👋 Teachers! Introduce yourself here

(Marta Sestelo) #775

Hi everyone!!

I’m Marta Sestelo from the University of Vigo. I usually teach Statistics at the B.Sc. in Engineering in Industrial Technologies. I’ve been using GitHub for four years in my research and now, I’d like to explore the GitHub education community. I think that it’s a fantastic resource!

(Sutton Robotics League) #776

Hi! I’m one of the mentors for Team 6514 - Sutton Robotics League. We are located at the northern most part of York Region District School Board. This is our second year and we are really looking forward to competing again in FIRST Robotics :slight_smile:

(Raphael Pfaff) #777

Dear all,

my name is Raphael @RailProfAC - I teach rail vehicle engineering at Aachen University of Applied Sciences. Which doesn’t look too tech affine, however the new trends of autonomous driving largely affect railways - which makes us code quite a bit these days…

Also, we take part in the IMechE Railway Challenge: www.emmalovesjim.com

Regards from Germany


(Ronald van Elburg) #778

Dear All,

My name is Ronald van Elburg.

I use github classroom in my advanced data analysis class. Students use it for their version control and then hand in their completed jupyter notebooks, which I can then inspect in my browser. Works very well compared to my earlier workflow.

Kind regards,

(Fearlessshi) #780

Dear All,

My name is Fearless Shi.

I use github classroom in my university data analysis class. Students use it for completing their homework, which I can then inspect in my computer. Works great.

Kind regards,

(Kirill Stepkin) #781

Hello teachers!

My name is Kirill, i’m new to github education.

I currently live in Kharkov, work at @chisoftware, building apps using Javascript, currently React Native.

Love to create open source projects, one of them is

How do you like it?

(Juha Hinkula) #782


I am Juha Hinkula and teaching software development in Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences (Finland).

My github handle is juhahinkula.

I am interested to utilize github classroom in my teaching.

(Simonkent) #783

Hi All

I’m Simon, and I’m Director of Learning at Teaching in the Computer Science Department at Brunel University London, UK. We run quite an applied programme and have a big focus on the employability of our students. We run a group project in our second year in which our students have to build mobile apps as a team. The use of Github is essential to this, so they learn some of the transferable skills of working as a team but using tools they will encounter when you go into industry.



(MJ Rossetti) #784

Hi, my name is MJ Rossetti. I’m a civic technologist, and a professor of business and computer science.

I love using GitHub and Slack in the classroom, and following agile techniques that allow my students to provide feedback on a weekly basis to influence/improve future instruction.

My github handle is @s2t2, and I post all of my course materials to the @prof-rossetti org. Here are some courses you will find there:

  • “Computer-based Decision Support Systems (VBA in Excel)” - Georgetown
  • “Programming in Python and Fundamentals of Software Development” - New York University
  • “Fundamentals of Internet Programming (HTML, CSS, JavaScript)” - Southern Connecticut State University

I’d love your feedback!

Also, feel free to reach out to share resources for transforming GitHub repos into books (online and/or print), or if you have an interest in publishing.

(Wai Kay) #786

Hi! Wai Kay here. I am a lecturer in National University of Singapore, teaching software engineering.

(Robert M Kostin) #787

I am Robert M Kostin, Professor of Practice at the University of Rochester in Rochester, New York. I teach Web design and development courses for the Computer Science Department.

(Sangam Kumar) #788

I’m Sangam, a Senior Student, and College GitHub Instructor.
My favorite pass time is the Open-source contribution. I like reading and traveling.

(Pyro Botics) #789


We are FRC team 4207 PyroBotics from Victoria MN. I am the lead mentor and teacher at HFCHS.
•Number of students 18 on the team
•Number of coaches or mentors 5
•A link to your FRC team webpage robotics.hfchs.org

(Sawyer) #790

Greetings from

I am a coach for FRC team 5682, and have been doing FRC for 4 years. We have about 25 members and are excited for the Power Up build season.
You can find us on at NMHSRobotics.

(Jlschulz) #791

Hi I’m John, a coach/mentor on FRC Team 4292 - the Lockport PorterBots. This will be our first year trying to use GitHub. Our goal is to get a better handle on our LabVIEW code and be able to share it publicly, both to help other teams and get help when we need it. We also want to empower our students to be able to access the code when/where they need it - for whenever that spark of creativity hits them.

(Mrpalmere) #792

Hello Githubbers, I am a coach with FRC 2495, HiveMind, in Hamilton, NJ. Team members have been using GitHub since last season with great results. Sharing code between teams is really easy and quite a time saver. Good luck to all this upcoming season.

(Ryan Peek) #793

Hi Folks,
My name is Ryan @ryanpeek, I’m a PhD candidate in Ecology and Genetics at UC Davis, and I’m teaching an R course for graduate students in Ecology at UC Davis, using Github. Just learning how to implement github education, but taught github in conjunction with RStudio last year and it was brilliant! The class website is here. I have 40 plus students signed up for this quarter’s class, last year I had 23, so hoping to implement some classroom tools this time around to make life easier. I learn just as much from all the students as they (hopefully) learn from me. But it is exciting to teach fellow grad students tools that will make them better scientists, and the basics of open & reproducible research.

Stay tuned!

(Rlamoureux) #794

Hey everyone,

My name is Rich, I’m a high school science and middle school math teacher from Iowa. I have just started to teach an introductory programming course. I’m excited about what GitHub offers for collaboration for my students


(Ellie Schwab-Abrahams) #795

Hi all,

I’m Ellie (GitHub handle @elliesch), and I’m an astrophysics grad student. I’m currently teaching an extra-curricular high school course at AMNH for students interested in both astronomy and CS. We will be using both Github and Atom this semester - it is so easy to collaborate on and share code with these tools.


(Solazver) #796

Hi, I’m Solazver, professor at Los Andes University in Mérida, Venezuela. I teach Software Engineering, Databases and Programming.
Last semester I used Github with my students but I didn’t know this community, I hope with your resources and help I improve my student’s experience during classes.