👋 Teachers! Introduce yourself here

(Kristinakellner) #797


I’m Kristina, certified GiHub educator

My Github handle is Rose2k


I live in Pennsylvania :key: :curling_stone::key::curling_stone:

My interests include family history, majik, art & conscience-expansion

(Brian Lee) #798

Hello everyone!

I’m Brian and I run a club at Melbourne High School called MHS Developers Club. In our club, more experienced students teach beginner students the basics of an aspect of software development (e.g. web development). We also work on different projects with students receiving mentorship from club leaders!

In the last year or so that we’ve been running the club, it seems that having mentors who are easily accessible help students learn the basics much quicker and also as a positive side effect, helps the more experienced students develop leadership skills!

I look forward to learning more about teaching students from this wonderful community!


(Jhmorris8541) #799


I teach a 4 year STEM Engineering Science pathway in Casa Grande, AZ. I also coach FRC Team 996, the Mecha Knights.

(Elias Alves) #800

Hello guys!

I’m Elias Alves, I am Assistant Professor at Federal University of Jequitinhonha and Mucuri Valleys, where I teach Algorithms and Database.

My GitHub handle is @unixelias, and I am a open source enthusiast.

I live in Diamantina, MG/ Brazil, my very :sunny::sun_with_face: :heart: place to be.

My interests include: new technology, open source coding, web development, linux, Nature, and waterfalls.

(Tom Francart) #801

Hi all,

I use github for teaching R programming. Students clone the packages used directly from github.
Our repository for this course is https://github.com/exporl/swirl_courses

with kind regards,

(Sven Aelterman) #802

Hi everyone,
I am Sven, a lecturer in the Sorrell College of Business at Troy University in Troy, AL.
I teach information security and frequently supervise student internships.

(David Haynes) #803

Hello everyone,

David Haynes here at the University of Minnesota, Masters in GIS program. I’m using Github to teach a spatial database course and potentially a python programming course next spring.

(Vinod Kumar Jain) #804

I am Vinod Kumar Jain. I teach mathematics to grade 6-10. I’m 49 and I live in Delhi, India. My son told me about how he uses GitHub for his school projects, which made me think that how can I use it for my students at a government school in India. I plan to use it for teaching myself and my students as well as to how to use version control in schools for basic to advance projects.

Glad to be here!

(Matt Thomas) #805

Hi everyone! I’m Matt mthomas7, teaching at Ithaca College in New York. I’m going to be using github in an intermediate statistics course.

(Ross Dakin) #806

Hi everyone,

I teach a web development class at Lehman College in the Bronx as a part of the NYC Tech-in-Residence program.

I’m looking forward to leveraging GitHub to run the course, so that the classroom experience is as close to the real world as possible for my students.

Any resources appreciated for a first time lecturer!


(Emily Lovell) #807

Hi all -

I’m an instructor at Berea College, where I teach an upper division course on open source software engineering. I’ve attended GitHub sessions at various computing education conferences before, but am glad to learn of this particular site (which I only just now found out about!)

(Crystal Silvestro) #808

Hello everyone,
my name is Crystal. I teach advanced JavaScript and JavaScript Frameworks at Full Sail University. I utilize github for all assignments.

(Jukka Juslin) #810

Hello! I teach web design and development at Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences. I’m looking for ways to integrate use of GitHub in the classroom to introduce my students to source code management and working as a team.

I have written two books about Java in Finnish language.

I have a background in Software Development. I’ve been teaching for 15 years. I look forward to getting to know all of you!

(Asem) #811

Hi All,

My name is Asem Alaa and I am a MSc., Research and Teaching Assistant in the Biomedical Engineering Department at Cairo University. I am doing my research in High Performance Computing and Bioinformatics. Teaching wise, in this semester, I will be teaching Data Structures using C++. It will be my first experience and hopefully will introduce new educational experience to students. The challenge is how to teaching them:

  1. using git and github,
  2. Data Structures,
  3. C++ (most challenging for beginners),
  4. Finally, preparing the ecosystem of developing C++ applications.
    So, if anyone has an experience in providing all these topics in a single course, I would be very grateful sharing his experience.

(Elliott BOBIET) #812

i am elliott, an webmarketing teacher,
great to be here,

see you

(Brunomclima) #813


I’m Bruno. I am a invited professor in the Department of Informatics Engineering at the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto, and I intend to encourage my students to start using github for host their projects.

(Sferring) #814

Hello from Phoenix AZ, FRC Team 6530 RA wishes everyone a great 2018 season!

Lead Mentor

(Cbirnie) #817

Hi… I am Caroline. I am a Numeracy Coach and Head of Mathematics at my school. I also spent 22 years as a Medical Scientist before turning to the Education sector.

I love STEM, 3D printing and design, reading and learning.

I live in Australia and greatly enjoy travel when the option arises.

I hope to learn a lot here to assist my students with Digital Technology.



Hello Madam
I guess we can network

(Adf Telkomuniv) #819

Hello everyone, I’m new in GitHub Classroom, but actually I’ve been using GitHub for my class assignments since 2014,
mainly I teach in Algorithm, Programming and also Artificial Intelligence classes

glad to be here