👋 Teachers! Introduce yourself here

(Ryan Price) #1000

Hey, I teach Interaction design in Ontario, Canada at a few different institutions and am slowly moving my courses over to GitHub. One day I’ll even get the grading automated :wink:

(Fi67) #1001


I’m Fiona and I’m a lecturer at Staffordshire University in Stoke, UK. We use GitHub on our courses in web development.

(Cooperrc) #1002

Hello teachers,
I’m Ryan Cooper. I am a professor at Uconn in the Mechanical Engineering Department. I use github while teaching computational mechanics.


(AJ Armstrong) #1003

Hi. I’m AJ Armstrong, and I teach Computer Engineering Technology and Network Engineering Technology in Alberta, Canada at the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT). My main areas are Algorithms, C Programming and Mathematics; although I dabble in Microcontrollers, SBCs and Electronics.

I’ve been using Git and Github for several years for personal and professional projects (I migrated from Subversion after Git took off). I’ve been using Github Classroom for assignments and exams with my Algorithms and Data Structures course since it was released.

(Pedro Prieto) #1004


My name is Pedro Prieto. I teach Web Interfaces Design in IES Mare Nostrum in Alicante, Spain. I use GitHub with my students to share materials and information, create assignments and work in teams. The main organization can be found at https://github.com/interfacesweb.

We integrate GitHub with Scrum for team management: each team is responsible for the whole assignment, which is deployed in the main branch; and every team member works in his/her personal branch.

My interests include piano playing :musical_keyboard:, learning new technologies :man_technologist: and playing with my children :family_man_woman_girl_boy:.


(federica) #1005

Hello! My name is Federica Bianco, I am a data-driven astrophysicist and urban scientist and I teach Principled of Urban Informatics at the Center for Urban Science and Progress at NYU, which is a data science class with urban focus (solving city problems) . I have been heavily using github in the classroom, especially for this class, since 2015. https://serv.cusp.nyu.edu/~fbianco/PUI2017/

(Ben Baumer) #1006

Hello everyone,

I teach data science at Smith College in Massachusetts. We have a broad curriculum, and GitHub has become an increasingly important part of it.

I do most of my work in R and SQL and am eager to learn more about GitHub Classroom.

(Mark Sherriff) #1007


Here at UVA, we have been doing more and more with GitHub in everything from our Software Engineering courses to our Capstone! I look forward to seeing the GitHub folks at SIGCSE again this year!

(Shop2much) #1008

Hello! I’m Tabitha and I teach in Texas. My interests include painting and gadgets. I am looking forward to receiving my swag bag.

(Luke Schlangen) #1009


I’m Luke! I’m an instructor at Prime Digital Academy in Minnesota!

(Aroc110) #1010

Hi All,

I’m Andre. I teach a bioinformatics and a data analysis/programming course at Pomona College. I started using Github in my programming course last year, and I’m using it for the second time this year.

(Daqing Yun) #1011

Hi, my name is Daqing Yun. I teach software development & engineering course at Harrisburg University, PA.

(Mrtimo) #1012

Hi, Tim Olsen, I teach MIS at Gonzaga University. Good to be here!

(Xianjun) #1013

I teach bioinformatics (computational biology) in a hospital-wide setting (http://bioinformatics.bwh.harvard.edu). So I have students from many departments at the Harvard-affiliated Brigham and Women’s Hospital. We use GitHub for some assignments and to get students started with good habits as the learn Bash and R scripting.

(Jody) #1014

Hi everyone!

I’m Jody, a professor of computer science at Metropolitan State University of Denver.

This semester I have two sections of a Software Engineering Practices course in which students will be working on HFOSS projects. Although this is the first time we’re working on HFOSS projects, I am optimistic because of great support from the POSSE/TOS community.

(Sarah Hasnain) #1015

Hello! I lead the Society of Women Engineers (SWE) group at Notre Dame of Maryland University, an all-women’s institution. We host “Hello, World” Wednesdays - a series of lessons and events to teach the student body, local schools, and greater Baltimore community, how to code.

Thank you, GitHub, for hosting this great community. Nice to meet you all!

(Jordi Vitrià) #1016

Hi everyone,

I’m a Professor in the Department of Mathematics and Computer Science at University of Barcelona.
I use GitHub for all my modules (Algorithms, Deep Learning, Data Mining.

Thanks for this awesome tools.

jordi vitria
universitat de barcelona

(Tomasz Kajdanowicz) #1019

Hey everyone!

I’m Tomasz. I’m the Researcher and Teacher of Probabilistic Machine Learning at Wroclaw University of Science and Technology in Poland. We plan to use github for data science courses.

Its great to see Github launching this! Happy to connect with all of you.

(Subham Agrawal) #1020

I am Subham Agrawal
My Github Handle is subham9777

I am a student just about to graduate. I am not a teacher but i make my team learn important concepts in Android App Development and i help my juniors + my colleagues to help develop a better community.

I try to bring more and more people to the community.

(Guus Leenders) #1021


My name is Guus, I teach electronics at the KU Leuven in Ghent, Belgium. I’m part of Dramco, which stands for Design and Research of Aerial eMbedded devices and Cool Other stuff. Our main research topics are indoor localization, wireless sensors, visibile light communication and all things embedded.

We only just started teaching our students how to use Github. In the second semester they will collaborate on a large project, there we saw the opportunity to use Github. We’ve been using Github in our research field for some years now.