👋 Teachers! Introduce yourself here

(Tess Homan) #1103

Hi, I’m Tess Homan an assistent professor at Eindhoven University of Technology. I use GitHub in my research and teaching, and I’d like to help students (mostly master and PhD) to setup GitHub projects.

(Péter Kalicz) #1104

Hello Everybody,
I am Péter from Hungary. I use git (and github) in my projects, and I applied in some courses. Now I would like to improve my knowledge about this ecosystem.

My course focuses on R language. I use git to support the efforts of my students.


(Aaron) #1105

Hey teachers! I picked up programming last year with Learn.co and the software dev community classes at Dallas Makerspace. I landed a sweet gig with a startup in October 2017 and my boss says I have Git kung-fu. I really like to fully understand how things work and share what I learn with others.

Dallas Makerspace isn’t a school, per se, and our community of learners and teachers is growing! I’ve already led a couple workshops using GitImmersion.com, and was pleased to see the teacher training blog post.

Looking forward to learning from all you friendly folks, and spreading the practice of proper source code management. Cheers!

(Jason W Bohrer) #1106

Hello all,

I teach English and Computer Science at a small high school in the Northern California Sierra Foothills. I was in the Marine Corps for nine years. When I got out, I got my degree and credential in English. After ten years of teaching mostly English, I picked up Computer Science. I love it! There is an elegance in Code and computational thinking that mirrors the beauty of the written word that I find fascinating.

Respectfully Submitted,
Jason W. Bohrer

(Knpau) #1107

Good day teachers,

I am Johnson Pau (@knpau) from Multimedia University Malaysia. I enjoy teaching programming, swimming and reading.

Wish all of you have a blessed every “today”.

(Omal Perera) #1108

Hello All! :wave:

I’m Omal, a mentor for Information Systems & Computer Sciences undergraduates in Sabaragamuwa University, Sri Lanka. :mortar_board:

I love to teach others & share knowledge :open_book: with all. I teach Node.js, scala, Android, web development & few other computer technologies. :desktop_computer:

My GitHub handle is omalperera :robot:

I’m very much interested in attending meetups, conferences & volunteering in them. :man_health_worker:

I also much like to learn new things & help others with them.

So I used to write & localize articles & presentations on new technologies via blogs, Medium.com, as well as my github pages. :robot:

One of my hobby is to support people on stackoverflow. It is kind of pleasure to me.

Cheers you all!

(bryce) #1109

Hi! I’m Bryce, and I teach a data science course for humanities majors at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County. Right now we’re focusing on transferrable skills, and learning the basics of programming and the very beginning of human-centered data science. As we build the program, we’re hoping on adding courses on digital trouble making, data ethics, and algorithmic criticism – but the whole thing starts with knowing how to code in python (and maybe a tiny bit of R), some basic sequel, and how to train an algorithm. I’m looking forward to learning from everyone’s posts!

(Mr. Roth-Ritchie) #1110

Hello everyone,
My name is Jacob Roth- Ritchie. I teach English in New Hampshire, and like to tinker with electronics and programming.

I am fascinated with the way technology can help make content accessible, and give students more control over their learning. I am currently the electrics and programming mentor for FRC team 6762.

(Elizabeth Stanny) #1111


I’m Elizabeth Stanny, Professor at Sonoma State University. I teach R/Rmarkdown in Advanced Accounting and would like to use Github for assignments and grading.

(Miss Bolin) #1112

I’m Sam and I’m loving teaching AP Computer Science Principles. I’m new to Git, and I can’t wait to integrate GitHub into our programming units, to help streamline debugging and collaboration between student teams.

(Michael Braehler) #1113

Hi everybody,
I’m Michael and run computing afternoon activities for secondary students at an international school in Hong Kong. Next school year I want to use Github for an advanced class to see how the students can cope with it.

This year we do in two different classes

  • MicroPython on the micro:bit
  • Python on the RaspberryPi,
  • Lego Mindstorms EV3 with the graphical language and Python
  • Fischertechnik Robotics TXT with the RoboPro Language
  • and we may do some web programming at the end.

I am looking forward to getting to know how others are using Github in class and also share my experiences here.


(Steve Emerson) #1114

Hi, My name is Steve Emerson. I teach Computer Science at Fishers HS in Indiana. I am introducing Git and GitHub to my CS1 students before we begin a unit on Python.

Best Regards

(Daniel Goldsmith) #1115

HI all,

I’m Dan. I teach Ethical Hacking and Cyber Security at Coventry University.
My main topics are pen-testing, reverse engineering, but I cover a range of other topics such as pervasive computing, sensor networks and coding.

Also tend to end up being a “responsible adult” on various Hackathons, CTF’s or other student activities :slight_smile:

I keep encouraging the students to make use of tools like Git / Markdown for reports, projects and such (hoping for my first git / mardown based dissertation submissions this year)

(Klobitz) #1116

I’m Kim. I am from Chicago, IL. My GitHub handle is klobitz . My interests include swimming, running and learning how to use GitHub in the classroom! I look forward to learning more!

(Taylorpaul) #1117

Hi all, I am Taylor Paul and I currently teach in the Computer Science Department at the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, MD. I am currently teaching PHP and MySQL in an Applied Databases and am hoping to spend 1 or 2 lessons to get my students excited about using Git on their group project. Looking forward to learning more about how other teachers use Git and GitHub in the classroom!

(Kutzer) #1118

Hi Everyone:

My name is Mike Kutzer and I am currently an Assistant Professor in the Systems Engineering Department of the United States Naval Academy. I am currently teaching courses in robotics and mechatronics, and I am hoping to formally introduce and include version control as part my courses moving forward.

(Diego Mascheroni) #1119

Hello! :wave: I’m from Uruguay and a new teacher in the local university. :uruguay:
I try to teach Operative system, infrastructure admin, and Computers Networks.

I work as programmer in C# in the development of many applications, principaly in the electronic commerce.

I want to learn a lot here!

(Beth Johnson) #1120


I’m Beth, and I work at Hack Reactor. My github handle is beth.

I teach full stack Javascript and enjoy writing curriculum as well as building silly side projects based on student jokes.

Nice to meet everyone! :slight_smile:

(Wanjun) #1121

:wave: My name is Wanjun, my github handle is wnjnz and I live in Houston USA.
I’m part of Code Park, a non-profit organization that brings creative coding experiences to underserved k-12 students in Houston. We also provide Intro to Git and Github workshops to adults as part of civic tech efforts. Find CodePark on github here {:deciduous_tree: } !

(Etomai) #1122

Emmett Tomai, professor at the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley. I teach intro programming, web development and game development. I have been using a homemade bash-script version of this for SVN in my classes for years, and was thrilled to see GitHub Classroom come out. Love being able to move up to distributed version control without having to re-write everything, and get away from maintaining the servers too.