👋 Teachers! Introduce yourself here

(Pascal Fares) #1082

Hello all,

I’m Pascal Fares, a Computer science and computer engennering teacher at Cnam Liban and the manager of the ICT team at Cnam Liban.

I already used github with my students (with more or less success!) and for the inhouse Educational ERP developpement (where a local central git repository is the base for our coordinating team and github the cloud backup of our works)

I just found this community and registered to try the classroom hook at github.

I am french and live in Lebanon (LB),

I promote and train for “Free and Open source” throw a non profit organisation (Open Source Lebanese Movement)

Its great to see Github launching this! Happy to connect with all of you.


Best regards

(Mr Robinson) #1083

Hey all,

Just looking into using GitHub in the classroom, to give GCSE Computer Science students some hands-on with real-world tech.

(Pmdonaghy) #1084

Dear All,

Just saying hello. I teach Computer Science. We have just started using GitHub, but I have only just found out that I can setup a classroom groups rather than chasing individual accounts, which is great news. I do hope that everyone is enjoying a great term thus far!

Best wishes, PMD.

(JP) #1085

Hello everyone :wave:!

I’m João Pedro Dias, and I’m for the first time a teacher giving classes about Operating System’s on Faculty of Engineering, University of Porto, Portugal. The course introduces the fundamentals of the Linux OS and how to develop using the Linux Programming API :penguin: .

I’m also pursuing a PhD degree on Informatics Engineering :man_technologist:.

My GitHub handle is jpdias. You can find more about me here.

Regarding my students, they still use zip files and email to share and save code. I want to change this and use git and GitHub as a major mind-shift.

Best regards,
João Pedro Dias

(Aaron Baggett) #1086

Hello everyone,

I’m Aaron. I’m an Assistant Professor of Psychology and Director of Undergraduate Research at the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor in Belton, TX. :taco: I teach courses in quantitative psychology like statistics and experiment design. :bar_chart:

My GitHub username is aaronbaggett. :computer:

I’m happy to be part of this community! :mortar_board:

(Thomas Sauerwald) #1087

Hi community!

My name is Thomas Sauerwald and i am a teacher for Computer Science and Mathematics in Germany. I introduced git and GitHub to my school and would love to get a swag bag for my students.

How do you use GitHub to teach the meaning of Version Control Systems to your students?


(Grash) #1088

Hey Everyone,
Greg Walek, aka Grash
I’m the Program Coordinator for the AGGP Program at NHTI, Concord’s Community College.

I’m a Graduate of the Guildhall @ SMU (Cohort2)
I’ve worked in the industry as well with credits on IP with Marvel and Batman.

(Jasongallant) #1089

:wave: Hi everyone, I’m Jason and I teach my students at MSU how to do “open science” in my laboratory at the undergraduate and graduate levels.

(Welovedot) #1090

Hi! I’m D.C. and teach in Lexington. I live in Boston. My interests include programming, office supplies, and cooking.

(Mr Allatta) #1091

Hello everyone,

I’m Eric. My students call me Mr. Allatta. I teach computer science at a NYC public school where CS is a required subject. I mostly use functional languages to support students in Algebra and Geometry.

I’m also a husband, father and amateur guitar maker.

Glad to be working with you.


(Michael Hammel) #1092

Looks great. See forward to find out how to make this work in the real classroom of the design topics I teach a our CS Avance Programme.

(Joaquín Cañadas) #1093

Hi everyone!

my name is Joaquín Cañadas, I teach software engineering in the university of Almería, Spain. I introduced git and GitHub some years ago. I ask my students to register on the GitHub student pack to get private repos, although we are not able to get any other item of the pack. Did any of you managed to get, for example, the AWS credit or Travis private projects included in the Student pack?

Of course, I would love to get a swag bag for my students.


(Diego Mesa) #1094

:wave Hello everyone,

Im Diego Mesa, a Postdoc at Vanderbilt very interested in using git and github for teaching.

(darkmist) #1096

:wave: Hello Everyone!

My name is Don Stringham and I teach various computer science classes @ Weber State University as an adjunct professor in northern Utah! I have used Github for the last 3 semesters and desire to integrate it even more into my computer science classes. Github definitely makes life and learning better.

We also use Canvas (LMS) to structure our classes as both in classroom and online variants. My approach to programming classes is "Talk Less Code MORE” like many others in this community. Looking forward to learning from all of you.

(François Roland) #1097

Hi everyone,

I’m a CS teaching assistant at the Faculty of Engineering of UMONS, Belgium.

Although I’m new to teaching, I’ve been using git and GitHub in various industries for years.

Last semester, I used GitHub Classroom to manage my workshops. It really eased the process and submission of assignments did work perfectly. I really appreciated being able to rely on these tools and being able to focus on coaching the students.

Have a nice day and see you soon!


(Claire Wicher) #1098

Hi everyone,

My name is Claire and I’m a Computer Science Secondary School Teacher in the UK. I also run a code club for adults and I’m looking forward to being able to bring GitHub into the classroom!

(zrsmith) #1099

Hello everyone! I am college faculty in computer science, IT and cybersecurity! I have been using Git for a few years, but wanted to see what resources are available for educators.

P.S. love Github!

(Oscar Oliveira) #1100

Hi. I teach programming languages at ESTG-PP in Portugal. I use GitHub to share projects with my students.

(Ion Jaureguialzo Sarasola) #1101

Hello everybody!

I’m a teacher from Egibide in Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain. I teach programming fundamentals and mobile app development using GitHub as support for the assignments, but don’t have developed a workflow yet, I do everything by hand right now. :frowning:

I’m looking to automate things in the near future and just started with the Campus Advisors course to improve my GItHub skills.

Best wishes.


(Vvandenschrieck) #1102

Hello! I’m Virginie Van den Schrieck, professor at the EPHEC school (higher education) in Belgium. Github is widely used by our students in programming courses and System administration courses, when implementing projects mostly.