👋 Teachers! Introduce yourself here

(Derick Ostrenko) #940

Hello, I’m Derick Ostrenko. I teach Creative Coding and Programming for Digital Media at Louisiana State University. We use GitHub extensively in both courses.

(Jason Baker) #941

Hi everyone, I’ve been teaching a graduate course at the University of St. Thomas, in St. Paul, MN focused on DevOps & Cloud Computing for the past 2 years. GitHub features prominently in our class because students needs to submit all of their assignments via git repositories. I use a Python script to automatically pull student repos and perform a series of automated tests to help me grade assignments. Thank you to the GitHub staff for making this resource available to us!

(Carles Alonso Martinez) #942

Hello, I’m Carlos Alonso. I teach Operative System and C# Code at HNR on Computer Science in Barcelona. My classroom repo is https://github.com/carlesalonso and we use github with students but we don’t work with github classroom yet although I wish start with it during this course.

(3zero2) #943

Hello! I’m Joshua (@3zero2) from MCAST; the leading vocational college in Malta. I use Github with my Programming for Engineers and Software Analysis and Design groups.

Thank you GitHub for your support.

(Andrea Burattin) #944

Hi everyone! I’m Andrea and I’m teaching object oriented programming at DTU, Copenhagen, Denmark :slight_smile:
We’re planning to use GitHub in our lectures too.

(Carlos Moro) #945

Hi all!

This is Carlos. I’m teaching git, play framework, spring boot and js web frameworks to postgraduate students at Deusto University in lovely Bilbao, Basque Country (north of Spain).

Glad to be part of this community! Thanks github for your support.


Quick edit: you can always reach me here in github education community, or if preferred, my twitter handle is @dordokamaisu

(Immánuel!) #946

Hi Everyone,

I’m Immánuel, a fulltime mentor in Codecool Budapest, a new programming school in Hungary, Europe (https://codecool.com/). We have around 240 students and I’m currently with the Programming Basics module. Previously, I organized and mentored the BI Developer specialization module. We have complete freedom to choose what to teach to students and what part of the curriculum we want to improve. I’m especially thankful to GitHub providing us private repositories where we keep the exercise materials and reference solutions, also this enables us to separate student solutions across classes. Thank you guys, you rock! Should you have any questions about our school or about mentoring, you can always contact me on Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/immanuelfodor/.

Cheers, Immánuel

(Wouter Swierstra) #947


I’m Wouter Swierstra, an assistant professor at the University of Utrecht. I do all kinds of research related to functional programming, program calculation and verification. I’ve used GitHub in a bunch of different ways in my classes, from hosting websites to writing research papers with my graduate students.

(Pasquale Cantiello) #948

Hi everyone,

I’m Pasquale, I work as an IT Engineer at the “Università degli Studi della Campania” in Italy. I teach “Applications Development for Mobile Devices” at the third year of the graduate corse in IT Engineering. Java/Android is the platform we use. My semester will start next month and I expect about 50 students.
At the same time I teach in the iOS Foundation Program in partnership with Apple, and this year we will have 4 classes for about 90 students in total.
I already teach how to use github and encourage the users to use it to collaborate and to work on group projects.

(SteffenAvemarg) #949

Hi everyone,

I’m Steffen from Germany and I’m teaching Java as well as Android courses which are part of a computer science study at the University of Applied Sciences in Erfurt, Thuringia for almost 6 years. I introduce Git in my lectures and strongly recommend (well, I actually enforce) the usage of a version control system for all student projects and GitHub is by far the most used one in our courses. After the first hurdles have been taken, almost all students grasp the importance of such a tool - which is really viable considering that it is such an important developer skill.


(John Kelleher) #950

Hi all,
I’m Head of Computing & Creative Practices at a 3rd level college in NW Ireland and happy to contribute where I can. We run a number of 3 and 4 yr programmes in CS and enjoy the support of Github,


(Mike Crabb) #951

My Name is Mike and I’m a lecturer at Robert Gordon University. I’ve been using gitHub for a number of modules over the last few years, with this mostly focusing on web development content.

Have to say that I wouldn’t be able to survive in the class without a tool like gitHub now, its made looking at code contributions from individual students really great and an easy place for students to collaborate on projects!

(Pascal) #952


I am Pascal (@pascalalfadian), teaching Informatics in Universitas Katolik Parahyangan, Indonesia.

For most courses I teach (OO Design, Software Building, Information Security), I ask students to use GitHub for their group project. This has the benefit of transparency, especially to resolve issue when there is a claim that a particular member do not contribute to the work.

Best regards;

(Bama S) #953

I am Bama (@auist.net), course instructor from Department of Information Science and Technology, CEG Campus, Anna University, India. Using github-classroom for projects and coding exercises.

We could track the student progress through the repository created through github-classroom.


(Yoann Pigné) #954


I am Yoann (@pigne on GitHub), assistant professor at the University Le Havre Normandy, France, where I run the Web Applications program. I mostly teach Web technologies (React, Angular, MongoDB, D3js, Webpack, Babel, …)

I firstly use GitHub to host my lectures and labs pages http://pigne.github.io/teaching.

I also use Github’s Pull Request feature to give and retrieve assignments. Students fork stub projects containing assignment directions. They complete assignments and then issue Pull Requests, that trigger unit testing and other evaluations (with travis-ci).


(Dave Murphy) #955

hi there,

my name is David (or Dave if you prefer).
I’ve been lecturing in CS since 1998.
My current interests are Swift, Obj-C, VR/AR/MR and some mobile development.

rgds Dave

(Bruno Simon) #956

Hi everyone,

I’m Bruno, a french web developer (hope it’ll explain the english mistakes you may see in this post).
I’m currently the lead developer of Immersive Garden (a french digital studio) and also a teacher at HETIC.

I teach web basics to second years students.

  • JS basic directly with modern JS
  • CSS3 animations/transitions/transformations with a good performance and optimisation layer
  • Tasks runners (currently with gulp)
  • Canvas
  • A short introduction to WebGL with Three.js
  • Server side basics with PHP (like communicating with a database, communicating with APIs, handling forms, creating some routing, etc.)
  • PHP framework (currently with Silex but it’ll change shortly)
  • And many other stuff

Because each year I had more and more students, I developed a solution named Keppler to help them follow the lessons.
Keppler help teachers by duplicating their code in real time on students computers.
It’s easy to use both for the teachers and the students.

Few features

  • Work in any modern browser
  • File tree
  • Fuzzy search
  • File history/versions
  • File versions differences
  • Accessible by anyone on the same network
  • App like design
  • Syntax coloring
  • Chat with other viewers and associate specific files and lines with your messages
  • Download files and project
  • Easy copy to clipboard

Cheers :open_hands:

(Miguel Carvajal) #957

Hola a todos!

I am Miguel (@miguelcarvajal on GitHub), a spanish lecturer at University Miguel Hernández. I teach web design and data journalism. I’m currently the director of a masters program on entrepreneurial journalism where we encourage our students to develope their own project using lean models and, also, hosting their projects in Github.

I also host the site and blog of our Master in Github, and several other educational and experimental projects.


(Tri-Tech) #958

Computer Science / Cyber Security at Tri-Tech Skills Center.
We’ve been using github for 4 years now.
It’s epic.
We have a micro account which helps with secure projects.
Thanks Gihub and Linus Torvalds :slight_smile:
CC tritechsc.org

(Carlos Moro) #959

Hi Bruno!

could you please post the link to Keppler? Apparently the link has been stripped from your comment. It looks really interesting and I´ll be glad to take a look.

Thanks a lot!