👋 Teachers! Introduce yourself here

(Sébastien Lafond) #980


My name is Sebastien Lafond, and I teach several software engineering courses at Åbo Akademi University (Finland). I am a happy user of Github Classroom since last year.

(Richard Lovell) #981

Hi, my name is Richard. I’m teaching Web & UX Design at Yoobee School of Design in Christchurch, New Zealand. We have a module where the end assignment requires the students to work in teams collaboratively. We are using Github for this and the students have found it fun and engaging. :slight_smile:

(Noynaert) #982

My name is Evan Noynaert. I have taught Computer Science for over 30 years. I am at Missouri Western State University in St. Joseph, Missouri

Currently I teach a variety of programming and web development courses.

(W0244079) #983

Hi Folks,

I’m Michael Caines. I’ve been teaching at the Nova Scotia Community College for 7 years and have been using Github in my classroom for the majority of that time.

I teach web, database development and various programming courses as part of our IT diploma programs.

(Syoh) #984

My name is Sang-Yun Oh, and I teach statistics and data mining at UC Santa Barbara.

I want to use Github for a new computational statistics course I will be teaching

(Christopher J Lortie) #985

GitHub for research has changed my professional life - for the better. The more I use with collaborators, the more I appreciate how it changes not just the work but also promotes a different sent of values. I have not extensively used for teaching yet, but here is my first try: https://cjlortie.github.io/r.stats/

It my goal that participating in this community I can push all my teaching to GtiHub this upcoming Fall. I am teaching biostats again but also experimental design and ecology too. I welcome suggestions and ideas. I will post all materials in a repo for each course, and everyone is welcome to use. Feedback and other model courses appreciated!

(Steve Rodney) #986

I’m a professor of Astronomy at the University of South Carolina. I’ve been using github regularly for my small group of students doing research projects. I’m excited to discover this thread, as I would like to expand my github use into my undergraduate and graduate classes.

(Glendadrew) #987


I’m glenda egan drew and I teach at UC Davis in the Design Department.

(Pierre-André Mudry) #988

Hi everyone !

I am teaching at the University of Applied Sciences western Switzerland. I mostly teach CS lectures.

(Aaron Taylor) #989


My name is Aaron. I’m an adjunct instructor in the department of Computer Science and Information Technology at Austin Peay State University in Clarksville, TN. I’m Looking forward to working GitHub into my courses.

(Clandestina Hds) #990

Hi everyone, my name is Patricia González-Gaspar, I’m a professor of artificial Intelligence at the university of Veracruz.

I’m using github for my students homeworks and projects.

(Brooks Patton) #991

Hi, I’m Brooks. I’m a lead instructor at Galvanize where we teach full-stack web development to adults who want to change careers. On the side I’m also creating a Docker course for an online video course as well as streaming myself programming on Twitch.tv.

I’ve been using Github for lessons, class projects, and my own personal code!

I’m looking forward to seeing more from Github on education :slight_smile:

(Angel Arambula) #992

Hello fellow teachers, I’m Angel Arambula and I teach at a local university in Tijuana Mexico.

Software development is my pasion and teaching to younger students helps me to became a better engineer.

Currently I am teaching Database programming and Design Patterns to senior students.

(Andrew M. C. Dawes) #993

Hi, I’m Andy, an associate professor of physics at Pacific University in Forest Grove Oregon. I use GitHub for code written in my research lab, my own projects, and instructional materials for several of my classes: quantum mechanics, computational physics, and thermodynamics.

(Andrey Borodin) #994

Hi, teachers!

My name is Andrey Borodin, I’m teaching programming at Ural Federal University, Russia.

Here’s quite snowy and soon we will start a new semester.

Teaching is a hobby for me, my day job is a developer at Yandex. Mostly, I’m hacking PostgreSQL.

(Alhasan Almashyakhi) #995

Hi teachers!

I work at King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals (KFUPM) as a graduate assistant in the Department of Accounting & Management Information Systems at College of Industrial Management.

I teach labs in Management Support Systems, Business Data Management, and Business Systems Analysis & Design.

My research is in the area of Business Intelligence, Big Data Analytics, and Strategic Information Systems.

Kind regards,

(Indra Azimi) #996


I’m Indra Azimi, lecturer at Telkom University, Indonesia. I’ve been using Github Education to teach mobile programming (Android) to my students for 2 years… It helps a lot.

(Michael Musgrove) #997

Howdy! I’m an adjunct marketing management professor at Indiana University SE. Github is a great tool for project management and as much marketing that’s done online, aka digital marketing, Github’s essential when building and deploying complex sites for businesses. There’s a variety of ways students use it.

On a personal level, I live in Louisville, KY, have an awesome little 2-year-old girl, an ancient but incredibly sweet 16-year-old dog, and I like to write, play guitar, design, learn and eat pizza.

(Dino Ilic) #998

Hi everyone,

I’m Dino (@dinoilic), and I volunteer in a non-governmental organisation where I teach children programming! In addition to having programming workshops for beginners, we work with gifted students and teach them advanced topics in CS. In addition to that, we’re always on a lookout for people who want to create real-life projects and that’s when I insist on learning GitHub first! It’s an amazing way to share the code and allows me to collaborate and help them even when we’re not physically present.

(Owen Mundy) #999

Hi, I’m Owen Mundy @omundy on Github. I’m an educator, artist, and developer. I teach a range of technology-based and seminar courses in Digital Studies @ Davidson College. I’m planning on using using Github for my Physical Computing course (Arduino, Linux, Raspberry Pi) and my Humanities Startup course (browser-based game development) this semester. Looking forward to experimenting with the Github for Education tools!