👋 Teachers! Introduce yourself here

(Steven Bedrick) #667

Hello! I’m @stevenbedrick, and I teach computer science at Oregon Health & Science University. My students are studying information retrieval, natural language processing, machine learning, data visualization, and ethics. I use Git and Github in the classroom primarily as a way of teaching good coding workflow habits, and also as a place to store and distribute syllabus materials. In the past I have experimented with Git-based homework submission workflows, as well, but honestly that’s turned out to be more trouble than it’s worth… though obviously plenty of other people seem to make it work just fine, so I should probably give it another go sometime! . ;-D

(Vinodh Ewards) #668

Hi all,

I’m Vinodh Ewards (@ewards) and I teach programming (Python, C, C++), Datastructures and Algorithms, Computer Networks, Security in Computing at Karunya University, India.

Happy to connect with you all…

(Grigorios Tsoumakas) #669

Hi teachers,

My name is Grigoris Tsoumakas, and I am an Assistant Professor in the School of Informatics at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece.

I (co-)teach a variety of programming classes (OOP/Java, Web Dev, Android), as well as AI related classes (Machine Learning, Decision Theory and Systems).

This semester, I would like to use GitHub classroom for automatic (part of the) grading of OOP/Java exercises and assignments.



(Malcolmyam84) #670

Hi Teachers!

Great to see this movement. I teach full stack development at Ngee Ann Polytechnic, Singapore. I’m interested in Github classroom to enhance the students learning experience. Looking forward!

(Becky) #671

Hi, I’m Becky Roehrs and I teach HTML5/CSS online to community college students. I live in North Carolina, and love to canoe and travel.

(Temmyadex) #672

Hello My name is Temidayo,

I am Kid-coding instructor, yet to use GitHub in class as my students are age bracket 5+, I love traveling, attend tech meet-up and conference and love to make tech friends and discuss impact of technology and solutions.

(Luminous It) #675


I’m Olumide, a Java / Android developer. Currently in my 3rd year in the University studying Computer Science and Engineering.

I love to teach kids and adult that are a bit at a disadvantage how to code. By ‘disadvantage’, I mean kids/adults that don’t have access to computers or good education that might have exposed them to the opportunities in tech.

I live in Nigeria.

I love travelling, reading, and basketball too…(a big KD fan :grinning: )

I hope to Learn a lot from this community.

Cheers :slight_smile:

(Idorenyin Obong) #676

My name is Idorenyin Obong.
My GitHub handle is kingidee. I am a student of Cross River University of Technology, Calabar, Nigeria where I also teach other students about git and Github. I am a google certified android developer.

(Alison) #677


My name is Alison and I teach intro to programming to adults as an evening gig.

My day job involves me writing mostly front end code in ReactJS.

I love learning new things and sharing the things I learn with others.

I’m looking forward to giving this tool a whirl in my class!

(Gaurav Soni) #678

in which semester you studied in JECRC University…???

(Lynnette R) #680

Hi there, my name is Lynnette (@LynnetteR) and I teach computer programming in Ottawa, Canada. I am looking forward to using this tool with my classes. Currently I am teaching Lua, C# and Java.

(Matthias) #681

Hi, I’m Matthias, a German living in the UK.
I am part of my university’s business school, but teach the more technical topics. I’ve been teaching a PHP module for many years and plan to introduce Git and PHPStorm this year. I hope GitHub Classroom will be useful to see which students are working along and which ones are struggling to keep up.

(Tccmobile) #682

Hello! :grinning:I’m Dr. William Smith and I’ve taught programming at Tulsa Community College in Tulsa, OK for the last 25 years. About 7 years ago we started a mobile development program which I spearheaded and as part of that development it became quickly obvious that my students needed to learn industry standards for version control and collaboration. We started using GitHub in those courses but now I want to use it in a more structured manner in all my programming courses. I’m looking forward to seeing how GitHub Classroom can help me in this endeavor. Cheers!

(Aneskurtovic) #683

Anes from Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina
20 years
Student of Computer Science :slight_smile:


(Jai Kathuria) #684

Hello, everyone! :wave:t2:

I am a student at Chitkara University but a teaching enthusiast. Thus, I along with some of my friends started an initiative called Skyer Classroom which is based on the idea to change the Teaching Practices in India and help students get in-demand skills required by the Industry.

Under this initiative, we started free Web Designing Classes ( Web Hour ). These classes will help students understand how the web works and will work to make them master the three languages of frontend web development i.e. HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

More information about this class and topics we are covering can be found here.

My goal is to take this initiative to a broader audience and thus make a dent in the current education system. I really appreciate all the efforts done by GitHub for the Teacher and Student Community.

Glad to be the part of community :blush:

(Mr. Dockett) #685

Hello everyone,

I’m Jesse Dockett. My handle is @dockettj.

I teach computer programming (c#, java, c++) and web development to 11th and 12th grade students in Michigan.

I wound up here today trying to figure out how to set up autograding for class assignments using GitHub Classroom and a CI service (currently with Travis, but willing to change).

Outside of teaching, I’m involved in local government and my community. I plan pretty sweet vacations, and make a mean bowl of mac and cheese.

(Andrew D Wolfe Jr, MSCS) #686

Hi, Andrew Wolfe, Lecturer at Boston University MET College.

(J.P. Brichta) #687

My name is JP Brichta, and I teach Grade 11 and 12 Computer Science in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. I also run an after school Coding Club and an after school Innovator’s Club where students using principles of engineering to solve problems like making cheap water filters.

I have always wanted to use GitHub, but my students found the interface intimidating. GitHub Classroom has made a huge difference in leveling the learning curve.

(Mrricard) #688

Hello Teachers,

I’m Michael a Cybersecurity instructor from Michigan.

Looking forward to utilizing GitHub in certain aspects of my curriculum.

Thank you.!

(Jpaley) #689


My name is Josh Paley and I teach computer science at Henry M. Gunn High School in Palo Alto, CA.