👋 Teachers! Introduce yourself here

(Gilles Callebaut) #1022


I am Gilles, a researcher from KU Leuven, Belgium. I also teach some labs (digital signal processing, mobile communication, introduction to computer networks, and multimedia networks).
Part of the lab session consists out of project management and software development. Hence, Github is used by the students to manage their software. In addition, they get an introduction to version control which will be beneficial when they graduate.

(Basile Simon) #1023

Hi everyone!

I’m Basile and I teach the Advanced Data and Coding at City University London, as part of their MA in Interactive Journalism. That’s in conjunction with my full-time job as an interactive journalist at The Times and the Sunday Times.

All my teaching material is on Github: https://github.com/basilesimon/interactive-journalism-module/, and we have 10 weeks to cover, well, a lot: basics of programming with Javascript then web scraping in Python, before spending more time with R and proper data work, to prepare for their final projects.

Good luck everyone for the new term :wave:

(P Griswold) #1024

Hello everyone!
I’m Paul Griswold from FRC team 155. The first, FIRST team from CT. I recently retired from 32 years of teaching in a middle school technology education classroom. Our team, the Techno-Nuts from Berlin, CT is celebrating it’s 25th year in FIRST. Yes, I’ve been a lead mentor and team coordinator for all 25 years. We currently have 24 students on our team, along with 10 mentors. My GitHub name is PGriswold.

(Ivandevappweb) #1025

Hi everyone!

I’m Iván, I teach computer programming in Madrid, Spain.
Github for Education fan and functional programming advocate.

Love travelling and sports


(Mattia Salnitri) #1026

Hello everyone,
I’m Mattia I teach Organisational Information System course in Italy at University Polytechnic of Milan. I use GitHub for distributing exercises and collecting projects. It’s a extremely usefully tool for my classes and eased a lot my life!

last semester I taught to approximately 300 students :slight_smile:


(Mike Kruk) #1027


My name is Mike Kruk. I run a small dev shop in Michigan, handles are @tamagokun and @ripeworks.

I started teaching a FRC high school robotics team at our local school and want to start using Github with the students to collaborate on our robot code.

I’ve been using Github for over 8 years and feel the need to spread the OSS philosophy!

(Richel Bilderbeek) #1028

Hi, I teach kids aged 7-77 in Processing and Arduino and C++ ( https://github.com/richelbilderbeek/correct_cpp ). I enjoy doing my grading automatically using Travis CI (as described in among others https://github.com/richelbilderbeek/correct_cpp ).

(Murray Cox) #1029

Hi everyone,

I teach computational biology and bioinformatics at Massey University in New Zealand.

I spend a lot of my time introducing biology students, who often have a limited quantitative background, to computational techniques, including coding and code usage.

(Ryan Schuetzler) #1030

Howdy! I’m currently an assistant professor in information systems. Just getting started with GitHub’s Classrooms, although I’ve used it for a couple years in my classroom as an organization. I’m trying to improve my students’ programming practices so they’re more prepared for the real world after their degree.

(Erik Katerborg) #1031

Hey! I’m Erik, I teach web development and game programming at the University of Rotterdam. I use github for all student projects and I am interested in using github classroom for grading. On github I am @KokoDoko

(Mr Ainley) #1032

Hi, I’m a Math/Science/Tech teacher in WA that’s hoping to go full tech next year. I’m taking the endorsement test in a month so hopefully I’ll be able to pass that and get it done so I can focus on teaching. It’s been interesting to build and teach tech when we’re getting more and more chromebooks. It’s different but making the best of it.

(Guillaume Dufrêne) #1033


I’m an entousiastic user of github, and a professional software developer using git everyday.

I’m from France, teaching JAVA / JEE to students of University of Lille.
I Use github to provide code templates, exercices and Gihub pages to publish courses.

All students use git as source management system, and usualy use GitHub to share their code.

I plan to use “education” feature in a really near future. I’m interrested in github platform such as private repo for groups and classroom.

(Dylan McDonald) #1034

Hi. I’m Dylan. I have been in devops for about 20 years and teaching for 8 years. I currently teach a coding bootcamp using Angular, Bootstrap, CSS, HTML, JavaScript, mySQL, and PHP.

I live in New Mexico :burrito: :taco: :sun_with_face:

I teach at Central New Mexico Community College.

My interests are games and hiking :walking_man:

(Treighton Mauldin) #1035

HI! My Name is Treighton. I am currently assisting in teaching at a Full Stack Bootcamp (Javascript, React, Mongo, Express) through UC Davis in Sacramento, CA.

I’m really interested in how other educators are reinforcing basic git education on an ongoing basis.

Really looking forward to being part of this community.

(Dwmeyer17) #1036

Hello! I’m David or dwmeyer17!

I teach at Liberty University, I love to travel and do photography!

(Rachel Peak) #1037


My name is Rachel Peak, and I am a high school Computer Science teacher in Covington, Louisiana trying to learn how to incorporate GitHub into my classroom.

(Amit singh) #1038

Hello all, I am Amit from Ranchi, Jharkhand. We have a small Github Community. We teach about github and their use to the college student and sometimes we create a meet-up and we do code collaboration we github.

(Elise Zipkin) #1039

My name is Elise. I teach ecology and evolution students statistics at Michigan State University.

(Justin Yantho) #1040

I teach computer science from grades 10 -12 in Ontario Canada. This will be the first year that I am making an effort to use GitHub in class with my grade 12’s. In previous years, I had only really introduced GitHub as an assignment/ I also look forward to gaining experience with GitHub myself.

(Carlos Moro) #1041

Thanks very much!