👋 Teachers! Introduce yourself here

(Maurício Aniche) #104


My name is Maurício, and I am a postdoc at TU Delft, in the Netherlands. You find me as @mauricioaniche everywhere.

I have been working with education for a while now. We actually have a software architecture course which heavily uses Github [1]. We are currently writing a more rigorous paper about it. I’ll play with Github Classroom and let you know my feelings!

If anyone wants to talk about education+github, let me know!

[1] https://avandeursen.com/2013/12/30/teaching-software-architecture-with-github/


(Lindsay Ward) #105

Hi. I teach Python, Web Development, WordPress and more at JCU in Australia, and I wonder how many people will read down this far :slight_smile:
We use GitHub everywhere. I’m hoping to learn better ways to manage student assignments with private repos.

(Michal Barla) #106

Hello everyone,

I am Michal Barla and I teach introductory course of database systems at FIIT STU in Bratislava, Slovakia. Last year I started using GitHub for student assignments.

While I found it quite useful (although with a space for many improvements ;)) , students (undergrads) did quite struggle with git & github - I need to put more focus on it in the following year.

(Víctor Manuel Rivas Santos) #107

Hi everyone!!
My name is Victor (@vrivas at github) and I’m professor at the University of Jaén (Spain).
C++ and JavaScript are the languages I teach (=try to) to my students.
Thanks for allowing me to participate in this group!

(Jens Buysse) #108

Hello everybody

I’m Jens Buysse. I teach at the University College Ghent (Belgium) including Android dev, Artificial Intelligence, Operational Research and Project courses. We intensively use GitHub at our institute and I’m looking forward to integrate it even more in our courses.

Kind regards

Jens Buysse

(Mgoshorn) #109

Hello everyone!
I’m Mitch Goshorn

This will be my first year teaching computer science at Saint Paul Preparatory High School in Seoul.

I’ll be teaching AP Computer Science A, a general Computer Science course, and a couple general computing courses. I’m excited to utilize Github Education for the computer science classes, as it is a great way to manage assignment turn in, evaluation, and project collaboration, but also as a way to let students get their hands in one more professional tool, especially one that lets them see how important collaboration and community projects are.

Thanks for the great opportunity!

(Erlend Sogge Heggen) #110

Hi gang! :wave:

I’m a Community Advocate for Discourse, the community platform that you’re all using right now. I’ll be keeping an eye on the meta category in case there are some questions or suggestions related to our application there.

I previously worked for a company called WeWantToKnow, who make educational math games known as DragonBox. I’ve always been passionate about technology in education so I’m super excited to see what kind of bridges will be built by GitHub Education and its surrounding community.


(Professor West) #111


I’m Paul from Charleston Southern University. I’ve been using Github as a way to submit lab assignments and class projects for a couple of semester now. The web hook has been really nice for providing some automated test feedback.

If anyone has a nice Git tutorial for beginners that would be helpful. I’ve been using Git for so long that is it hard to know what is difficult and not. (The tutorials I present still seem to confuse some students.)

(Sean P. Goggins) #112

HI there,

I am Sean P. Goggins, and I’m an Associate Professor at the University of Missouri. I teach in our data science masters program ( http://dsa.missouri.edu ), do social computing research ( http://www.seangoggins.net ) & Teach Mizzou Computer Science students in the require undergraduate software engineering course …

I have used GitHub in the classroom for around 7 years, and find it to be a key skill for my students. A difference maker in their job prospects.


(Sean P. Goggins) #113

& http://www.ocdx.io and http://sociallycompute.io

(Rich Simpson) #114


I teach computer science courses at New York Institute of Technology. I’ve been using GitHub in my senior capstone design courses for a while and would like to expand my use to other courses, too.

Rich Simpson

(Remy DeCausemaker) #115

Hi there.

