👋 Teachers! Introduce yourself here

(Anu Marwaha) #646

Hi Everyone!

I am Anu Marwaha, Assistant Professor at Chitkara University, India.
I am the faculty in charge for the Developer Student Club at the University and will be using Github Classroom to teach git to students and manage the assignments.

Looking forward to a great experience!

(Pierre-Julien VILLOUD) #647

Hello everyone !

I am Pierre-Julien VILLOUD and I teach java at IPI : Institut Poly Informatique in Lyon, France.
We’ll use Github for hosting the source code of the students projects and for the course itself.


(Rwucomsc) #648


Tony from Roger Williams University in Bristol RI. Just getting started with GitHub and plan on using it to support a software design course (junior level) and a two-semester senior capstone design project.

(Matthew Sigal) #649


I’m Matt. I am an incoming faculty member (as of January) in the Psychology department at Simon Fraser University in British Columbia, Canada. My background is in quantitative methods and data visualization (generally in the context of the R software environment), and hope to introduce some students to github in the near future.

This forum looks like a very helpful place!


(Bjarne Slipsager) #650

Hello everyone. I am teaching on a Multimedia design program (AP-level) at Business Academy Lillebaelt in Denmark where I am starting to use Github in my basic webdevelopment classes.

(Sean Morris) #651

Hey folks. Sean Morris from Albany CA – a small town next to Berkeley CA. I teach high school Computer Science as well as work as developer on a transportation research project at UC Berkeley – mapping technologies, EXT JS, AWS cloud services.

Look forward to getting github moving in my classroom.


(Jon Bertelsen) #652

Hi there,

I’m Jon Bertelsen, teaching Computer Science at Copenhagen Schoole of Design and Technology in Denmark. I’m looking forward to using GitHub for Classroom activities, programming, projects etc.



(Jtrohn) #653

Hello! My name is Jan Rohn and I teach Computer Science and Information Technology courses at Monmouth University in West Long Branch, New Jersey. This semester, I’m teaching a course in Software Engineering Concepts. I’m using GitHub so that students can collaborate more easily and get hands-on experience using software development tools for source control, inspections, and change requests.

(Gerardo Marx Chávez-Campos) #654

Hi fellows!
I’m Marx from Morelia Institute of Technology at Mexico. I teach in undergraduate and master courses, as well as international courses in Germany. My main topics are control theory, mathematical models, Fourier series applications, signal processing and embedded system applications.

This year I will try with my students the use of this plataform to develop Scilab applications in classic control theory, hopping to develop interesting things to share with this community.

Best regards.

(Alexander Allori) #655

Hello, fellow teachers and GitHub enthusiasts!

My name is Alexander Allori. I am a surgeon-scientist at Duke University. I teach medical students and residents in reproducible science. Git is an important part of my own workflow, and GitHub makes sharing and collaborating so easy.

This is the first year I am including git/GitHub in the classroom. I’m open to any advice on best practices from a teacher’s perspective.

Best regards,
— Alexander.

(Sanjog Sigdel) #656

Greetings From Nepal,
I’m a student, PROJECT MENTOR, KATHMANDU UNIVERSITY OPEN SOURCE COMMUNITY CO-ORDINATOR, and open source activist who speak, Promote and Participate in every FOSS Activities happening in NEPAL.

At KATHMANDU UNIVERSITY, I lead a group of Open Source Enthusiasts and give trainings on Open Source Technologies.
We also maintain our projects at github.com/kathmandu-university-computer-club.
Currently we I’m involved in organizing Software Freedom Day. In this SFD, I’m going to conduct a workshop on GitHub and the title would be:
“Project Management, CI/CD, and Collaboration with GITHUB”

(Albert Y. Kim) #657

Hi, my name is Albert, but you can call me Bert. Here is my webpage. My GitHub handle (and almost all my other handles) is rudeboybert. My interests include hockey and history.

I live in Amherst MA and I’m a Lecturer of Statistics at Amherst College. In particular, I use GitHub heavily in my STAT495 Advanced Data Analysis course, which focuses on modeling and machine learning.

Glad to join this group!

(Mphamner) #658

Greetings from Pennsylvania!
I’m Marvine. I’m going to try to use Github in my Functional Programming Methods for Analytics course. It is an upper level course in our M.S. in Analytics Program.

(Peter Casey) #659

Hello, Peter Casey here. I am a bit late to this party and this Fall term (2017) require all CS transfer students to begin learning/using GitHub. Central Oregon Community College, Bend, Oregon, is in the middle of Oregon. We have beautiful high desert, forests, rivers, lakes, fantastic hiking / biking, and Mt. Bachelor for skiing. Local like visitors but hope more people do not choose to move here.

I’ve been teaching programming since 1982. We teach JavaScript, Python, C, and C++. I find it harder each year to stay current with our new students.

See you on the forums.


(Adam Ross Nelson) #661

Hi. I’m Adam.

I live in Madison, WI.

My research interests are mostly related to law and policy of higher education.

(David P Canlas) #662


My name is David Canlas and I’m an Evangelist/Fellow Developer for the TechHire Initiative here in Los Angeles. TechHire is a White House Initiative that provides scholarships and training for individuals with high aptitudes/experience in Technology. I am in charge of interfacing with the tech Industry here and adjusting our lesson plans to fit the demands of Los Angeles. We currently provide training in .Net, Ruby on Rails, and hopefully soon Node and React.

We use GitHub as a part of our curriculum in order to check in on our student’s work and have a working portfolio and currently have 75 fellows and by the end of the year to have 150.

If you have any questions please reach out and check out www.ypiusa.org/techhire

(Simoncanfield) #663

Hi everyone! My name’s Simon and I’m a teacher at St Peters in Queensland, Australia. We’re looking to incorporate git/GitHub into our robotics program, so I thought I’d pop in here, and say hi :slight_smile: We take part in RoboCup and the FIRST program FTC and FRC. We have around 180 students taking part in Robotics at our school.

I’ve been teaching at St Peters for 10 years, leading their Robotics program to Washington DC and beyond! I look forward to sharing ideas with you all!


(P Campbell) #664

Hello Everyone,
I teach computer science in Montreal. We use github for teaching java, android (also java), bash scripting and other languages. All code samples are on git and some course material & slide decks.

I am hoping to improve student feedback through review on github. This year we have taken on the challenge of teaching collaboration via git so I am hoping to improve our work through this community.

Patricia Campbell (educator, software engineer, coder)

(kate rotondo) #665

Hi all, I’m Kate—an iOS Content Developer at Udacity, and Assistant Adjunct Professor at Mills College, teaching app development with Swift.

I’m really interested in finding the lowest barrier to entry to Github for my students. I don’t have the time to teach it in class, and they don’t come in knowing it, but I would love for them to at least learn to create repos and submit their homework such that the TA can provide comments in a PR. Curious to explore the education options here.

(Becky) #666

Hello! Can’t wait to get started!