👋 Teachers! Introduce yourself here

(Michael Fahy) #63

I Michael Fahy from Chapman University in Orange California. I use github for the Data Communications and Computer Networks course that I teach.

I would like some advice/recommendations for implementing Code Review in my classes. I am thinking of setting up my own gerrit server but would appreciate other recommendations. I don’t think gerrit is quite appropriate for my classroom environment.

(Jared Alexander) #64

Hi there,

I’m an Adjunct Professor teaching mobile development at the George Washington University. My Github handle is profjared. My interests include app development and basketball. You can find out more about me at http://www.jared-alexander.com.

(Tamas Kokeny) #65

I am Tamas
I am the Lead instructor of Green Fox Academy form Hungary
We use GitHub for all our materials (syllabus, assignments, exams, etc…)
Also for reviews and team work.
We could not imagine the life without it :slight_smile:

(Danny Wahl) #66

Hello my name is Danny (@thedannywahl). Currently I work at Instructure as a solutions engineer.

I have previously taught elementary computer science, middle school computational thinking and middle school robotics. In the fall I will be volunteering to help coach a middle school competitive robotics team.

(Luis Ramón López) #67

Hi @sanicki and all the others colleagues!

My name is Luis-Ramón (@lrlopez) and I’m a teacher at I.E.S. Oretania in Linares, Spain :es:, which is a vocational school. I joined GitHub in January 2011 for contributing to open-source projects and I’ve been attached to programming since I was a child, so I’m lucky to turn my hobbies into a job.

I currently teach “Network Administration & Planning”, “Server-side Web App Development” and “Web App Deployment”. We’ve using Github educational discounts for many years and we recently switched over to the GitHub Education Program. We use public and private repositories in our organization so our students can learn how to contribute to other people’s works and to collaborate among them, all while they get the basics of the Git workflows.

In the personal side, I’m currently pursuing a PhD in Communications Engineering from University of Jaén adding new functionality to WorkFlowSim in order to get more efficient cloud-computing data centers.

I’ve been involved in several open-source like Angular, Idiorm and Symfony.

I would like to thank GitHub for their educational support as it really allows us to prepare better professionals.

Best regards!

(Coachwhitaker) #68

My name is Jim Whitaker. I teach high school computer science through Project Lead the Way and I’ve used GitHub for their CSE course (recently renamed to Computer Science Principles to align with the College Board’s new AP CS course).

So, how do I get that Swag Bag that was mentioned in the invitation email? :smirk:

(Jessica Hardwicke) #69


I’m a graduate student and often teach undergraduate biology labs. I started using github late last year for bioinformatics - to build my code portfolio as well as a github pages site. I have presented two workshops so far introducing github to colleagues as well as undergraduate microbiology students, and I plan to present another intro workshop soon to a bioinformatics class. I’m looking forward to expanding my git/github skills and learning more about using the site to work collaboratively.

I’m super passionate about open science, reproducible research, and STEM education. I love to farm microbes :microscope:, wrangle bunnies :rabbit:, and conjure baked goods :cake:.

(Diego) #70

Hi, I’m Diego. I teach robotics and mobile apps development (this semester only robotics) to students in their final Computer Science semester.

I’m interested in machine learning and computer vision and I try to encourage my students to focus on a project that peeks their interest, not necessarily closely related to the class Syllabus so it (hopefully) sticks with them more in the future.

(Omar Shaikh) #71

I’m Omar, Instructor, Department of Computer Science, San Francisco State University.

My GitHub handle is @Omarasifshaikh

I live in San Francisco. I like reading and am a tech enthusiast.

As a current Computer Science Graduate student, I decided to use tools such as GitHub and Travis to provide a better learning experience for my students. I taught advanced C++ last semester. Assignments were auto graded and tested using the GitHub + TravisCI + GTest.
This Fall(2016), I will be also teaching Operating systems.


