👋 Teachers! Introduce yourself here

(Tsellers Cs) #690

Hello all, I’m Traci and I will be using github in my ap comp sci class.

(Darren Pearson) #691

Hello. My name is Darren Pearson and I’m an instructor at Saint Paul College.

I’ve been using GitHub in the classroom to create some simple, retro style Javascript games

(Haider Ali Punjabi) #692

Hello folks!

I am a student at Tyndale Biscoe School, Kashmir. I started a Code Club in my school this year, and started to teach coding to my batch mates and juniors. I have almost finished my high school, but will continue giving sessions to the students of my Alma Mater.

In the part of the world where I live, people lack information about stuff like open source, Github, etc. My main mission is to introduce modern coding methods to people here, and have started doing it by teaching in my own school.
My high school is the first one here to use Github, and write open source code. You can check our Github Organisation

I learnt about the Github Education Community today, and believe that it is going to help me a lot in my mission,


(Noah Gift) #693


My name is Noah and I teach at the UC Davis MSBA program, machine learning. I also assist student groups be successful with their projects. I am heavily using Github with student groups. I also actively program as a consultant.

(Temmyadex) #694

Hello everyone,

My name is Temidayo, PM at iQubeSDP a skill learning platform, Assistant Instructor/Organiser at GDG Unilag (a student tech community group that taught and learn Programming and Software Development every semester), Assistant Tech Community Organiser. I teach Intro to Web design/development and Kids Coding using Scratch. iQubeSDP, A platform to get the kids and fresh grad from ground up in technology skills as it is the new oil in Africa and the best is to get best brain and fresh mind into the field to channel their brain capacity to providing solution and using technology to solve local problems.

Our teaching approach is not to assume that everybody have any prior experience in technology and considering the update and current happening in tech environment as against the old tech skill in the school curriculum.

Fork some community repo to try new things and push up my own codes for sharing and review, then my first play-around design was hosted on github page.

We are not saying the school is faulty but we are training the bright minds to see how to channel the knowledge to problem solving skills. And few of our common slogan is #Learning is #Fun, the Higher you go the stronger you become. #teachers #misc and we do have :smile:

(Rohit Deshmukh) #695

Hello Everyone
I don’t know what i am doing but i am enjoying this

(Brian Schott) #696

Hey there! I’m Brian Schott, a computer science teacher at the Bronx Academy for Software Engineering. Really excited to bring Github use to my 11th graders this year!

(Isaac Oluwatemilorun) #697

Hey people!
I’m Isaac Oluwatemilorun, a Geo-spatial analyst and web developer at Federal University of Technology, Akure. I teach students how to build modern day websites and mobile app with tools that are trending and best suit their need. I am part of the tutors of the Nigeria Women Techsters, an initiative where women are trained how to code.

(Dhruval) #698

Hello guys, I am Dhruval Shah and I love teaching Maths . I am visiting government schools in my free time and teach students new things . My interest are gadgets, food, travel and coding in code.

I am from Gujarat , India . I am trying to encourage my students to use GitHub for their classes , pet projects and ideas they might have .

Currently , I am also offering free study to needy students at home .

(Jean-Michel Bruel) #699


I’m Jean-Michel, long time user of GitHub in my classrooms for Java, UML, Scrum projects.
Great for teaching Git, but also project management and CI :slight_smile:

(Guillaume Artignan) #700

Hi everyone, my name is Guillaume, I teach computing in the IPI school in Lyon.

My Topic are : Web Technologies, Java, Javascript, HTML, CSS
But also : Big Data with distributed databases, ETL etc.

Glad to join this group

(Jared Bernard) #701

Hello. My name is Jared Bernard. I teach computer science at Iowa Western Community College.
I enjoy coaching our students in our state’s Cyber Defense Competition.

I am very passionate about open source, Linux and vim user and just starting to integrate Github in the classroom.

(Simon Vogl) #704

Hi all,

I am Simon, besides my work I teach lectures in sensorics and base cources in C++ at the University of Applied Sciences (FH) in Upper Austria. I have ventured into Github classroom mainly for the c++ course, where we have around 80 students per year.

We have a constant lack of tutors so I wanted to give our students feedback early and automated for their individual assignments. For that, I have set up a small node.js server (‘gluebot’) that interfaces between github and a CI server - in my case buildbot. Works somehow, but I had to work around a few race conditions(!) . If somebody else has done this before - which CI server are you using?


P.S. I can share the code, but it needs more documentation :slight_smile:

(Kemal Aydin) #707

Hello, my name is Kemal Aydin.
I am a lead faculty at Franklin University.
I introduce github to all students who hadn’t already use it.


(Pratul Kumar) #708

I am Pratul Kumar from LNMIIT Jaipur,
I am the Club captain of LNMIIT Jaipur.
I have been using Cybros Github Classroom for learning the purpose of the student community.
It has been great learning Experience for the students as well as me.

We have been teaching students different skills, Front-end Web Development, Back-end Development, Python, Machine Learning, Game Development, Android Development.
I would like to thank GitHub community for helping and managing this platform which facilitates this better learning.

(Saurabh Gupta) #709


I am Dr. Saurabh Gupta, Head of Department of GGSIPU.
I will be teaching my students how to use GitHub Classroom to help them upgrade their classroom experience.

(Bill Nace) #710

Hello, everyone!

I am an Associate Teaching Professor at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, PA, USA.

I teach Computer Engineering classes. I’m currently using GitHub Classroom for the first time in a class. The class is an advanced digital design and verification course. Students to a lot of projects using SystemVerilog to describe circuitry and build testing suites.

My interests include woodworking, SCUBA and brewing beer.

Bill Nace

(Nicole Abuhakmeh) #711

Hello there!

I am currently in the educational field of Instructional Technology and would like to start getting my teachers involved in using Github in the Classroom.

I am located in the Central Pennsylvania Area close to the capital and am always looking for new and innovative things to get to my teachers.

My handle is: NicoleAbuhakmeh and I am currently using it to host my own website for traveling.

Thank you!

(Brian) #712

Hey everyone,

I’m Brian and I’m an Instructional Coach/teacher in Indiana. I do a lot of programming for my team, mostly in JS and Google Apps Script. My district doesn’t offer any CS courses other than AP Computer Science, which is out of reach for most of our students. I’m trying to get some introductory courses started, focusing on web development (HTML, CSS, JS) and Python. If you’ve started K12 programs, I’d really appreciate tips or materials.

I use GitHub personally (bennettscience) for side projects and websites. I’m also thinking through how to structure a course curriculum through GH repos.

(Octavian Gheorghiu) #713

Hi everyone,
My name is Octavian Gheorghiu and I am a teaching fellow at The Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL. I am part of the Research Cluster 3 with Dave Reeves and Tyson Hosmer. We will be exploring the topic of living architecture, using bottom up processes, game engines and machine learning to explore novel design methods. Our test case will be the design of a small colony on Mars.