👋 Teachers! Introduce yourself here

(Daniel Lewis) #84

Hello all,

I’m teacher at Enspiral Dev Academy in Wellington NZ. We drive our whole curriculum off of git and gitbooks. We haven’t used github classroom yet, but I am keen to try it.

At the moment we try to have students work to an as close to ‘real world’ agile process.


(Vsummet) #85

Hi all,

I’m Valerie and I’m at Rollins College in central FL. We’re introducing Git/GitHub in several courses throughout our curriculum this semester in an effort to provide more real-world skills to our students. Admittedly, it’s new to me as well and I’ve got lots to learn too.

(Yaakov Chaikin) #86

Hi all,

My name is Yaakov Chaikin and I teach at Johns Hopkins University Graduate Computer Science (Whiting School of Engineering).

I also teach 2 Coursera courses:
HTML, CSS, and Javascript for Web Developers and
Single Page Web Applications with AngularJS

I use GitHub every day for teaching and personal projects. Actually, ALL of my roughly 60,000 Coursera students are using GitHub to work on their assignments and deploy them for grading through GitHub Pages.

All the best,
Twitter: @YaakovChaikin

(Nicholas Attlee) #87

Hi all,

I’m Nick Attlee, a teacher at Ultimo TAFE in Sydney, Australia. We’ve been using Git and GitHub the last few semesters now; many of our latter stage courses focus on large team projects, simulating a work environment. So the students use source control to learn about team collaboration, code review, and version control.

It’s great to see GitHub putting more work into utilising their tools in a classroom setting.

(Aaron Snowberger) #88

Hi, my name is Aaron Snowberger and I teach Computer Literacy, Basic Web Programming, AP Computer Science (Java), and Robotics (this semester) to middle/high school students in an international school in Jeonju, South Korea (http://gpa.ac.kr). (I also teach English at the neighboring university.) I’ve been in Jeonju for the past 10 years!

I’m also a freelance graphic designer and WordPress/PHP developer in my free time.

And my interests are exercise and learning languages (Korean).

Nice to meet you!~

(John Olinda) #89

Hello! I’m a social studies, religion, and computer science teacher at Seoul Christian International Institute in Seoul, South Korea. I’m jackivan88 on GitHub. This is my second year teaching computer science and I’ve been working to get our students comfortable with collaborative development tools like Git as well as basic programming languages. I’m hoping to use Git more effectively this year!

(Jeremy Ellis) #90

I am Jeremy Ellis and teach Robotics, 3dPrinting, Animation and Coding.

My github repositories are at

Lots of BashOnWindows, Tensorflow, Magrnta, cloud9, android SDK, phonegap, teaching javascript stuff

My website is http://www.rocksetta.com

(Keith O'Hara) #91


We are using github at Bard College in our writing-intensive Language and Thinking orientation program for our incoming class. All 522 first-year students are exploring “code as language” and learn a little html/css/javascript by creating gihub.io pages along the way :



(Dvon) #92

Hello everyone. I’m David Owen, and I teach computer science at Messiah College, in central Pennsylvania. I’ve experimented with GitHub a little bit but would like to learn more, especially for the sake of my students. This spring I worked on creating a GitHub pages site with some of my materials for a Graphics Programming course. In case anyone’s interested in looking at it: http://dvon.github.io/cgbk/

(Ben Samuels-Kalow) #93

Hi all,

I’m Ben (@bensk on GitHub), and I teach 6-12th grade Computer Science in the South Bronx. Our curriculum covers Scratch, HTML/CSS/JS, Python, Processing/p5js, Arduino, and more to come.

I host my teaching website, bsk.education on GitHub pages using Jekyll, and open-source my curricula on GitHub as well.

(Geoff Schmit) #94


I (@gcschmit) teach Physics and AP Computer Science at Naperville North High School in Naperville, Illinois and mentor our FIRST Robotics Team. We use GitHub in both AP Computer Science and FIRST Robotics for a few years. This year, I’m trying GitHub Classroom in AP Computer Science to simplify the workflow.

(Ruben Carlo Benante) #95

Hello guys,

Thank you for inviting me to this superb tool and community.

