👋 Teachers! Introduce yourself here

(Abhey Rana) #1123

Hello :wave: :wave:

I am Abhey, My gihtub handle is Abhey. I am Computer Science And Engineering undergraduate at National Institute Of Technology Allahabad, India.

I am coordinator of my college computer club and as a part of it teach various computer science topics like Git, Github, Java Programming, Linux Shell Scripting.

I use Github heavily both for my own projects and for classroom projects. I would love to have swag pack for my juniors to encourage them more for using Github.

Happy Coding

(Paola Corrales) #1124

Hi all!

I’m Pao Corrales from Argentina and my github handle is paocorrales. I am finishing my degree in atmospheric science at the University of Buenos Aires, this month :sun_behind_rain_cloud::tornado::cloud_with_lightning: I am also an assistant teacher and I want to incorporate the use of github in the classes.

I have a github account for years but I started to use it seriously for my thesis :woman_technologist:

In my free time, I help organize R-Ladies Buenos Aires and I am a member of Expedición Ciencia, an NGO with science education projects.

Nice to meet everyone! :blush:

(David LeBauer) #1125

Hi my name is David - dlebauer on GitHub. I am a research scientist at the University of Illinois. I build software to help understand and improve agricultural ecosystems. For example, PEcAn for agricultural and ecological forecasting, TERRA REF open software, data, and computing for high throughout crop sensing, and BioCro for crop physiology and growth simulation.

I teach people general skills and am a software and data carpentry instructor. I also write tutorials and lead workshops on how to use the software above and data it generates. I’ve been developing new material and want to make better use of active and hands on learning in class, especially with open ended group projects. I’m currently working to improve the course and training materials.

(FireStorm) #1126

Hello everyone,
I am Gyanig from a small town in India, called Bhubaneswar.
I am currently a 11th grade student. My passion for computer science has made me so empowered that I run small group of junior school students at school, I generally get full attendence. I run it as after school stuff. I take all sort engineering as well as computer based problems on algorithms. I was thinking to help the interest in my class by introducing them to github also. Github is huge platform for them to take on, so I want all the requirement things for them to learn about github and its resources.
**I accept, I am no professional in tips and tricks. But, I can teach them. **

I widespread the message that not only boys in my group learn the programming language, but Girls are proven themselves to more enthusiastic.
A very happy new year to everyone! :mortar_board:

(César Olivares) #1127

Hi everyone,

I am professor in Lima (Peru) and I want to use GitHub for my classes. Thank you for the great support resources.



(Kapil Sharma) #1128

Hi, I’m Kapil Sharma, living in Pune, India. I organize PHP Reboot, developers community in Pue, India, where we organize frequent technical meetups. Also working on open source projects and now looking how can I further contribute to help the community, including students.

(Bahit Hamid) #1129


I’m Bahit Hamid, a lecturer and facilitator at Politeknik Brunei in Brunei Darussalam :mosque:

Currently teaching web and programming related modules. Recently just deployed a few assignments and ask students to utilise Git and GitHub as part of their assignment process. I’m looking forward to strengthening my understanding in using Git and GitHub in assignments and especially dealing with merge conflict, pull/merge request in Git.

I hope to see local students here in Politeknik Brunei are adept at using Git as part of their daily programming workflows and not afraid to try something new.

On the side, I’m a freelance web developer concentrating on Laravel and Ionic.

(Nicky Ringland) #1130

Hi all! :wave:

I’m a Computer Science Educator at the Australian Computing Academy, University of Sydney. I help run a bunch of initiatives like the Australian National Computer Science School, Girls’ Programming Network and a whole bunch of teacher training across Australia. I also help run the NCSS Challenge (challenge.ncss.edu.au), an online programming competition that teaches 10,000+ school students how to solve problems with code.

At the NCSS Summer School we have students work in teams to build social networking sites or embedded projects using micro:bits. We’ve used git for the last few years (https://github.com/ncss) to have teams (up to 16 students or so!) work together on their projects.

(William Creelman) #1131

Hello, I teach computer science at Lisgar Collegiate Institute in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. I’m looking to use Github classroom with my high school students. Hope they can learn about version control and set up their own profiles. I have a background as a computer programmer in C++.

