👋 Teachers! Introduce yourself here

(Russ Poldrack) #1368

Hey all - I’m Russ Poldrack, Professor of Psychology at Stanford University. I’m planning to use github classroom for a new course on Brain Networks that I am developing which will be centered on Jupyter Notebooks.

(Abhey Rana) #1369

Hello Everyone :wave:

I’m @Abhey, Coordinator of Computer Coding Club at Motilal Nehru National Institute Of Technology, Allahabad.

At our Computer Coding Club we host several events in the domain of Computer Science And Engineering for which we also conduct classes on regular basis. Students from various courses actively participate in these events and classes throughout the year.

We also continually make personal efforts to encourage Open Source culture amongst the students for which we hold classes on how to use GitHub and how to contribute to Open Source.

I look forward to build relationships will you all !!

(Lisa Dion) #1370


I’m @lisa-dion, a Computer Science Lecturer at the University of Vermont. I’ll be using GitHub for my Advanced Programming course this fall. It’s nice to meet you all!

(Fmachadouniversidad) #1371


I’m Fernando, teaching Object Oriented Programming and Software Engineering in Catholic University of Uruguay in Montevideo.

I do also work on GitHub and other social media sites as @fmachadopiriz

Using project based learning in my courses, happy to help on these topics.

Interests include longboard :surfing_man: and travell :small_airplane:

(Amy Dickens) #1372

Hey Fernando - great to meet you and welcome to the Teachers community! :sparkles:

(Amy Dickens) #1373

Hi @lisa-dion - great to meet you :sparkles: it would be great to hear about your experiences with using GitHub in your teaching… keep us posted and good luck for your fall semester!

(lslossing) #1374


I am Logan Lossing, a Lecturer for the Statistics Department at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. I will be using GitHub for my Stat 312: Statistics for Engineers course. I will be emphasizing data hygiene and the importance of reproducibility in the data analysis pipeline.

It is nice to meet everyone!

(Amy Dickens) #1375

Hi Logan :wave:

Wow what an interesting topic to be emphasizing - you’ll have to let us know of the take-aways for best practices! Welcome to the community :sparkles:

(Chris Cannon) #1376

Hello everyone! :wave:

My name is Chris Cannon and I will be around the forums helping with the Campus Advisors program! I am an undergraduate teaching assistant at North Carolina A&T State University working with the Computer Science department. I teach a freshman-level Java lab and have a team of 2-3 TA’s helping me each semester.

I am a GitHub Campus Expert :triangular_flag_on_post: and have led workshops and taught classes both on campus and around the East Coast with GitHub’s support! I am new to GitHub staff and am absolutely thrilled to work with all of you!

I also volunteer with First Lego League and First Robotic Competition :robot: as a judge!

Feel free to ping me anytime with questions and I will help as best I can.

(Stéphane Denis) #1377


My name is Stéphane Denis. I teach Software Engineering and Android programming at CEGEP de Saint-Hyacinthe in Québec, Canada.

(Vikingsherman) #1378

Hello everyone!

I’m Kyle Sherman from San Antonio, TX. I’ll be teaching my first CS class this year. I’m looking forward to using Git & Github to develop my students’ skill set so that they are better prepared to work in collaborative groups both in school and outside of school.

(Guilherme Salomé) #1379

Hello everyone!
I’m Guilherme, a PhD student at Duke. I’ll be teaching a course this Fall and I believe that teaching students how to use Git and Github could help them in the future.
It’s great to see github expanding its tools to education!

(Shilpi2048) #1380

Hi, I am Shilpi from Amity University, Noida. I promote open-source and teach students how to contribute to the community. Would love to learn a lot here.
It’s great to see GitHub doing so great.

(Suyash Kumar) #1381

Hi there!

I’m Suyash – I co-teach Medical Software Design at Duke University with Dr. Mark Palmeri (@mlp6) and Dr. David Ward (@dward2). We host most of our course materials in this repository. This class has largely been experimental so far and has evolved and matured a lot over the semesters (introducing students to Python, web services, and even frontend ReactJS development in a medical context).

Overall the goal is to introduce Biomedical Engineering students at Duke to modern software engineering best practices and design patterns with as much of an industry spin as possible. Historically the students have really surprised us and ran far with the course material, a testament to their brilliance!

We’re looking forward to giving Github classroom a shot this semester!

One more huge shoutout to @mlp6 for creating this class!

-Suyash Kumar

(Drew Kjell Wctc) #1382

Hello All,

My name is Drew, I am a Web/Software Instructor and a Database Instructor.

I am located in Wisconsin, and we are rolling out the use of GIT/GitHub more and more. We have been experimenting with approaches for the last 2 semesters and are really excited as we just completed and became GitHub Education partners.

Drew Kjell

(Esarra) #1383

Hi All,
My name is Eve and I am a beginning AP Computer Science A teacher at Central Magnet High School in Bridgeport, CT. My students will be coding on Chromebooks, so I need a good on-line IDE. GitHub Education has been recommended to me. Wish me luck

(Karan Sharma) #1384

Hey everyone!
I am Karan and I am leader of a group of students in our college who are passionate about code and promote open-source development and organise workshops on various technologies and applications and version control.
We use presentations, blogs and chat groups to teach and discuss.
It’s great to connect here and see that GitHub has taken this initiative.

(mexcalli) #1385

Hi folks

I teach Software Engineering at University of Camerino in Italy.
I’m planning to integrate GitHub as much as possible in the course activities

Cheers all

(Faith Joy Satterthwaite) #1386

Hello All!

I’m Faith Joy and I teach computer science! I’m introducing GitHub to a lot of students each semester (still). It’s exciting to know there are so many resources out there to help us teach these future developers. Thanks GitHub! :slight_smile:

(Yahya Bulle Mohamed) #1387

I’m Yahya bulle. I do online Courses for college credit. I have seen and subscribed the GitHub education but have benefited much out of it. I’m yet to learn how it operates.
Need summary of it’s basic operations.