👋 Teachers! Introduce yourself here

(Paul Lumsdaine) #755

Hey there!

I’m Paul Lumsdaine, adjunct lecturer in the Informatics department at UC Irvine. I teach interaction design and web development.

My hobbies include playing guitar/drums/piano and attempting to build things out of wood.

(Mr. Robby) #756

Good Morning!

I am Mr. Robertson, I teach College and Career Readiness Courses and our FIRST Robotics Class. I am the Lead Mentor for team 4480 - UC-Botics. We are one of the 42 last year that used Python in our Programming.

Ultimately I am fairly new to the programming world, and just recently started learning how to code for our robot this last summer.

I also am looking ot make more connections and hear additional input from others in respects to how your Teams operate, what you do in class for programming, if you have any curricular advice (As I haven’t really taught this myself). etc!


(Rogerssuzannem) #757


I’m Suzanne. I’m an ELA teacher with an interest in coding. I coach a Girls Who Code club and encourage my AP English students to create projects with Techstart which requires Github.

My GitHub handle is rogerssuzannem

I live in Arkansas
My interests include technology, reading, and cheering for our sports teams.

#JaguarsCode #JaguarsRead #JaguarsRise

(Contentcollectivemarketing) #758

My name is Kevin and my github username is contentcollectivemarketing. :sunglasses:

I live and work in Phoenix AZ.

I’m on here because I’ve been asked by a client to teach their office how to use github. Hopefully, you won’t mind me observing and asking questions as I try to develop a curriculum for them.

Any helpful tips would be appreciated

(Chinke Ifeyinwa) #759

Hi Everyone,
I’m Ifeyinwa and i work at Techy Girls foundation as a program manager. I also teach girls how to code during our summer camps, which is held yearly.
Techy Girls holds workshops and entrepreneurial summer camp aimed at giving young-school girls hands-on experience with different kinds of technology and enabling them interact with women who have carved out successful careers in the fields of Engineering and Technology

(Travis Weber) #760


I’m a programming mentor for the Binary Battalion, St. Michael-Albertville’s FRC Robotics Team #7028. We are rookies this year, looking forward to the 2018 season kicking off!

Albertville, MN

(Dogandzic) #761

Hi, I am Aleksandar Dogandzic. I teach signal processing and would like to integrate github with labs for Intro to DSP class. Let’s see how it goes.

(Devesh Singh) #762

I teach Web Technology, C Programming, Database Management Systems and Mobile Application Devleopment in Delhi Technological University as a member of internation organisation of software developement.

I use github to share notes, making apps and other developement stuffs with my students.
Attaching my I-Card Image

These are our github page link that we currently use:
find our info here:

(Travis) #763

HI all!

I’m going to be using GitHub to teach Web Design for the first time next semester. Excited and nervous.

(Kevin Buffardi) #764

Hi all! I’m a CS professor at Chico State (California State University-Chico) and have been using git in almost all my classes from introductory programming classes to graduate software engineering, where students contribute to Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) projects.

I’m an alumni of POSSE and have published some research on incorporating FOSS into Software Engineering courses along with advantages/disadvantages of remote/distributed vs local/centralized collaboration.

(Alex McKinstry) #765

HI everyone, I am a CS and Computer Repair teachers at the Career Academy in Fort Wayne, In. We have just started to us github for our programming class so they can upload projects. We are currently looking for internship opportunities in Fort Wayne and we believe using github will help our chances to show companies what the students can do.

I am currently teaching Python to my students. When we are done they will be choosing their own language to pursue.

(Randy Johnson) #766

I’m Randy, and I teach Bioinformatics at Hood College in Maryland. I’ve been using GitHub for about four years in my work and for a year now in my teaching. I’m just now starting to explore the GitHub education community – looks like a great resource!

(Jimmysalcedo) #767

Hi Jimmy from Baldwin Park. Coach for the RoboDons of Sierra Vista High school. Looking for towards our first Robotics competition!

(Sfdcbrewery) #768

Hello I am Sriharideep I am a Masters Teaching Assistant at California State University, Chico. I will be taking care of the lab practical sessions at my school for fellow undergrad students. I love Github and the productivity it offers to the developers. I want to involve more of my students in the world of Github and get them ready for the IT industry.

My research publications include:
Kolagani,Sri Hari Deep. Witt,Christine. Negahban,Arash. “IDENTIFYING TRENDING SENTIMENTS IN THE 2016 U.S. PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION: A CASE STUDY OF TWITTER ANALYTICS”. 2017 Issues in Information Systems (IIS). International Association for Computer Information Systems
Negahban,Arash. Kolagani,Sri Hari Deep. Witt,Christine. “Analyzing Twitter activity around US presidential primary elections through social media analytics”. 2016 Annual Meeting of the Decision Sciences Institute on Effective Decision Making in Uncertain Business Environments: Strategies, Practices, and Techniques

My email address: skolagani@mail.csuchico.edu
My class Size: 20

Teaching Assistant
MBA in Enterprise Information Systems
CSU Chico

(Matt Larrubia ) #769

Whats up Github!

I received all the cool swag in the mail today, my students are going to love it! I teach Intro to computer science, ap computer science principles and ap computer science A. I’m looking forward to learning git and GitHub with my students as well as reaping the productivity benefits.



(Anuj Singh) #770

Hello teachers!

I’m Anuj.

My GitHub handle is anujsinghwd.

I live in India:Delhi

My interests include travel: gadgets :web:

How about you?

(Albán Aguilar Campos) #771

Hello guys, I teach programming fundamentals in ITESM MTY in Monterrey Mexico. A group of students and me as a mentor will do a series of workshops to promote open source projects, open web, collaborative work and other civic tech projects to involve the community and would like to integrate GitHub as our main platform so everyone can contribute. I am looking forward to meeting all of you!

(Guillem Pascual Guinovart) #772

Hi there!

My name is Guillem and I am currently teaching an introduction to Machine Learning in Universitat de Barcelona. We have just started using Github Classroom this year and we are introducing some automated tests and grading system through webhooks and dockerized services on Amazon servers. I can’t wait to see how Classroom grows and where it will end up in a few years.

Introducing Github/Git to students is a must today and this is a painless way of doing so, thank you!

(John Brosius) #773


My name is John Brosius I teach computer science in Davenport Iowa. And I use GitHub everyday.

(Juan Chong) #774

Hi there!

My name is Juan Chong and I work with FIRST Robotics Team 2655 The Flying Platypi. I’m also a product engineer at Analog Devices and work closely to provide teams around the world with gyroscopes and other sensors!