I am new to git and github. And have just completed Module 1.

(Adesh Shah) #1132

A professor with Algonquin College’s (AC) School of Advance Technology with the college’s Office of Applied Research, Innovation and Entrepreneurship (ARIE), I am an innovative technologist with a passion for data. I am also an artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) enthusiast with significant expertise in Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Deep Learning who thrives on helping organizations implement these technologies into their business models.

A principal investigator for numerous applied research projects, I am a strong contributor to the college’s research agenda, and have implemented 12 research projects over the past two years. These include the development of practical AI solutions using NLP, speech and image recognition, and smart virus/spam detection systems.

A lifelong learner, my respect for higher education inspires me to provide ongoing mentorship to my students, and I enjoy connecting them to experiential learning opportunities through applied research, their program of study, or both.

We intent to use GitHub for our multiple research projects to host Codebase, manage projects, track issues and also generate wiki pages.

Link to our research centre: http://www.algonquincollege.com/appliedresearch/about/centres/#dataanalytics

(Rui Maranhao) #1133


My name is Rui Maranhão (I publish as Rui Abreu). I am an Associate Professor in Software Engineering at Instituto Superior Tecnico of the University of Lisbon, Portugal.

My GitHub handle is ruimaranhao.

For more info about myself, see www.ruimaranhao.com.


(Irshaad Bijan Adatia) #1134

Hello everyone!

I’m Bijan.
My GitHub handle is anime4tw
I live in Vancouver :sun_behind_rain_cloud:

My interests include ballroom dancing :dancer: , cooking :man_cook: , and writing letters :fountain_pen: .

I look forward to supporting my students, peers, and campus with GitHub.

(Jesse A. Tov) #1135

Hello all!

I’m Jesse, a computer science professor at Northwestern University near Chicago. I’ve been using GitHub for homework assignment submission for more than three years, but I’ve done it with my own scripts for creating and retrieving repositories. I’m about to try GitHub classroom for a new course where I want to provide students with detailed code reviews, and I’m really hoping it works out.


(Eno Udo) #1136


I teach Foundations of Computer Science I and II at Mercy College, NY. I also host study and tutoring sessions. I’m really excited to learn more techniques for using Github so I can share them with my learning partners.

I think it is a great Idea to use git and Github as a better tools for collaboration. The only problem is we were wondering where to start and this is just what we were looking for.


(Coromoto Leon) #1137


I’m Coromoto, the teacher of “Programming Languages and paradigms” in Universidad de La Laguna.

My GitHub handle is coromoto.

I introduce GitHub in my classes as the first control version system to use.


(Vitor Rios) #1138

Hi, I’m Vitor Rios(@vrios) ,currently I’m a post-doc researcher at the Federal University of Bahia (Ufba), Brazil. I teach ecology, and animal behavior to biologists using R and C++, and I use GitHub to facilitating sharing code with my students and labmates.

(Vamshi krishna) #1139

Hello. I have a community in our city Hyderabad . we actually ate not a educator or teacher ,but we conducts meetups and hackathons in colleges and communities. We used to make people work with open source projects in github. And we do looking for support from companies which we will be working .
So it happened 2 years since started all this.
We have students around 100 including newbies and experts And we are looking foreword to double that up this year. we use github for workshops in a specific place. So that every student can involve with pull requests on that .

(Alexander Franks) #1140

I’m a new professor of statistics at the University of California, Santa Barbara. I teach statistical machine learning, data science and bayesian inference and use Github extensively in both research and teaching.

I’ve been working on improving my reproducible research practices and hope to educate students on reproducible practice as well!

-Alex Franks

(Xinzhangseu) #1141

Hello, everyone,

I am Xin. I am teaching at School of Mathematics, Southeast University in Nanjing, P.R. China.

I am just starting to learn using git for classes. I am happy to be here.

(Husnilk) #1142

Hello everyone!

I’m Husnil. I’m Lecturer in Universitas Andalas, Indonesia. I teach programming and also information system development. Mostly, my course deal with programming, thats why I need github as a tool to manage my classroom.

I’m happy to join this community and connect with all of you.