👋 Teachers! Introduce yourself here

(Samiroquai) #860

Hi everyone,

I’m Samuel Scholtes. Among other things, I teach programming and database design to future computer scientists here in Namur, Belgium, at IESN, Henallux. We’ve started using VCS at school years ago with Subversion and we’ve switched to using Git about two years ago. We aim to provide our students with the best tools to support their team projects (they have a lot of work to get done in small groups). We do some Git introductory sessions, we ask them to submit their homeworks through GitHub and we support them should they need help.

(Julie Medero) #861

Hello! I’m Julie, a CS professor at Harvey Mudd College who’s taught data structures for the last several semesters.

(Patrick McDougle) #862

Hello, I am Patrick McDougle. I teach Game Design Programming for Baker College Online. For the Senior Project course, I encourage our students to use a software control management piece of software. I point them to GitHub which most of them use. The course is a group project and GitHub is one way for them to keep control of the project without it going down the drain because of some simple mistake.

Baker and most of the students I teach live in Michigan, but I live in Colorado.

I also teach at Front Range Community College in Longmont, Colorado. I teach Java and Object-Oriented Programming.

I work for a company called Misty Robotics and the goal is to place a robot in every home and office. We are currently looking for people who are interested in Developing software for robots. :slight_smile: Just pm me if you have an interest.

(Timothy Walter Lutt) #863

Hey there everyone!

The name’s Timothy and I teach software development at Radius College in Breda, the Netherlands. We mostly teach HTML, CSS, JS, PHP, C# and Git (with GitHub as the remote) supported with general computer knowledge and combined in projects with SCRUM and the latest frameworks (we learn new things every day and transfer that knowledge to our students when they’re ready for it).

To check out our students projects we ask them to put it on their own GitHub account. We make our own software to support the education and recently one of our first year students (only started 4 months ago) already reached 1,000 code improvements on our project (creating new features and fixing our silly bugs).

Our aim is to provide Dutch (and international) companies with great self-learning professionals.

Our students are awesome and anyone that would spend some time teaching/talking with them would agree with me :wink:

(Camilo Rivera) #864

Hello Everyone

I’m Camilo , from Honduras. I teach Computer science on The Public University of Honduras ( UNAH-VS) Im the first teacher for these career and I have been using Github with them since the first course ! Im exited to be here.

(Frederick Solt) #865

Hi! I’m Fred, and I’m a professor of political science at the University of Iowa. Along with courses on why politics is different in different countries, I also teach graduate courses in computational methods for the social sciences using R.

(Rafael Aguiar) #866

Hi everyone,

My name is Rafael Aguiar @rafadaguiar and I’ll be one of the T.As helping students at the Western University (London, :canada:) to learn their Algorithms and Data Structures using Java.

(J. Hathaway) #867

I am J. Hathaway. I lead our data science degree here at BYU-I. You can find me on GitHub as hathawayj.

I have been using GitHub classroom for two semesters to manage our data science course. I leaned on jennybc’s work quite a bit to develop my ideas.


(John Maxfield) #868

I’m John Maxfield, teaching Java II at Blue Ridge Community College (the one in VA, USA)

(Hank Carter) #869

Hello! My name is Henry “Hank” Carter, I teach computer networks and information security courses at Villanova University (as well as a little bit of algorithms and data structures). I am trying to incorporate Github into my programming assignments to encourage students to develop the habit of using version control as early as possible. Would be happy to chat about anything teaching related (or security related!)


(Carl Boettiger) #870

Hello, I’m Carl Boettiger, assistant professor at UC Berkeley. I teach Reproducible and Collaborative Data Science and Data Science for Global Change Ecology both using GitHub classroom. Both courses emphasize tidyverse-style computing in RMarkdown notebooks.

I’m interested in active learning, communicating science through code, teamwork, and real-world problems. I’m also interested in Docker for creating portable and reproducible computational environments in the classroom and beyond.

(Richard) #871

Hi, I’m @barnsza and I teach web and mobile development at Stellenbosch University in Stellenbosch, South Africa. Most of our work revolves round collaborative group projects, which is what makes git (and therefore Github) great!

(Thomas Brambor) #872


I am Thomas. I teach a variety of data science course, including data visualization, at NYU and Columbia. Github is the central hub – for class material, assignment submission, and group work. So, keep doing the good work!

Cheers, T.

(Til Birnstiel) #873

I’m Til, assistant professor for astrophysics at the LMU Munich. I use github to manage classroom demonstrations and will us it for numerical exercises.

(Ken Meerdink) #874

I’m Ken Meerdink. I teach computer programming at Clover Park Technical College in Lakewood WA.
We use GitHub for all our project-based courses, which includes Object-Oriented Analysis and Design, .NET (3 courses: basic, advanced, web), and Portfolio (capstone project). We usually have 30-40 students working on some project in GitHub.
My interests include math and music, and how I can incorporate them into my students projects.

(Denilson Barbosa) #875

Hi there,

I’m Denilson Barbosa and I currently teach two courses with GitHub: database systems and information retrieval. Both are 3rd year optional courses at the University of Alberta. Most students are from our various programs in Computing Science, with the next big population being from Computer Engineering.

I’ve borrowed scripts for the creation of private repos and collecting assignments.


(Jenglows) #876

I’m Jenifer Linthwaite and I’m teaching Python this year at Hayes Freedom High School. in Camas, Washington. I’m not very familiar with GitHub but I’d like to learn and potentially use it in my classroom for my advanced python class that starts net week.
I’d love advice on how to get started!

(Fionaredmond) #877


I’m Fiona and I lecture a variety of modules in the area of Web and Mobile Application Development. The majority of these cover web technologies such as HTML5, CSS, JavaScript (many libraries/frameworks) etc.

Practicals and tutorials are are generally in computer labs with somewhere between 20 - 35 students. I encourage and recommend the use of GitHub for in-class tutorials, take home assignments and projects.



(Will French) #878

Hi there! I teach a course in high-performance computing at Vanderbilt University. This is the third year I’ve used GitHub education, it makes managing assignments and demo material a breeze!

(Harshwinds) #879

Hi, I’m Emily and I lead a coding club in Carroll County, OH. We’re a combined Girls Who Code and 4-H club with members in grades 6-12. This is our 3rd year. We use GitHub extensively to run our 4-H business meetings (issues for each task, a project for each meeting to set the agenda), our club web site and each member has their own repository to complete their annual 4-H project book and any other coding projects they’re working on.

I am a full time software engineer and have worked remotely from my farm in rural Ohio for the last 10 years for customers world-wide. My GitHub handle is harshwinds.