👋 Teachers! Introduce yourself here

(Cjksbilgi) #625

Chris Stephenson. Istanbul(Turkey) Bilgi University and Nesin Mathematics Village, Şirince, Turkey. I have been using Github in the classroom for 4 years. Looking forward to more exetended use.

(Robbie McKinstry) #626

Hello everyone!

My name is Robbie McKinstry, my handle is RobbieMcKinstry, and I’m a first year teacher! I just graduated from the University of Pittsburgh with a degree in computer science, and I hope to employ my knowledge at Central Catholic High School in Pittsburgh, PA.

We’re going to be use GitHub in our AP CS course, and I’m hoping to deploy an autograder that I worked on as part of my final project at Pitt.

When I’m not coding for work or teaching, I’m playing/watching League of Legends, remaining active, and participating in the local technology community. I also heavily work on side projects which I never finish and I like to volunteer in the community when possible.

(Sara Sprenkle) #627

I’m Sara Sprenkle, a professor of computer science at Washington and Lee University. I’m using GitHub classrooms this semester in my distributed systems course, so that students can collaborate on several projects easily.

(Caolan McKendry) #628


I’m Caolan, and I’m in charge of the Dalriada Robotics Club, a club dedicated to teaching the next generation of Software Engineers in Northern Ireland.

You can find me on twitter at @caolantweets.

(Michał Michalczuk) #629

Hi :wave:
I’m Michał, full-stack developer and IT trainer from Gdańsk, Poland.
I create workshops and lead the classes on bootcamps from various subjects, also from GIT.

For GIT training, code review and projects tracking at whole bootcamp program we’re using GitHub.

(Jimmy Lynn) #631

Hello everybody,

My name is Jimmy Lin. I am currently teaching in Athens, GA. Right now, I am teaching Math1101 math modeling. I am interested to see how i can corporate github in my math class.

My github is @jimmy0017

I am a Ruby on Rails developer. Github is my fav part!! It is so helpful!

I am also trying to build open source tools for teachers to use!

(Gaurav9595) #632

Hello everyone!!

I’m a new instructor here at Jecrc University. I also a facilitator from google applied CS program.

I’m also really interested to use GitHub’s course repository.


(Ppremk) #633

Hello Everyone!
I am Prem Kumar.P… my GitHub handle is ppremk. New to GitHub and currently helping to evangelize GitHub and inner sourcing in my Organization. Happy to be part of this community…

(Rupaligiil) #634

Hi everyone,
I am rupali gill, program in charge for Computer Science department in Chitkara University, Punjab. I am a Data Scientist and also work with relational databases from time to time. Currently I am the faculty in charge of Udacity’s community for our University.
I am now pushing the use of GitHub Classroom for managing students projects and introducing them to git and GitHub and open source development.

(Mario Garcia) #635

Hi everyone

I’m Mario García (@mattdark). I work at the University Institute of Mexico (iudm.mx) in Tapachula, Mexico. I teach Python and HTML5, and a few months ago I introduced my students to GitHub.


(Mizonj) #636

Hello I coordinate the Internet Application and Web Development at Algonquin College in Ottawa (Canada). I also teach various courses in the program from Python to Databases to Network Operating Systems.


(François Roland) #637


I’m a teaching assistant at UMons, Belgium, in the computer science and management department of the civil engineering faculty.

Since I’ve used git and GitHub for many years while working in the private sector, it makes perfect sense to me to use it for teaching. My current goal is to turn the current paper assignment material into template repositories with continuous integration in order to promote self-assessment from the students.


(Mayank Patel) #638

Hi I am Mayank Patel and I work with a non Profit Org in NJ to teach students web technologies like Javascript, React Js, NodeJs & MongoDB.

(Mevesa) #639

Hola algun profesor de habla hispana, para dialogar hacer de javascript (DOM)

(Jhajel) #640

Hi, I am John Hajel. I teach computer science at George Washington High School in San Francisco. I’m also one of the robotics coaches for our FRC team. I look forward to learning how to incorporate Github into my classes.


(Matt Albinson) #641

Hello! I’m a CS teacher at Berkeley HS in Berkeley, CA. I teach intro to programming to 11th and 12th graders where we focus on web design and connecting to APIs using JavaScript. Looking forward to connecting here!

(Stephanie Allen) #642


My name is Stephanie and I am a computer science teacher at the local high school and community college. I am working on my masters in Software Engineering and will be done next semester.

I use GitHub in all of my courses and am excited to learn more!

(Kelleym530) #643

Hi Scott! I am Kelley, and I’m new to teaching computer science and Github. I’m looking forward to learning all about how Github works. I will be attending the SF Educator’s day on October 13th.

(P1clifford80) #644

Hi! I’m Tom Clifford, a teacher of computer science at Carmel High School in California. My GitHub handle is p1clifford80. I am a mentor for our FIRST robotics team where we use Gethub regularly. I am not an active user of GitHub, but feel that it could be a great tool for my classroom and for my students. I am excited to learn about GitHub further for my students.


(Daniel Hintze) #645

Hi, I am Daniel and I am teaching Software Development and Programming at FHDW University of Applied Sciences Paderborn, Germany. I use GitHub for student projects.