(David Fisher) #72

I’m Dave Fisher from Rose-Hulman in Terre Haute, IN. I love doing things in web development. I teach a course on AppEngine and a course on Angular 2 with Firebase (new). I also do an iOS class and a few other things.

(Dominik Kalisch) #73


I’m an assistant Professor at St. Mary’s College of California teaching analytics database technology and python. Besides teaching I conduct research in the field of urban systems. I use GitHub regularly in class, but still learning how to integrate it better and make it easier for students to understand the technology.

(James) #74

Hi all!

I’m James, and I teach a variety of Web Technologies at Staffordshire University, in our brand new labs in Stoke-on-Trent in the UK.

Whilst I have taught LAMP stack in previous years, my focus is now even more heavily related to JavaScript (client-side and server-side with Node.js) and “the mobile web”. Progressive Web Applications, and the platform APIs which enable them, are relatively new and we will be expanding our course and assessment material to cover more of this in the coming academic year.

We teach Git as a discrete topic, and I find that students have either never encountered it before (and find it fairly confusing initially) or are already fairly fluent. I intend to work towards building an argument for embedding Git into more of our teaching, giving students sustained exposure to the technology.

As part of teaching Git discretely, I have experimented with Continuous Integration systems as a mechanism for providing immediate feedback to students. I have a strong interest in this, and initial results were positive, and so I also intend to extend this further.

(Keith Chappelow) #75

I am an adjunct teacher at Kalamazoo Valley Community College in Michigan. I am also a full time software developer.

I use GitHub to teach my students the importance of version control software and to make it easier to hand in programming homework.

(Creonte38) #76

Hi Scott nice to meet you. My name is Ayr from Brazil south. My GitHub handle is creonte38.
I live in Porto Alegre.
My interests include Linux, Security Information, Cryptography, Hacking, GPS, GIS and everything in taste of free software and open source.

(Felipe Meneguzzi) #77

Hi I’m Felipe and I teach an Introduction to AI course for undergraduates at Porto Alegre, Brazil. My handle is @meneguzzi

My interests include AI research, coding (when admin allows me) and some gaming (when all of the rest of my responsibilities allow me, which hasn’t been much lately).

(Bpaynter) #78

Hi, my name is Brad Paynter and I teach at the University of Central Oklahoma. While I am a Mathematician, I find myself doing more and more coding each year.

I use GitHub for research projects, and will be using and teaching Git in two courses this Fall: Operations Research and Mathematical Foundations of Computation

(Mike Zamansky) #79

Hi, I’m Mike Zamansky (@zamansky).

Currently I’m at Hunter College in NYC developing certification programs for middle school and high school teachers. I’m also building a new honors CS program for undergrads.

Prior to this, I spent most of my career building and running the CS program at Stuyvesant High School.

Been using GitHub with my classes for years and glad to have this community.

(DJ Holt) #81

Hi all! I’m a CS faculty member at Dixie State University in Southern Utah. I’m eager to begin utilizing GitHub in many of my courses, as well as GitHub Classroom. I didn’t realize that the tool existed, so I’m looking to see how I can make it work for our department.

(Matthew Purcell) #82

Hi Everyone,

My name is Matt Purcell and I am the Head of Digital Innovation at Canberra Grammar School in Australia. We teach coding in our secondary school curriculum, including web design and application development along with iOS application development (using Swift). I also run a group called the Code Cadets which allows our students to engage in opportunities beyond the classroom - such as hackathons and programming competitions.

Our students use GitHub quite a bit to store their source code, and also collaborate when working on group projects.

If you are interested, you can find out more about our programs at http://www.codecadets.com


(Mark Tareshawty) #83


I’m Mark Tareshawty (@tarebyte), a Platform Engineer here at GitHub.

While wrapping up my degree at The Ohio State University (majoring in Computer Science and Engineering), I created GitHub Classroom.

We’d love to hear your feedback on the app to make it better! If you think you’ve found a bug feel free ask here or open an issue. If you’re feeling really generous we’ll gladly accept pull requests :smile: