👋 Teachers! Introduce yourself here

(Ayush Rawal) #820

Hi everyone!
I’m Ayush Rawal from Jaipur, India.

I have a small club of students at my college that I teach and lead, from basic programming concepts and best practices to full stack development(MERN) and deployment(CI).

I started this club to transform “coders” to “Developers”, the education at my college being sub-par (even though it is an “Institute of national importance”. So I’m a teacher in all but name.

Feel free to reach out to me @Ayush-Rawal on github or @AyushAco on twitter.

(René Rolando Elizalde Solano) #821


My name is René Elizalde, I am teacher in @utpl University. I am using GitHub Education since 5 month ago.

We are working with 70 student, but we will work in the future with more students.

The experience has been fantastic. Our students now can use git and join their habilities for their projects. For example in programming classes, data bases clases, web sematinc classes and web programming clases.

They understan main tasks of git but GitHubEducation han been a help essential en this work.


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My account is @reroes

(Eileen Gonzales) #822

Hi my name is Eileen Gonzales and I work at the American Museum of Natural History. I have three high school interns and we use GitHub for code collaboration and as place to track changes to the code they are developing.

(Ms. Jaggers) #823

Hi! I’m Sarah (@sejaggers). I teach Junior High “Web Creations” - learning how to build websites. I also teach 8th grade ELA, but that’s not important. My interests include Theater and pop culture.

(Gabrielle Rab) #824

Hello, all!

I’m the lead teacher for the BridgeUp: STEM program and the American Museum of Natural History. BridgeUp: STEM is a new program that provides opportunities for women and under-served minorities to work at the intersection of computer science and science. I teach two cohorts of 20 high school girls Python each year and they use GitHub to store and share their work. The students can participate in a second year of the program as interns working with a post-bac female researcher at the museum and they use Git and GitHub to collaborate on projects.

I look forward to learning from all of you!


(Jrykowski) #825

Greetings all!

I currently run a programming competition website at https://codewarz.ninja and I am teaching an introductory class on Python at Augusta University in Augusta, Georgia. This is the first iteration of the course and I felt it appropriate to introduce students to version control and git repositories in this introductory class.

I thoroughly enjoy introducing students to Python and seeing them begin to understand how to use it in their daily lives!

(Mumfordt) #826

Hi all,

Looking forward in starting new web development class next semester. Hope the kiddos are excited as I am!!!

Interests - sports, tech, and reading. From the Philly area. See me at mumfordt


(Stephy) #827

Hi, everyone! :wave: I teach digital media courses at McHenry County College; anything from design to development, portfolio creation, and freelancing. We’re beginning to bring GitHub to our earliest web courses to encourage best practices (and save our students from some headaches when they accidentally destroy their projects locally).

I have also been using GitHub to manage a large resource page for my students with links to freebies, helpful articles, tutorials, and more.

(Christian Ayala) #828


I am a Professor at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, TX, in the Computer Science department. Github is an invaluable resource for me and my students to share code. In fact, for some classes we do all assignments and submissions via Github instead of the normal school website because it’s easier to provide feedback and help the students succeed.

Programming languages I use have typically been Java, C/C++, and JavaScript.

(Mike Devlin) #829

Hello all,
I am Mike Devlin From Hofstra University, Hempstead, NY.

A few of my colleagues have been interested in setting up a github “workshop” to get our students ready to use github in the classroom, since none of us can spare the classroom time to cover how to use github.

I am hoping to get some ideas of what others have been doing.

Mike D

(Roxana Leontie) #830

Hi Everyone,

My name is Roxana Leontie I teach at GWU in Washington DC. I have used github to the Intro to Computer Science here at GWU, where I helped my students learn how to use git for their lego robots competition project!! I also use git in the Database and Teams Projects here at GWU.



(Aaron Gullickson) #831

Hello. My name is Aaron Gullickson (@AaronGullickson) . I am a Associate Prof in Sociology at the University of Oregon. I am using GitHub Classroom for the first time this term to teach a two-term stat sequence to first year graduate students (class size 7). In the next academic year I am also planning to use it for an undergrad statistics course (class size about 50) after I work out the kinks with my grad students. I am a huge fan of git and I am very excited to start incorporating this into my classes. The honest truth is that I want to train my own research assistants!

(Kurkovsky) #832

Hi, I’m Stan Kurkovsky. I teach software engineering at Central Connecticut State University. Using github is a requirement for all students in all of my SE classes. As a part of the coursework, my students do projects for a few major insurance companies headquartered in Hartford, CT, as well as for a number of startups and non-profits.

I’m also a department chair, which means I don’t get to teach as I’d like. My github handle is kurkovsky.

(Archie Archbold) #833

Hello All. My name is Archie and I live in San Diego and teach Computer Science at SDSU as well as work with children getting them started in coding.

I use GitHub everyday in my personal projects and at work.

My plan is to start getting students involved with version control as early as possible.

(Robert Fisher) #834

I’m Robert, a professor!

My GitHub handle is rtfisher.

I live in Massachusetts! :snowflake:

My interests include computational astrophysics :stars:and github!

(Michael McGetrick) #835

Hi all,

I teach web design and development at Brooklyn College of the City University of New York in the Art Department.

I like Github to get students thinking about source code management, working in versions and being able to collaborate in a distributed way.

I have a background in design, UX and front end. I’ve been teaching for about 17 years part-time.

Mike McGetrick

(Bill Levien) #836

Aloha from Maui,

My github handle is blevien, and I teach at a small Independent School where we currently offer Robotics, Beginning Programming, 3D Modeling, Embedded Systems and AP Computer Science Principles. We plan to use Github a lot this semester to facilitate collaboration within our class as well as finding great open source code to scaffold some of our larger projects.

Thanks for supporting education!

(Mario Merino) #837

Hola from Madrid, Spain :slight_smile:

I am teaching several bachelor and master aerospace engineering courses here at Universidad Carlos III de Madrid. I have found myself gradually using Github more and more for my research and also for my teaching, and now many of my students use it to version the matlab code they develop for their assignments! I am looking forward to learning more ways to use this platform in my classes :smiley:

Ah! I am mariomerinomartinez in GitHub, by the way. Thanks,


(Ryan Nutt) #838

Howdy. I’m Ryan and I teach high school computer science in Texas.

We’re not currently using GitHub as a class requirement, although some students do use it to keep up with their work. One of my goals for this year has been to get my upper level students using Git. Hasn’t happened yet, but it’s on the list for this semester.

I also do some development work outside of school and store it in GitHub; so I’m not a rookie to GitHub, just teaching it.

(Dan Schellenberg) #839

I teach Computer Science at a high school in Saskatoon, SK, Canada. I use GitHub in my upper level classes to introduce students to the idea of version control, and save all our demo code from class to a public repository.