👋 Teachers! Introduce yourself here

(Hendy Irawan) #1062

Hi Scott.

I’m Hendy Irawan and I teach at Computing Science Faculty at Telkom University, Indonesia.

This term I teach two classes for Machine Learning, on next term I probably will teach Artificial Intelligence.

My goal is to improve education for children (especially in Indonesia).

(Mandi Wise) #1063

Hi! My name is Mandi Wise and I’m the program director for web and application development at RED Academy. We have two schools in Canada (Vancouver and Toronto), and one in London now.

RED Academy has been open for almost three years now (I’ve been at RED since we opened our doors), and I designed the developer programs so that the students use Git and GitHub right from the start. First, they use version control for their individual projects, then get a chance to work collaboratively on repos during their team-based community projects.

We also use the students’ GitHub accounts as a way to control who authenticates on our learning materials sites (based on organizational team membership), so it’s absolutely essential to how we run our classrooms :slight_smile:

(José Dimas Luján Castillo) #1064

Hi! My name is José Luján and i am a Writer, developer and teacher in a 7 universities, i am an Android GDE.

I teach to program in python, web, java, etc.

All the works I receive in github through their accounts. The accounts contain the evidences of the works of the whole semester.

(Daniele Mantovani) #1065

Hello to all,
I’m Daniele from Italy.

I am an IT professional who has been working in this field for 22 years.
I am also a contract lecturer at the University of Eastern Piedmont where I teach server-side web programming using the ASP.NET Core technology stack.


(Maria Elena Marinelli) #1066

Hi teachers!

I’m Maria Elena, a web design teacher in Delaware. My GitHub handle is ms-marinelli.

I enjoy learning about new technologies (gadgets and programming languages).

(Mauricio Lima Pilla) #1067

Howdy, partners.

I’m Mauricio Pilla, Professor at the Computer Science and Engineeering courses at the Federal University of Pelotas. Pelotas is in the extreme south of Brazil and for some weird accident of destiny, we didn’t come out to be in Uruguay instead.

I’ve been using Github Ed for a couple years to teach Operating Systems and Computer Architecture and Organization for undergrads. I recently presented a paper about some preliminary results on it (slides here) and am waiting for it to appear in a journal (IJCAE).

My professional homepage can be found at http://lups.inf.ufpel.edu.br/~pilla.

My personal interests include brewing beers, and photography.

(Paul Wilson) #1068

Hello all

I’m Paul Wilson, a professor of nuclear engineering at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. My research involves software development for engineering simulation and my group uses Github heavily for that purpose.

One of the classes I teach is on best practices in scientific computing and I am trying Github classroom for the firs time this year.

I am lucky to live in a great biking city and enjoy that activity year round - despite the snow!

(Ttc Kim Smith) #1069

Hello. My name is Kim Smith and I teach mobile app development at a tech school in the United States. I am new to Git Hub but can already see that it can really help my instruction and students once I get it set up.
Onward and Upward!

(Ljh Smstuart2) #1070

I’m a computer science teacher at La Jolla High School in San Diego, CA. I’m interested in using GitHub in my classroom to introduce my students to code sharing and development and seeing how other teachers do this.

My background is in electrical engineering and robotics and I’ve been out of industry for 15 years because I’ve been teaching math. Math as a subject moves at a glacial speed vs. computer science!!! CS is a much more interesting and varied topic to teach!

(Michael Daniels) #1071

Hi all,

I’m Michael, a Makerspace teacher and coordinator (who also happens to be a high school student) at the Tremont School in Lexington, MA. My GitHub handle is @mdaniels5757. I use Github with my students and peers to help organize our myriad of projects and share resources.

(Zohan) #1072

Hello! I’m Zak I am a professor at Renton Technical College teaching computer network architecture and programming.
My GitHub Handle is Zohan

(Karen Spindler) #1073

My name is Karen Spindler. I have a degree in Software Engineering, but never pursued a career as an engineer. I’m a high school teacher, and while I’ve been teaching for 10 years, this is my first year teaching computer science.

I’d like to try using github for my course this semester, to help them keep backups of their work, to help me with assessment, and to prepare them for working in small teams. I have used cvs in the past, but that was a long time ago and the workflow feels different with github. I have a lot to learn!

(Rodrigo Saffie) #1074


My name is Rodrigo (@rasaffie) and I teach software engineering at Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile. I have used Github for 2 courses and the experience has been excellent.

(Carlos Reyes) #1075


My name is Carlos, and I teach Web Development at RED Academy in Toronto. I’ve been using github as a way for students to submit assignments, GHP to host their static sites, and have been using a single markdown file in a repo as a means of sharing resources between the students.

(Sagar Khatri) #1076

Hello everyone,
I am Sagar, My Github handle is ragasirtahk.

I have been contributing to open source for around 6 months now, I also participated in Google Code-in and won the finalist prize!

I will be teaching in the cybernetics club of Delhi Public School, Sonepat (India) from April this year. I am studying in the school as a twelfth class student in April and I will be teaching the students of classes 9 and 10 about open source, coding in the weekly club periods.

Do I seem too young to teach others? Maybe. But my school principal and other teachers were so happy with all my achievements that they wanted me to teach other students and thus I decided to take the cybernetics club every week. This will be a kind of internship as a teacher for me!

That’s all about me. If you want to get in touch with me for queries or projects, I will be happy to help you out.

Thank you.

(Marek Suchánek) #1077

Hello! I am Marek, PhD :man_student: and :man_teacher: at Faculty of Information Technology, CTU in Prague (Czech Republic :czech_republic:). I have a background in Software Development and Conceptual Modeling.

I was a student and then co-teacher of Advanced Python course where we used actively GitHub. I liked that so I want to use it during my own subject Applied Functional Programming with Haskell and also for Software team project to teach students how to collaborate effectively with Git (which is essential!).

Thanks for the support of education :+1: :star_struck:

(Roger Shore) #1078

Hello all,
I’m a Computer Science professor at High Point University for 30 years. Students are required to gitHub in my mobile app class. It has simplified the process of assisting students in the development process as well as the grading of the projects.

(Spyrison) #1079

Hello all,
I am an Information and Technology Management (ITM) instructor at Illinois Institute of Technology for about 5y. Students are required to use GitHub for every project in my JEE/Spring software development class. Pull requests and code review can be used to provide inline code feedback.
Scott Spyrison

(Germán Santos) #1080

Hey everybody,

I’m German, UNAM professor @Engineering Faculty. You can find me @crashbit on internet

I’m teaching algorithms and first steps to programming, my 2 favourites languages are: C and Swift.

(Sharad Joe) #1081


I am from India and I am the technical coordinator of the Forum OF Computer Engineering Students in our college.

I mainly teach about machine learning. My favorite language is Python and C