👋 Teachers! Introduce yourself here

(Florian Oswald) #900

Salut les amis,

i’m teaching github to grad students at sciencespo paris in our econ PHD program. the course is called computational economics and git/github plays a crucial role in it. thanks for all the cool stuff!

(Wouter Van der Schraelen) #901

Hi all!

I am an assistent at KU Leuven and we use Github for versioning in various projects! Many students use Github for the first time in our Software Development course, so they get to know Github as a part of the software development process!

(Sianlun) #902


I am a lecturer at Sunway University in Malaysia - I teach software architecture, programming and encourage students to use git(hub) for their development projects. Glad to meet you all here!

(Roberto Abreu) #903

Hi! I’m Roberto Abreu, professor of Computer Science at Pontificia Universidad Cat’olica Madre y Maestra in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. I teach Data Structures, Design and Analysis of Algorithms and Operating Systems classes.

(Mike McGuire) #904

Hi, I’m Mike McGuire from Denver, CO. I’m the EdTech Director at Mullen High School and teach Java Programming and AP Computer Science.

(Andrew Bond) #905


I teach graduate level Computer Engineering classes at SJSU, and use github for all code assignments.

It’s great for introducing students to a real-world coding environment.

Andrew Bond

(Nathan Anderson) #906

Hi! I teach game programming to high school students near Louisville, KY!



Can you please teach me Java programming online please?
I wish to learn more from you

(Bradleecrockett) #908

Thanks to all the teachers (and non-teacher) for contributing to the community. You are doing amazing things in and out of classrooms and I hope that I can replicate some of that at our school. I am just getting started with GitHub in my classroom but look forward to using it extensively next term. Our CS Pathway is really taking off and the students are always starving for more industry standard practice. I am really interested in some auto-grade functionality (for me) and getting the students interested in the open source community (for everyone).

(Jordi Petit) #909

Hello there! Looking forward for using GitHub in the Algorithms and Programming 2 course at UPC.

(Caratang) #910

Hi! I’m Cara, and I teach Java development courses.

(LanceFluger) #911

Hi all! I’m Lance and teach Computer Science @ Chapman University. Have taught an Open Source Development course, Android development, and fundamentals in Computer Science. Looking forward to utilize Github in the classroom.


I wish to learn more from you

(Sergio Iván Galvis Motoa) #913

Hi, this is Sergio Ivan from Colombia.
I teach programming languages, and also always I want to be using the most valued technologies.
I’ll be using GitHub for 2018 in the classroom.
I’m interested in AI, ML, and develop for mobile platforms… and some of robotics and physical computing.

Thanks for this awesome tools.

(Howard Kam) #914


I’m Howard. I teach front end web development at Roosevelt High School, Hawaii.
I love cycling, coding, and trying to learn other languages that begin with C.

(Sathish Gopalakrishnan) #915

Hello! I teach Software Construction at UBC. I use Github heavily as part of the student workflow. I also rely on tools such as Codacy and Coveralls.io to help students produce high quality software.

Sathish Gopalakrishnan

(Madd Prof1) #916

Hi Everyone,

My name is Tony Davidson, I’m a professor at Algonquin College in Ottawa, ON, Canada and I teach mobile application development.

I teach development for Andriod, iOS and Windows.


(Codestock) #917

Hello Teachers!

I am Shreyash, lecturer at Australian Technical & Management College. I am from Melbourne, Australia. Since 2008, I am teaching Multimedia and web-programming for undergraduate and post-graduate programs. I am looking to encourage my students to use GitHub for collaborative programming and I discovered this wonderful forum!

(Andytilia) #918

I’m Andy Smith. I teach Computer Science and programming at Woodstock Union High School Middle School, which is a small 7-12 school serving 6-7 towns in central Vermont. I’ve been using github in my classroom for a year, and I’m looking forward to learning how to make better use of it.

(Andrew Smyk) #919

I’m @andrewsmyk and am the coordinator of the post grad Interactive Multimedia program at Sheridan College in Oakville, Ontario.

Teach courses in project management and interface design and user experience. Big fan of using GitHUB for student notes and Adobe XD for prototyping.