👋 Teachers! Introduce yourself here

(Nicolas Frankel) #960

Hy guys,

I’m Nicolas, part time teacher at the Haute Ecole de Gestion in Geneva, Switzerland.

I’m teaching a class about Continuous Integration, and of course the first course is about CVS and Git (and Github). I’m also using Github Pages to publish my courses and workshops, so students can access them at any time.

(Nico De Witte) #961

Hi @ ALL

I am Nico, a teacher at VIVES University College in Bruges (Belgium). Been using Github for several years now in my classes (object oriented programming, IoT devices, Mobile Apps and Linux). Most of my courses are hosted on Github + Gitbook. Open source, of course :).

Our students are made familiar with GIT from the first LAB session. It’s been a great addition to their education.

Cya all and keep up the good work.

(Bruno Simon) #962

Oh yes, you’re right, I forgot the https://. I fixed it in my previous message.

Here is the link: https://brunosimon.github.io/keppler

(Eric Amodeo) #963

I am Eric Amodeo from Buffalo, NY. I am currently a CS teacher at a private all boys high school. I teach C, Python, Swift, and Javascript. I have been using Github Classroom for some of my classes.



(Khagansdhs) #964

My name is Kristy and I teach Computer Science at a private high school in O’Fallon, MO. I’m relatively new to using Github, but excited to be here!

(Keith) #965


I’m Keith and work as an instructor for the a Graduate Course in FPGAs. I live in Maryland and have an interest in FPGAs, Power Electronics, and Software systems, which of course I utilize SVN for!


(Joseph Casillas) #966

Hello all,

I am using Github to teach data science for linguists at Rutgers University.

My GitHub handle is @jvcasillas.

(Casiano Rodriguez-Leon) #967


I’m a teacher at Universidad de La Laguna (ULL) in Canary islands, Spain. I’ve been using GitHub for education for many years now and GitHub Classroom from the very beginning. We complement its use with Travis for the tests, Heroku for deployment, GitBook for the notes, c9 as IDE and many other tools in the cloud.
We use GitHub not only for our classes but also for our research.

Some of the subjects I teach (or taught in the past) include Compilers, Web Technology, Web services, Distributed Programming and Parallel Programming.

I’m crguezl and casiano at GitHub. Here
are some of the GitHub organizations I belong to (all of them related to my work at ULL):

As Boris Paillard said “Teaching Programming is Hard”: Thanks GitHub for helping us to make it easier.

(Mauricio González) #968

Hello teachers!

I’m Mauricio (Maurice),
I live in San Salvador, El Salvador, I use GitHub with my students, It’s a new experience for them because they are beginners.

I work with GitHub since 4 years ago and It´s fantastic for me.
I’m happy to be member of this community.

I hope to learn of you.


(Benjamin Soltoff) #969

Hi all! I’m @bensoltoff, I teach computational social science at the University of Chicago. We use Git extensively in our courses for syllabi, content management, share code and notebooks, assignment submission, and project management. I also use GitHub Pages to host my course Computing for the Social Sciences.

(Jean-Rémy Falleri) #970

Hi there!

My name is Jean-Rémy Falleri and I am associate professor at Bordeaux Polytechnique Institute, I have been teaching for 8 years. I am delighted to use GitHub in many courses of our telecommunications department, such as:

  • C programming
  • Object-oriented programming

It allows the students to collaborate and it allows me to keep an eye on the code they commit.

I also use it in my software engineering course, together with travis, heroku and the node stack to show them dev’ops like development. It is a lot of fun for the students!

Many thanks, and keep up the good work.

(Tracy Heath) #971

Hello! I am Tracy (@trayc7). I teach computational biology courses at Iowa State University.

I am looking forward to learning about how others incorporate Git/GitHub in their classrooms.

(Martin Chorley) #972


I’m Martin, I’m a lecturer in the School of Computer Science and Informatics at Cardiff University in Wales, UK. I teach Web Application Development and Data Visualisation, and I’m one of the course directors for our MSc in Computational and Data Journalism.

I encourage all my students to use Github as part of developing their public profile, and we use it extensively within team projects during the compjcdf course.

(Carlos Tessier) #973


I’m Carlos Tessier, my GitHub handle is carlostessier. I live in Madrid(Spain)

I teach in vocational training courses and Carlos II University. This course I’m teaching Front End and Operating Systems, but I have used Android also for development for Java, J2EE, Android and so on.

I’m a big fun of gamification and online courses to involve my students in TDD and collaborating in open source projects.

¡Saludos desde España!

(Daniel Balasubramanian) #974

Hello everyone! I’m Daniel, I teach an operating systems course at Vanderbilt University. My GitHub id is balasub. I live in TN.

(Gregory Wilson) #975

Hi,I am Gregory Wilson. I am the Director of the Innovation Lab at Ross School, a boarding high school in East Hampton, NY. We focus on developing students into innovators by teaching skills in science, engineering, technology, digital art, and media. The students use Github webpages to showcase their portfolios.

(Andrew Slattery) #976

Hi everyone!

I’m Andrew (@aslattery) , and I teach an intro to coding course and applied programming (RPi/Arduino) course at two middle schools, as well as a core class on computer programming at a high school in Tucson, AZ.

Outside of teaching, I’m a Google Partner digital marketing consultant and the Senior Cloud Engineer at a local startup.

When I do have a little free time, I love going to catch the latest movies (perks of having a fiance work at one is free movies!), and diving into competitive games like Overwatch.

(Waterless Piano2) #977

Hi Everyone, my name is Chad, I am a final year Computer Science student and a Peer Assisted Learning Leader at Brunel University. I always mention how useful GitHub is to my peers. I am also looking for useful tips here for getting more students to use GitHub, so we can collabrate together on other projects than Courseworks.

(Professor Mike Devlin) #978

My name is Mike Devlin. I am an adjunct associate professor at Hofstra University.
I love getting my students to use the technology that will help them get jobs.
I teach the MySQL/PHP and the VB.NET courses for our IT department.
I live and work in Nassau County NY.
My wife and I love Disney and DIY, both doing the projects and most of the shows. =)

Mike D

(Andrei Haidu) #979

Hi everybody, my name is Andrei Haidu, PhD student at the Institute for Artificial Intelligence from University of Bremen. We teach various seminars / semester projects using github for tracking and helping students complete their tasks.