My name is Remy DeCausemaker, and I spent 6 years as the resident Hackademic at Rochester Institute of Technology in upstate NY. While I was there, I helped the university launch the first Academic Minor in Free/Open Source Software and Free Culture in the United States: https://www.rit.edu/news/story.php?id=50590

GitHub was (and still is) central to the pedagogical model of the courses. For our intro course, Humanitarian Free/Open Source Software Development, Students fork the repo to join the class, they turn in their homework via pull-request, and in my day, were awarded unlimited extra credit for patches accepted into upstream FOSS projects. All the content is openly licensed, as well as the courseware used to deliver it. For more information, contact Stephen Jacobs, the program director, Dan Schneiderman @schneidy, FOSS Research Coordinator, or D. Joe Anderson @ritjoe, the current Instructor.

GitHub is still central to my efforts now as the first ever Open Source Community Manager for a Presidential Campaign, http://DevProgress.us, and it will continue to be one of the cornerstones of Open Source community development wherever I’m called to help.

(Berg Prof J) #116


I’m an assistant professor in the Computer Science department at Heidelberg University (Ohio).

We’re a small department, so we can’t always fit everything into the curriculm that we’d like. I’m hoping to introduce the revision control and collaboration concepts GitHub champions to students in our advanced programming (CS2), web development, and systems analysis/design courses!

(Soumya Ray) #117

Great to see this community take shape! I’m Soumya (@soumyaray) and I teach at National Tsing Hua University in Taiwan.

My classes that use Github are called Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), and Service Security. Students in these classes publish all their projects as open source on Github, and integrate it with other services: Travis CI for continuous integration, Codeship for continuous Deployment, Slack for team discussions, and make extensive use of AWS service like SQS, DynamoDB, and others.

All student teams have to produce a working web application with distributed API and front-end apps. We’re using Ruby and Sinatra, and focus heavily on architectural design (refactoring with service objects, form objects, view objects, and so on), and strongly care about privacy and ethics.

You can find out more about me or my classes (syllabi, etc.) on my website (soumyaray.com).

And if you’re teaching web development, join my students, me, and local entrepreneurs on our Facebook group to discuss Web Service Development.

Lastly, a quick shout out to @armandofox and his team for their excellent MOOC that initially got me going in this direction with my teaching!

(Diego Ocampo) #118

Hello everyone, thanks for inviting me to this community.
My name is Diego (diegoocampoh) from Uruguay and i am a teaching assistant professor at Universidad Católica del Uruguay, specifically for the courses Algorithms and Data Structures I and II, which are a semester long each one. We have been using GitHub for two years where students have their teams and repositories, where they submit assignments and different projects. We decided to switch from SVN to GitHub due to obvious reasons and to encourage young students in the world of github and most used VCS.
At first is a bit hard for students to get used to it and learn the common operations of git, but after two or three weeks they are ready to use it almost fluently.
We also decided to use private repositories, as different teams have to accomplish the same tasks, we don’t want to encourage teams sharing code and links to files at their repository.

I am very pleased that GitHub gave us the opportunity to join this community and use excellent resources for educational institutions.

(Lhunt) #119

Hi Everyone!
I’m Lori, a high school Programming teacher, my GitHub handle is lhunt.
My interests are running, meditation, teaching, and learning. I am really excited about learning Git and GitHub and look forward to using this with my students!

(Nikesh Ashar) #120


I’m Nikesh (@nikeshashar around the web) - currently working at Makers Academy in London. We’re Europe’s first and most successful bootcamp and have recently expanded to allow students from around the world to take our course Remotely.

Lovely to meet you all - happy to answer questions about how we use Github from our interview process to getting graduates jobs!

(Ribeiro) #121

Hi, I’m a teacher at Faculdade UCL, in Espirito Santo, Brazil. I’ve been used the GitHub Education Program in my programming classes.

It has been great to teach team work and software quality. Thank’s.


(milena) #122


I’m Milena and I teach Programming, Database Systems and Software Engineering at the Hochschule Flensburg in Germany. I use GitHub for most of my projects that involve programming and encourage my students to do the same.

(Kemal Aydin) #123

Hi Everyone,

I am teaching Algorithms, Data Structures, Programming Languages and Software Engineering at North American University in Houston, TX.
I have used github in Software Engineering and Algorithms.

Glad to meet you all.