My name is Ruben, I’m a professor Ph.D. in Artificial Intelligence and a Scuba Diver (among other hobbies), (aka Bèco). I teach programming, logic, AI and discrete mathematics at the University of the State of Pernambuco, northeast of Brazil, although I’m from the southeast, São Paulo state. We are having the Olympics somewhere there in the region (Rio de Janeiro, also southeast, and neigbor).

Please feel free to contact me about my research or repositories. My handle here is @drbeco and that is also my twitter account. You are welcome to follow and keep updated on things like Programming, Linux, Diving, Open Source, Chess, some minor politics and other stuff. I hope I can be of help.

Regarding GitHub, it is wonderful to see this place year after year evolving and becoming more attractive and useful. The classroom tool is very interesting (although still in an early version) and it helps a lot organizing classes.

That is it for now. See you around!


(Peter Dave Hello) #96

Hello, guys!

I’m Peter, both a master student and a TA in NCTU, help teaching git and GitHub,

I’m also an open source contributor (maintainer of @cdnjs).

My GitHub (and Twitter) account is @PeterDaveHello

I live in Taiwan, R.O.C (East Asia)

My interests include travel , watching movie, listening to music, and reading novels.

How about you?

Nice to meet you all!

Best regards,

(Mine Cetinkaya-Rundel) #97

Hi all – I’m Mine Cetinkaya-Rundel (@mine-cetinkaya-rundel). I teach statistics and data science at Duke University. I’m an avid R user. I use GitHub in my data science course (https://www.stat.duke.edu/courses/Fall15/sta112.01/). Students submit their assignments on GitHub as well as collaborate with each other.

(Mary Mosman) #98

Hi everyone!

I’m Mary Mosman & I teach programming courses at Hennepin Technical College in MN. I’ve been using GitHub for a year now in my HTML and JavaScript classes to get the students work live on the web using Pages. Now I’m aiming to bring it into all of my courses.

I’ve found great resources & ideas through GitHub and am glad to have a spot to return the favor.

(Arnelle Balane) #99

Hello everyone!

I am Arnelle Balane, @arnellebalane on Github.

Me and a few of my friends run a little community here in our city (Cebu City, Philippines) called “Tilde Community” focusing on giving free tech talks and meetups to students. We started doing this after we noticed that students don’t attend tech meetups and events that much because aside from the registration fees (for those that are not free), they also get intimidated by the professional developers that usually attend those events. So we aim for a community that is more welcoming for students so that they feel more comfortable about learning new technologies with their fellow students.

We teach them various web technologies and programming languages, including how to use git and Github. We use Github to host our demo applications which the students can then clone and play around with. We want to reach more students and promote the new technologies that we now have today, which are most likely not being taught to them at school.

(Makhabane Christopher Mipi) #100

Hi, I am Chris from Johannesburg, South Africa. I work as a software developer and an engineering student at Wits

(Bert Van Vreckem) #101

Hi everyone!

I’m Bert and I teach Linux at University College Ghent in Ghent. My colleagues and I have been using Git (and Github) for a few years now for programming and system engineering projects, class assignments, etc.

Always willing to share my teaching materials and to discuss/collaborate. I’m planning to publish an assignment I used the past few years on setting up typical network services (LAMP, DNS, DHCP, Samba, …) using Vagrant, VirtualBox, Ansible/Bash with built-in automated acceptance tests. If you’re interested let me know!

Bert (@bertvanvreckem)

(BEHUET Jérôme) #102

Hi everyone !

Thank for inviting me to this community.

I’m Jerome from France, I’m full stack developer since 10 years and instructor at WildCodeSchool where I teach web technologies and mobile.

Github classroom is interesting, I hope I can help to organize classes !


(Dave Whipp) #103

Hi all,

I’m Dave (@dwhipp3980 on Github) and I’m an assistant professor in the Department of Geosciences and Geography at the University of Helsinki. I teach courses in Geology and Geophysics, including a course on Quantitative Geology in which students are introduced to programming in Python and keep their code on Github. This past spring I used Github Classroom to distribute starter codes for the students and generally found it to be quite useful. The students took a bit of time to adjust to working in Github, but ended up posting their code, related plots and answers to exercise questions all in Markdown in their exercise repositories. We opted for private student repositories, but may explore public repositories in the future to encourage students to collaborate and be creative.

I’m very pleased that Github has developed such nice educational features for our use and happy to join the community!