our course size usually fluctuates between 350 and 450 students, we always try to bolster a small, close-knit learning environment.

Outside of this, I love going hiking and trying out new restaurants with my friends. I am very excited to be a part of this community!

(John Simonsen) #1396

I’m John, an early college high school computer science teacher at NUAMES and adjunct professor for Weber State University, both located in Utah. I teach web development, computer science principles, programming in python and java, and game development with Unity. After using github for a few years, I’ve finally decided to use github classroom in my classes, and it’s working out great.

(Michael Schore) #1397

Hi Everyone!
I am Michael Schore, Asst. Prof. at Wake Technical Community College in Raleigh, NC. I have been teaching all things web since 2002. My department is weaning itself from Dreamweaver for our development courses at the behest of our industry advisory board.

We will be transforming our program over to a modern web development workflow over the next year. I am a bit concerned about students grasping the change since Dreamweaver and other tools tend to do a lot of work for people without them knowing it.

Hopefully I can learn a lot from you all!
Happy Teaching,

(Justin Riley) #1398

Hi! I teach computer science and web design at Hilliard Bradley High School in Columbus, Ohio. I’m excited to use GitHub and Glitch.com to introduce my students to the open source community. Last year my students enjoyed participating in Hacktoberfest.

(Anthony) #1399

Hello, I’m Anthony!

I lecture a few IT courses at a University in Melbourne.
Introducing students to likes of GitHub, GitKraken and AWS - so naturally, the Education Pack has been most helpful. Getting students familiar with such tools early has been quite beneficial for them in their later years of study.

Other than the IT field - my interests lie in travel, motorcycles, snowboarding, and a quiet read.


(Sathish G) #1400

Hi Everyone, I’m Sathish, Corporate Trainer - Technical @ Rathnavel Subramaniam College of Arts and Science, Coimbatore with Teaching / Training experience of 7+ years in the Computer Science domain. I’m really excited and feel happy to be a part of this wonderful community. Happy learning all !

(Lars Willemsens) #1401

Hi! My name is Lars Willemsens and I teach programming and software architecture (among other courses) at Karel de Grote community college in Antwerp, Belgium. Here is our repo.
We’re already using Github to improve collaboration between students and to easily follow up on projects and tasks. Github issues make it easy to give feedback and to provide suggestions for improvement.
Great job Github team and thanks for setting this up!

(Grupofemxa) #1402

Hola, soy formador de Grupo Femxa en España.
Trabajamos en formación para que trabajadores mejoren su perfil profesional y puedan ampliar conocimientos para mejorar en sus empleos.
Disponemos de muchas tipologías de cursos, incluyendo marketing digital y programación.
Soy especialista en Teleformación y me encanta la metodología del elearning para relacionarme con mis alumnos.
Podeis parte de la actividad de grupo femxa en cuanto a educación en www.cursosfemxa.es

(Alex Godwin) #1403

Hello there!

I’m Alex, an Assistant Professor at American University. This semester, I’ve been using GitHub Classroom for our Introduction to Computer Science II course. I think it’s important that students learn practical skills about professional practices and group workflows while they are learning Java (or other languages). I have about 24 students who are using GitHub repositories for paired homework assignments. I also am sharing the in-class exercises with teams through GitHub. In the past, I’ve also used classroom for an upper-level topics course on Information Visualization, and plan to do so again in the Spring.

Nice to meet you, and thank you for this great platform!

(Matthew Green) #1404


I am Matt Green, instructor at WCTC in Wisconsin. I teach web development and will be incorporating GitHub and classroom in four of my classes: Advanced Java (SOLID and Design Patterns), Distributed Java (JSP, Spring and REStful Web Services) and Shell Scripting (PowerShell, bash, sed, awk, RE, etc…)

We are using the wiki, issues and project management tabs in our repositories. For example: the wiki the class builds for each section are the only notes allowed on the test.

(Adarshreddy adelli) #1405

Hello everyone this is Adarshreddy . My interests are Python , Artificial intelligence, cyber security. For me github is like handy notes. I use github repos to display my code to class. Now with this new feature, github gonna be part of our lectures. Thank to github team

(Adam Lamont) #1406

Hello everyone! My name is Adam. I am a high school teacher in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada where I teach Mathematics and Computer Science using Java and Processing! I have been using GitHub in the classroom since about 2015 to introduce students to real world tools and get more experience dealing with shared code. I have also just begun the process of migrating my website over to GitHub pages!

(Derek Land) #1407

I am an applied physics teacher at the Hague University of applied sciences (in the Netherlands). Teaching physics courses and some computer skills (modelling, programming in Python, Matlab).
Github is used for the development of our courses.