👋 Teachers! Introduce yourself here

(Stephen Whitmarsh) #714

Hi Emily,
I am helping out students at CRI, Paris, in their scientific club (https://cri-paris.org/scientific-clubs/brain-control-club/) . We will need to work more and more using GitHub (I develop open-source software on Github they are using). I could explain Github, although I am not an expert and am afraid I will teach bad practices :slight_smile:
I don’t know how OpenClassrooms work, but it sounds like something that might be very welcome to the students. Do you organize local (live) classrooms as well, or do you have online courses we could apply for?
Best wishes,

(Alsolisc) #715

I’m a teacher in Universidad Politecnica de Tapachula, located in Tapachula, Chiapas, Mexico.
I’m teaching in the Software Engineering career, I intend that my students use GitHub to share their projects with others and work collaborative.
I expect to share great experiences with teacher’s community.

(Maellis1) #716


I am Professor Ellis from Virginia Tech, Blacksburg VA. I teach CS2 level DataStructure and Algorithm in Virginia Tech, USA.

I am encouraging students to use github for their programming assignments in hopes that they will continue to do so for their research, projects and class work.

Thank you so much!

(Gustavo Reyes) #717

Hello teachers

My name is Gustavo Reyes. I’m a university professor at the Technological Institute of Tapachula, Chiapas in Mexico. My class is object-oriented programming (OPP) and data structures in the first 3 semesters of the computer engineering. I have used GitHub for some time now and they find me as tavoberry.

Greetings to the whole community.

(Ashish Kumar Goyal) #718

Hello Everyone,

I am Ashish Kumar Goyal from opensrc-org, Noida, INDIA.
I am ML and HCI enthusiast and my aim is to provide better quality Software Engineers to the world.

We at opensrc-org are trying to explore the open source world to our students.

(Clara) #720

Greetings! I’m a software engineering teacher at a community college in Minneapolis, MN. We’ve been using git everywhere, and just started using GitHub classroom as a pilot in one class. It’s going well and planning on expanding to more classes in the spring. Happy to have GitHub’s support and educational materials :slight_smile:


(didntgoboom) #721

Hi All - I’m Andy Doolittle. I teach AP Comp Sci A and Web Programming (both CodeHS courses) (and 2 PLTW engineering courses) (hi Carol K!) at Arroyo HS in San Lorenzo, CA. Used to be a sw engineer for many years before teaching.

(Rishabh Bansal) #722

Hello Everyone

I’m Rishabh Bansal from Mozilla Community NIEC
I’m a Web Developer and Teaching Assistant.

(Alvaro Hermida) #723

Hi! Alvaro Hermida, from Spain. Teaching Processing in the Computer Science 101 course for the degree on Design and Creative Technologies at the San Carlos Faculty of Fine Arts, Technical University of Valencia.

(Bhavya Aggarwal) #724

Hello Everyone,

I am Bhavya from New Delhi.
I am a Full Stack Web Developer and teaching assistant for the same course.

(Gustavo Reyes) #725

I’m the university professor, I teach classes at the Technological Institute of Tapachula, in the careers of Computer Systems Engineering and Business Management Engineering.
I like to program and teach to do it in addition to implementing information technologies in the classroom,

Greetings from Chiapas, Mexico.

(MiltonLab) #726

Hi everybody, i am Milton Labanda Computer Science teacher at Universidad Nacional de Loja at Loja Ecuador. Greetings

(Annastaciahubbard) #727


I’m annastacia hubbard, I am taking my final human resource business courses at the UW-Madison, I teach Project Management - now to include GitHub’s resources, and I tutor ESL when I can.

I have owned a chocolate company that I started in 2004 as I finished my MBA at the University of Chicago. I let it function as a fundraising platform for the american cancer society these days- if there are any chocoholics out there, send me a note and I’m happy to share and will mail some to you, complimentary. (I don’t have the shopping cart on the corporate site for Translucent Chocolates functioning while I’m back in school.)

Anyhow I’ve enjoyed learning code, a necessity after finding you are a cyber identity theft victim, turns out I have an entire interest and calling I didn’t even know about. I enjoy my 4 year old daughter & husband who’s recently retired from Special Forces and I love running and doing Encaustic Wax pieces, currently on 12”x12” wood block series.

Thanks for having me - annastacia

(Sambhav Jain) #728

I am Sambhav Jain. I’m a second-year student programmer at my college: Shaheed Sukhdev College of Business Studies in Delhi, IN. I teach C and C++ to my juniors. I keep them aware of Open-Source and Open-Web Technologies. I use GitHub in my class to promote the contribution of my students in Open-Source. I frequently demonstrate them how I use GitHub for my own work. Though I know that it’s not part of their curriculum I feel that it should be, given that every great software we use today is made on GitHub.

I have a background in Backend Programming and Computer Architecture. I’ve been teaching since last four months. I am currently learning Golang and Kotlin for myself. And, currently I’m working on an Android App which streamlines the FIR lodging procedure in India. I look forward to getting to know all of you!

(Gajendra Singh Rathore) #729

Hello Everyone !
I’m Gajendra Singh Rathore. I teach Android app design and development at Sinhgad college GDG community. GitHub has always been a part of my teaching methods, whether I’ve to provide startup code or it’s to collect submission. most of the time github is always the best answer.

(Jeramia Ory) #730

Hi folks!

I’m Jeramia Ory, and I teach Biochemistry at the Saint Louis College of Pharmacy. I’m currently teaching an Introduction to Data Science based on the Data Carpentry for Biologists course. I’m currently using Github Desktop and Classroom for my assignments.

(Jtatia) #731

Hi Everyone!

I’m Jai Tatia. As the coordinator of the computer science club of the Indian Institute Of Technology Patna, I conduct starter course on development , and project management using Github. I am a big enthusiast and advocate of Open Source, and in my spare time contribute to Open Source projects. :slight_smile:

(Charles Kuang) #732

Hi everyone,

My name is Charles Kuang. I’m currently a computer science teacher at Stuyvesant High School in New York City. I previously taught web development at Coalition for Queens, a nonprofit aimed at diversifying tech.

I’m looking for ways to integrate GitHub in the Introduction to Computer Science course at Stuyvesant.

(Compinschools) #733

Hi all,

Colin here, Head of Computing in UTC Sheffield OLP.

I have had a git hub account for a while but looking to explore it for my students now!

(3cmd9) #734

Hello, my name is Mike R-D, I’m a high school computer science teacher in Newmarket, Ontario. I have about 10 years teaching experience, and about 10 years in industry. In industry, we used the “other” technology for collaboration and version control. So I’m a complete novice when it comes to git and github.

Thus far, I’ve used github for about 2 years, but only for 2 or 3 group projects a year where I wanted students engaged in a larger group project, and to learn about version and version control. These have been ‘hold your breath’ projects, where I pray there aren’t lost Heads, or masterless masters. As an AP school, we teach in Java using the Netbeans IDE, and so our interaction with GITHUB is predominantly through that IDE.

I really want to expand the classroom use of github. My own priorities roughly in order are:

  1. Using it as a way to simplify handing assignments in. Right now, they zip netbeans projects, submit them to a LMS, I unzip, open in the environment, and mark.

  2. Using it to create more dynamic assignments that encourage multiple contributors.

  3. Use github for some auto-marking of weekly programming challenges.

  4. Becoming more familiar with some of the process problems I often encounter in the class setting, rebase vs merge, lost heads, etc.