👋 Teachers! Introduce yourself here

(Bart van der Wal) #920


My name is Bart van der Wal and I’m a CS teacher in higher education at Hogeschool Arnhem Nijmegen in the Netherlands.

I’m an embedded systems major, but quickly switched to web development after college and have been developing frontend and backend and am now trying to teach this stuff to get mynstudents ready for the future :).

.NET, Javascript (or ES and TS) and HTML and quite some mobile (hybrid) I also love tomwrite
Markdown :P. I’m now about to start a first year OO course and trying to throw git’s distributed version management and GitHub’s social coding into the mix!

(dmcshane784) #921

Hey I’m Daniel, a teacher in Belfast (Northern Ireland) using C#, SQL and Visual Studio as well as a few classes doing BBC BASIC. It’s all quite new to me as I’ve been teaching Java for 5 years, plus lots of MS Access projects and some Dreamweaver websites for 7 years. I just had a lesson from a friend tonight in how to use GitHub; it’s good to break the ice of it.

(JP White) #922

Hello everyone,

My name is James White and I’m an instructor at Wilmington University in New Castle, Delaware. I teach several different courses in the software development and security programs - including Linux administration, JavaScript, Python, and system architecture.

I already use my personal GitHub account to share material with my class, and I’m really looking forward to using GitHub classroom to bring my courses to the next level!

(Saeed Rahman) #923

Hi everyone,
My name is Saeed Rahman (@saeedrahman) , I teach Design Technology at the Canadian International School of Hong Kong. I teach Swift app development in grades 7-10 (12-15 year olds). Though I have been using GitHub to create projects and to share examples with students, I haven’t actually used GitHub classroom…yet. As this is our first year of developing the Design Technology curriculum, all students in 7-10 are at the same level. As you can expect, there is a lot of new learning, and we really didn’t want to add anything else in to the mix with our first cohort.

By not integrating GitHub classroom, we have encountered challenges with sharing projects and some students have experienced corrupted projects (due to sharing projects through Google Drive). We want to tread softly with this cohort but at the same time, meet the broader goals of the programme. I am hoping to use GitHub Classroom to avoid some of the problems we experienced the first time around, as well as introduce them (senior students anyway) to technologies they would encounter in industry.

(Efarsarakis) #924

Hi everyone!
I’m Manos, from the University of Edinburgh. I teach Git to researchers across the UK as lead of ARCHER Software Carpentry workshops.

(Ebonakdarian) #925

Hi there,

I’ve been using Git and GitHub for two semesters and just started our spring semester. I teach computer science at Dominican University, just outside Chicago, USA and believe learning these skills are necessary for our graduating students. Great to have a community to share information and resources.


(Rimager) #926

Hi all! I’m Rima. I teach Web Design & Development at the Miami International University of Art & Design. I also taught at a Bootcamp in Miami as well as CS50x (the Javascript section) in Miami. I love Github. I use it for all my students, in all my classes. Github Pages to be exact. I have signed up probably over 100 students at this point :slight_smile: Thank you for this awesome platform!

(Tedd Landgraf) #927

Hello. My name is Tedd and I teach middle school coding and design thinking at Punahou School in Honolulu, Hawaii. I work with students to build prototypes with repurposed and sustainable materials such as cardboard, incorporating simple programmable electronics such as Arduino microcontrollers and Micro:bits. I also teach students design principles for building apps and programming for Android devices.

(Mark Utting) #928

Hello fellow teachers,

My name is Mark Utting, and I teach programming at USC (University of the Sunshine Coast), Queensland, Australia.

I’m planning to use GitHub for our Java course, and get the students working in pairs building several projects in GitHub, so that they learn about collaborating via GitHub.


(Elisa Beshero-Bondar) #929

Greetings and salutations! I’m a professor of English and Digital Studies at the University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg, and my students and I work with GitHub at command line in our Digital Studies courses as they’re learning to code with the XML family of languages and develop web projects. We use a shared GitHub repository for the whole class to share examples and code snips, and students push problems with their homework code to a shared Troubleshooting directory. Students also create their own personal repos and repos for team projects (in teams of 2-4).

Elisa Beshero-Bondar

(Tim Finin) #930

My name is Tim Finin. I’m a professor in the Computer Science and Electrical Engineering department at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC). I’ve been using GitHub Education when I teach classes in AI and the the Semantic Web. I think it’s great.

(Alexander Krolik) #931

Hi everyone! I’m a lecturer in compiler design at McGill University. We use Github for all our course management and group contributions :slight_smile:

(Westwq) #932

I’m a lecturer in programming and web design at Ngee Ann Polytechnic in SIngapore.
We are using Git to introduce version control to the students.


(Mike McGuire) #933

Here are two free EdX online courses for you to try:

Best of luck!

(John Jannotti) #934

I’m John Jannotti, teaching an Introduction to Software Engineering course at Brown University. We used Github classroom last year and quite liked it!

(Boonlimk) #935


My name is Keng Boon Lim and i’m a lecturer at KDU University College in Malaysia under the School of Computing and Creative Media where we teach our students game development,

Me and my colleagues teach 3 different majors for Game Art, Game Design and Game Technology. One of our classes teach Github as a way to do collaborative work in Unity.w

(Robert Berg) #936

Hi All!

I’m Robert Berg, and I teach Exploring Computer Science, AP Computer Science A, and Programming I at Lane Tech College Prep High School in Chicago. We are adding our 12th Computer Science class next year, when six years ago we only had one! We have over 1600 students enrolled in a Computer Science class and continue to look how we can expand to the underrepresented population of the city so that we can give every student the opportunity to learn about Computer Science.

We have used github in our web development classes, and in clubs, but I am looking to see how we can start integrating github from the beginning of their high school CS track and use it throughout all four years. Hopefully giving our students a place for their portfolio of all their achievements throughout their 4 years.

I am excited to join the community!

(Mario Garcia) #937

Hi, Mario Garcia here. I teach Web Development at The Mountainland Technical College in Lehi, UT. We for sure teach git and use GitHub with our students. Having them turn their projects in by hosting them in GitHub Pages is awesome. Thanks GitHub :clap:t3::clap:t3::clap:t3:

(Roman Bartusiak) #938

Hi All!

I am Roman Bartusiak, and I am PhD candidate at Wroclaw University of Science and Technology. I am teaching different courses depending on the semester (Software development paradigms, data analysis). In next semester I will be teaching course connected witch machine learning, Bayesian reasoning, graphical models. I am hosting my courses pages and assignments on GItHub pages.

(Katie Fritz) #939

Hello! I’m Katie Fritz. My GitHub handle is @KatieMFritz. Along with my business partner @egillespie, I teach about 45 students at Michigan State University.

Our course is “Advanced Web Development and Databases.” We do our best to give students practical experience, with the tools and skills they’ll use in their development careers. They submit about 20 projects over the semester, all on Github.

I’m also a UX and web strategy consultant, and in my free time I like to knit, sew, and read. I also love cats and my students have started working cats into a lot of their projects. :heart_eyes_cat: