👋 Teachers! Introduce yourself here

(Skaffen Amtiskaw) #1042

Hi Everyone,

I’m Nathan Elger, an HPC systems administrator at the University of South Carolina. We maintain the university research clusters and run a number of free code development workshops for the students and faculty.

(Todd Pickell) #1043

Hi, my name is Todd Pickell I am a Instructor at University of California San Diego Extension teaching a Full Stack Web Development course. I have a class of 30 students for 6 months. We are using Github to teach how to use git, work on code together in teams and how to do pull requests and code reviews. Also I have them pushing activities to their personal Github account to start building out their portfolio. Our goal is to have them creating and deploying ReactJS & NodeJS/Express/MongoDB apps by the end of class. I am just learning about Github’s Educational program.

(Mr Zebarth) #1044

Hey Folks!

I’m Kris Zebarth. Trained in Computer Engineering and made the switch into teaching 12 years ago and haven’t looked back! I teach 5 sections a year of computer science to Grades 10, 11 and 12 in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.

My tag is @MrZebarth and I’m always switching up the languages and methodology of my program.

Currently teaching Lua, Corona SDK, Java, C#/Unity and have previously used Alice, AppInventor, Adobe Flex, ActionScript, C, C++, Visual Basic, Delphi, HTML, JavaScript, Python, Scheme, LISP, various Assembly Languages, MATLAB, ADA, various Unix Shell scripts…and many, many others.

(Reza M) #1045


I am currently teaching Git and Github to my Mobile Application courses and Computer Science courses at Cegep Gim - Montreal Campus.

I live in Montreal. :ok_hand::v:

My interest are currently focused on Android and Unity.
I love to program and especially teach it.

Best wishes,

(Teleweck1) #1046

Hey all!

I teach Robotics at Lakeland Christian School. We teach everything from programming, application development, mechanical design, and basic Engineering principles. We had a whole lesson segment on GIT and the importance of proper programming documentation. I plan on running a Robotics Summer camp this Summer and this pack would be incredibly helpful in assisting students new to Coding/programming.


(Robert Erickson) #1047

Hi every one,

I teach at the university of vermont where i am having my students use and github on all their projects i used to have them set up a repo just once for the class but i find it is more helpful for the student to set up a new repo for each project as practice makes perfect.

(Gihun Ham) #1048

Hi~ =D
I’m Gihun Ham at Mirim Girls’ Information Science highschool in Seoul, South Korea.
My Github handle is @progh2.
I teach Web, Linux, Android programming with git and Github.
Thank you~

(Matt Germonprez) #1049

Hi everyone,

Nice to read the posts from other teachers :slight_smile: We are using GitHub in a variety of classroom ways at the University of Nebraska at Omaha. Right now our primary goal to get students familiar with the GH workflow, particularly when making OSS contributions.


(Bryant Moscon) #1050

Hello All! I’m currently an instructor at SNHU (I teach python programming in the CS department) and at UMass Lowell (C programming). I love programming and primarily develop in Python, C++ and Go.

(Claudio) #1051

Hi! I’m Claudio and I teach computer science and software engineering as the faculty of Engineering of the University of Pavia (Italy). Github is maily used to host the projects of the students and some of the material I share with them.

(Thomas Lively) #1052

Hi everyone!

I’m a teaching fellow for Harvard’s operating systems course this semester. One of the goals for the course is for the students to gain proficiency in Git, and to achieve that we’re using GitHub Classroom and managing all course content and submissions with GitHub. We’re also developing a brand new teaching OS (Chickadee), and of course it too is hosted on GitHub. This is a huge improvement over the in-house system we used when I took the course!

(Stephen Goebel) #1053


My name is Stephen Goebel, and I teach physics, robotics, and computer science at C.E. Byrd High School in Shreveport, Louisiana. This is my first year using GitHub to help assign and assess student work.

(Hwunrow) #1054

Hi everyone,

My name is Han Yong, and I am a current Fulbright Grantee in South Korea. I am teaching a introductory Arduino course at a high school in Iksan. It’s great to meet you all.

Thank you~

(Proback) #1055

Hi all. I’m Paul Roback, a statistics professor at St. Olaf College. I’ll be using GitHub in our inaugural Intro to Data Science class this spring, connecting through our R server. Should be an adventure!

(Candi Beaman) #1056

Hi everyone!!
I’m Candi, and am teaching AP Computer Science Principles for the first time this year at my high school. We have never had a computer science class here before and this is my first time teaching. I come from the industry side of things, so teaching is new to me, but fun and fulfilling at the same time. I am using Harvard’s CS50 curriculum for my class and using GitHub to submit and grade coding exercises.

(Bfrenchrit) #1057


I’m Bryan French and I’m a lecturer at RIT. I teach web and mobile app development. I haven’t used GitHub in my classes yet, but I’m exploring the best ways to use it in my classroom.

(Koen Cornelis) #1058


I’m koen, i teach ACS @ Howest University College in Belgium.

(Paul Smirnov) #1059

Hi everyone! I’m Paul Smirnov, I teach programming in C in St.Petersburg, Russia. I used GitHub Classroom a year ago with my 75 students (not quite successfully) and I’ll try it again this spring. I hope the classroom has become friendlier for large classes :wink:

(Mark G Faust) #1060

Hello! I’m a professor in the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department at Portland State University where I coordinate our senior capstone program and teach undergraduate and graduate courses in digital design and computer architecture. All of our student teams in the capstone program are introduced to and use github for managing code and documentation for their senior projects. We also have a module on github in a graduate workshop on S/W tools for engineering.

(Scottstroud3) #1061

Hello! My name is also Scott. I am the high school robotics coach at an all-girl school in Dallas, TX. The problem is, I was a financial management major! I’ve been limping along, but could always use some help and advice.

This is the first year that we’ve been able to offer an engineering course, and we don’t have any formal CS anything. until this year our robotics team was just an after school club. now we are expanding, I’d like to get more formal, and more organized. I’d like to have a GitHub space for each of our 3 teams, but all in one location. can we do that?