👋 Teachers! Introduce yourself here

(Jose Emilio Labra Gayo) #880

Hi all, I am an Associate Professor at the University of Oviedo, Spain. I teach a course on Software Architecture where the students have to do projects in teams using git & github.

All our repositories are public.

(eallen) #881

Hi, Elise here from New Zealand. I teach IT at a polytechnic, and my subjects are web, professional practice and IT workflow.

I use GitHub for education to teach students how to collaborate on projects and use professional tools they’re likely to encounter in industry.

(Márton Visnovitz) #882

I’m Márton (@vimtaai) from Hungary. I’m an assistant lecturer at Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest, Hungary :hungary:

I teach Web Development and introductory programming and application development for CS students. We use GitHub in the classroom to share code with students, and they use it to submit their code, work in teams. Me and my colleague also maintain our team’s website using GitHub! :slight_smile:

I recently started contributing to Open Source projects and I’m working on a few Open Source stuff on my own as well (https://github.com/vimtaai/mdss, https://github.com/vimtaai/fluxbase).

(Kim Grinfeder) #883

I’m Kim I teach Web Design at the University of Miami Interactive Media Program. We use GitHub to host student projects and our syllabus. https://github.com/UMInteractive/Weblab

(Christopher Baker) #884

Hi all,

I’m Christopher Baker, from Chicago. I teach @ SAIC in the Art and Technology Studies Department. Github is integrated into my creative coding / machine learning / physical computing / etc courses. I primarily teach using openFrameworks (a project that I actively contribute to) and have developed quite a few open source projects myself.

While I’ve been using github / github pages for my courses quite a bit over the last few years, this semester is the first time I’ll be trying out github classroom. I’m hoping it will help smooth out the administrative burden of gathering everyone’s github usernames, having them join the class organization, etc. We’ll see how it goes!


(Mohit) #885

I am Mohit Sharma from the NYC! I am a researcher and a faculty at New York University Center for Urban Science + Progress.
I am teaching urban computing skills lab where the students take their first step in the world of data science and (including but not limited to) version controlling their work using git and online platform like GitHub for creating repositories. I also teach advanced courses in urban informatics where the students participate in a complete hands-on workshop on the Internet of Things related projects using SOC and embedded devices like raspberry pi, Arduino with some sensors.

(Instituto de Computação) #886

Hello everyone,

I’m fulltime professor at Computing Institute of Federal University of Alagoas, in Maceio city, Brazil. I teach computer networks 1 and 2, as well as software scalability based on cloud architectures. I encourage my students to always use github in the programming projects, specially those of my classes.

Happy coding for all!


(Kefournier) #887

Hi all,

My name is Kirsten - I am a high school teacher and I use GitHub in the classroom with my AP Computer Science Principles students. We submit all of our programming problems via the CS50 IDE we are using, as well as GitHub. I love being able to offer my students feedback on their code within the Github tool. I also love using Github for my own learning. It’s been instrumental in helping build my own knowledge of programming languages, as I am a newbie to both the discipline, and teaching it to others.

(Ryan) #888


I’m visiting faculty in the Professional Master’s in Computational Linguistics program at the University of Washington; one of the things we are hoping to teach our students are coding collaboration skills, including git and shared repositories (including Github).

(Pedro A. Castillo Valdivieso) #889

My name is Pedro.
I’m Asociate Professor at the University of Granada, Spain:

My GitHub handle is @pacastillo

I teach high availability web servers to students in their final Computer Science semester.

Besides teaching I conduct research in the field of distributed evolutionary computation.
I use GitHub regularly both in class and for research.

Best regards,

(Vasiliy Gai) #890

Hello! My name is Vasiliy Gai and I’m an Associate professor in Nizhny Novgorod State Technical University, Nizhny Novgorod Russia.

I interchangeably teach two courses: “Distributed data processing technologies” and “Machine Learning”.

The Git repositories for these courses you may find at https://github.com/iagsav/ml and https://github.com/iagsav/TDDP_lab.

This repositories are used to check the results of test tasks.

(Susy Echeverria Londoño) #891

Hi all,

I’m Susy, I am Postdoc at Kenyon College and currently co-teaching informatics tools for Environmental studies.

My Github handle is @susyelo. I’m from Colombia, I used to live in the UK and currently living in Ohio.

My interests include travel, dancing and painting

(Marco) #892

Hello everybody

I’m Marco Dussin. I teach at the University of Padua and TAG Innovation School Masterclasses in Milan (Italy) fundamentals of coding, software management for non devs and agile product ownership and project management.

Kind regards

Marco Dussin

(Sille Van Landschoot) #893

Hi, I am Sille, I am a teacher at the VIVES university college at the campus in Bruges Belgium. I teach software engineering, a full 3 year track of web development, databases and projects to our ICT and electronics students. Next to that I am also active as an researcher on an IoT project.
We use and teach git and GitHub in the first year and its the most valuable tool we have supporting (software) development. Its both great for the students, but also for us the teacher to keep track of progress and work.
Allot of our courses are open sourced available on GitHub as well.

(Jacob) #894

Hi all! I’m Jacob Heil, and I’m a librarian at the College of Wooster in Wooster, OH. I also teach in Intro to Digital Humanities course in which I provide interested students with the baseline skills to start thinking about humanities (as) data. I’ve used GitHub and Github Pages the last couple of years to give students an introduction to encoding and coding, with markdown and HTML/CSS/Javascript (respectively). This is the first year I’m using Classroom, though. Looking forward to learning from the community!

(Wildfireone) #895

HI I’m John. I’m a Lecturer at RGU in Aberdeen, Scotland.
I teach programming and web development and introduced GitHub for use across our classes as a way of working with group projects and building student portfolios.

(Roberto García) #896

Hi! I’m Roberto García from Universitat de Lleida, Spain. Teaching Software Architectures including a class-wide development project where all students collaborate in the development of a client/server Web application using Agile methodologies. The server part provides an API and is developed using Spring Boot. The client consumes the API and provides the Web user interface using Angular. Obviously, all driven and coordinated by GitHub! Regards

(Leslie C) #897

Hi! I teach in the Bioinformatics and Genomics Master’s Program at the University of Oregon, and have just introduced Git and Github into our curriculum this year, and have really enjoyed the Classroom interface so far!

(Regis Dev Ops) #898

Hi I’m Bill.
By day I’m a mild, mannered software Java developer at Sling. We use Git as our primary version management tool. It feeds into a CI pipeline based on Jenkins.

At night I turn into a faculty member at Regis University where I teach and develop courses on software development and DevOps. I’ve integrated Git as a primary tool in several courses for retrieving course materials and automatically kicking the CI/CD pipeline. I also use it to teach infrastructure as software concepts.
Students really like getting to use tools like Git that are popular in the industry.

(Lukenick) #899

Kia ora everyone,

I’m a High School teacher in southern New Zealand. I’m looking forward to teaching git more seriously as a part of our programming unit this year.