👋 Teachers! Introduce yourself here

(Susan Jones) #840


I’m Susan and teach several CS classes, plus coach Speech & Debate. I live in Texas and spend any free time scrapbooking, playing card/board games with my boys or hiking with our dog.

I’ve used GitHub in different ways fro school and collaboration, but still have soooo much to learn!

(Amelia McNamara) #841

I’m Amelia McNamara, I teach Statistical and Data Sciences at Smith College. I typically use GitHub more for organizing myself than having students submit work, but I’ve been inspired by Mine Çetinkaya-Rundel, and may have my data journalism students use GitHub this semester.

(Miriamgolden) #842

My name is Miriam Golden. I teach political science at UCLA and my GitHub handle is miriamgolden. My graduate students have asked me to help them learn GitHub by using it for our class. I am thrilled to do this!

(Angela B.) #843

I am Angela and I teach Computational physics.
After a lot of thinking and testing I have decided to give Github classroom a shot. I am excited to finally to use a real computational tool to share code to students and make corrections that they will be able to see easily


(Brian Powell) #844

Hello! My name is Brian Powell, and I am a Professor of Oceanography at the University of Hawaii: Labsite.

We study the dynamics of the ocean and how it controls climate and the ecosystems.

We have developed a toolkit SEAPY for working with ocean models and data that is hosted on github.

Students learn to build models to simulate the ocean and its environment, tools for analyzing data and making predictions, and more!

(Tsg Ahill) #845


I am an Instructor at the Software Guild, a full stack web development boot camp here in Louisville KY! I personally teach the Java course, which includes SpringMVC, MySQL & Bootstrap. We teach Git for project source control for students and staff - both for individual and group workflows, and we push all of our students to maintain GitHub portfolios both pre and post graduation.

My instructor handle is tsg-ahill on GitHub.

Austyn Hill

(Kevin S. Collins) #846

Hello, I’m Kevin. I teach CS @ Alma High School in Arkansas. This is my 3rd year in CS and I absolutely love it. I use GitHub with PLTW curriculum.

(Secretline) #847


My name is Maximiliano Vega, I’m teaching at the Escuela de Ingeniería, Finis Terrae University and at the Escuela de Informática y Telecomunicaciones, Diego Portales University, Santiago - Chile. Also, I work as CTO for Kappo Bike.

I teach Discrete Maths, Web Development and Security of Information. We use GitHub for the assignments to follow the student’s progress and review their work.


(Philip) #848

Hi everyone,

my name is Philip, I teach deep learning at the computer science department of TU Munich. My primary field of research is computer vision.

If you are interested, please find more pointers on my page vision.in.tum.de/members/haeusser


(Computational Policy Science Projects at UW) #849

Hi there!
I am JoseManuel…teaching DataScience for Policy students in USA and Latin America!
Glad to join you!

(Danielle McDermott) #850

Hi Everyone! I’m Danielle McDermott @mcddanielle on Github, Assistant Professor of Physics at Pacific University in Oregon. I’m teaching Computational Physics for the first time and I’m excited to teach my students tools relevant to their future. My students will be submitting multiple versions of assignments using the git branching tools. I would appreciate any tips from others who have done this!

(Marcelo Quinta) #851

Hello from Central Brazil,

My name is Marcelo Quinta and I teach Software Engineering and UX in Universidade Federal de Goias.

I use GIthub here for almost everything, from classes materials and open source projects to students activities evalutation. You are awesome. =)

(Christopher Coleman) #852

Hello from Denver Colorado! I am a Professor of Emergent Digital Practices at the University of Denver where I teach creative coding, digital fabrication, electronics, and more. I have used Github for many things in the classroom, from simply a way to share my educational materials and software to managing my entire class and their projects. I hope to continue to explore even more ways to integrate it usefully.
Chris Coleman

(Vishal Badgujar) #853

Hello all, I am prof.vishal Badgujar teaching data mining and business intelligence in engineering institute.
Using github with students collaboration for notes, assignment and assessments.
Also planning to tracking and assessment of their graduation projects codes with the help of github only.

(Stephanievalentine) #854

Howdy from snowy Nebraska! I am Stephanie Valentine @stephanievalentine, an Assistant Professor of Practice at Raikes School of Computer Science & Management at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. I teach intro to CS, software engineering, discrete math, data structures and algorithms, and human-computer interaction. I use GitHub in many ways, but am still working on optimizing the workflow. I look forward to learning more about GitHub education and how I can both learn from and contribute to the community!

(Jeffu) #855

Hi all! I’m Jeff. I teach game design & development at Fitchburg State University in Massachusetts, USA, and I’m an interactive media artist. http://jeffu.tv

(Benjamin Soltoff) #856

Hello! I teach computational social science at the University of Chicago. I use GitHub extensively for my own project management, as well as courses in R, data visualization, and statistical learning.

(Sethhamman) #857

I am Seth and I teach computer science at a private university in the Midwest. We use GitHub in the classroom.

(Lars Emil Knudsen) #858

Hey everyone,

I’m a lecturer at Ostfold University College and use GitHub for lectures at the faculty of informatics.
I teach objectoriented programming, as well as Android-programming.

GitHub is a great way to distribute code and examples to the students, as well as teaching them to use a great versioning system for their project.

I’m looking forward to talking to you all! :slight_smile:

(Rob Englebright) #859

Hi, I’m Rob.
I’m a Learning Technology Advisor at the University of Brighton in the UK, I teach folks how to use technology better, and build stuff. I’m currently putting together a dalek for a STEM outreach event in June.