👋 Teachers! Introduce yourself here

(Pep Mendez) #605

Hola, que tal la experiencia con education GitHub? Sabes como pasar tests, evaluar, dar feedback, etc.?

(Pep Mendez) #606

Hola Luis,

Como va la experiencia con GitHub? Sabes ya evaluar, dar feedback, etc.?



Profesor de programación

(Lrewa) #607


My name is Lucas Rewa and I teach at Portage Northern High School in Portage, Michigan. I am the staff adviser for our Programming Club that is just getting started. I don’t know much about coding but want to help the students however I can. I heard that GitHub is a great resource that we could use and am looking forward to checking it out.


(Luis Manzo) #608

Hola Pep, estamos usando Github en el IESTP VALLE GRANDE como repositorio de los códigos que desarrollan nuestros estudiantes en Java sincronizándolo con Netbeans. Quizás me puedas compartir un poco de tu experiencia en los temas que me indicas. Tú crees que en algún momento podamos hacer una video conferencia con nuestros estudiantes y puedamos intercambiar experiencias.

(Ziagra) #609

Hi Scott, and hi everyone,
I’m Maria and I teach IT in secondary school in Italy (Turin).
I actually don’t use GitHub with my students but I think it’s time to start.
One of my ex student has sent to me this URL, so I have decided to introduce myself and try to understand how I can use GitHub at school.
I will check every single ink in this page to understand how to use it.
I hope to use GitHub at school as fast as I can.

(Phl Coder Dojo) #610

Hello Everyone, I’m Nefertiti Stanford.
I must confess I’m leading a double life, I teach and facilitate the teaching of coding to youth at free coding clubs in Philadelphia. My occupation is at IBM Security as a MaaS360® Mobile Device Management Customer Engineer after years of desk-side and remote desktop, laptop, and network applications technical support and training. I’m presently pursuing my Master’s in Information Systems. I feel strongly that technology skills and computational thinking are critical to promoting prosperity in individuals’ lives. This passion led to my initiating the Philly CoderDojo, a free club (dojos) to get young people coding, which seeks to combat the digital skills gap creating a diverse pipeline to the field of fast-growing technology enabled jobs. I gladly have a career however Philly CoderDojo is indeed my passion. Thanks. Have a good one! https://phillycoderdojo.com/about-us/

(Tim Lai) #611

Hi everyone,

I’m Tim. I am a freelance web designer and developer and an instructor and teaching assistant for Seneca College’s Webmaster Program in Ontario, Canada. You can find out more about the program at our website and you can find my personal website at timrlai.com. Next semester I will be teaching a class specifically focusing on Atom and GitHub as well as resources such as HTML5 Boilerplate, Font Awesome and LESS and SASS.

I’m looking forward to interacting with this great community.

(Daniel Barragán Calderón) #612

Hi, My name is Daniel Barragan. I have been using github as a platform for education since about 3 years. I teach the courses of operating systems and distributed computing at Universidad Icesi in Cali, Colombia.

(Firmansyah Nuralif Rohman) #613

Hi, My name is Firmansyah Nuralif Rahman, i have been using github for save my work, it’s very useful. thanks for github :blush:

(Karan Verma) #614

I’m Karan Verma, graduate engineer and developer.

My GitHub handle is karanverma.

I live in Jalandhar, Punjab, India :india:

My interests include travel, gadgets,robot and reading, books, surfing internet.

(Harshit Dwivedi) #615

Hi Everyone,
I’m Harshit from Coding Blocks, New Delhi.

I’m an Android Instructor and ML enthusiast and my mission is to create skilled Software Engineers for our country and the world.

We at Coding Blocks are trying to bridge the gap between the quality of skills demanded by industry and the quality of skills imparted by conventional institutes. :slight_smile:

(Peter Osudar) #616

Hi Everyone,

My name is Peter.

I am a high school teacher in Ottawa, ON, Canada.

My interests include running, reading, and tech.

I look forward to developing my abilities and knowledge along this journey of version control and creation!


(Daniel Barragán Calderón) #617

Hi all, My name is Daniel Barragán. I’m a professor of the courses: operating systems and distributed computing from Cali-Colombia. I own the organization www.github.com/icesi where I post material for my students related to the topics of syscalls, microservices, continuous integration, infrastructure automation and others.

Daniel Barragan Calderon
Professor at Universidad Icesi

(Joel Sommers) #618

Hi, all,

I’m Joel Sommers (jsommers on github) and I’m an associate professor of computer science at Colgate University in central New York. I’m using github classroom in an upper-level software engineering course this semester. While I’ve used github quite a bit previously in courses, this is my first foray into using classroom.

(John Mark Cowbert) #619

I’m John Mark Russell. I teach Ignite Information Technology which is a professional studies program for high school students in Bentonville Arkansas. We are project based and community connected. All of my junior & senior level students work in internships with local IT businesses. Most of those business partners utilize Github. This will be my first attempt at introducing Github in the classroom to prepare students for their internships and ultimately their careers as developers.

(@angularboy) #620

Hello Everyone,

I am Aayush from Coding Blocks, New Delhi.
I am ML and HCI enthusiast and my aim is to provide better quality Software Engineers to the world.

We at Coding Blocks are trying to bridge the gap between the quality of skills demanded by industry and the quality of skills imparted by conventional institutes. :slight_smile:

(Edwardjcw) #621

Dr Edward Conrad here, instructor at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. My courses include both introductory and advanced programming and Governance, Compliance, and Risk Mitigation. Interests include computational linguistics, systems biology, and deep learning.

(Osioke Itseuwa) #622

Hello fellow teachers!

I am Osioke, and my GitHub name is also osioke. My self given moniker is Sprime. Sprime is a combination of two words I like, Sensei meaning teacher, and Prime meaning unique. I manage Devcenter.co’s community, which is currently on Slack. You can read up on the community here.

I live in Lagos, Nigeria.

I love traveling, sharing my knowledge, finding and sharing hidden places and things to do, photography and a host of other things.

Thank you for having me here.

(Mahesh Chugani) #623

Hello everyone!

My name is Mahesh Chugani. My background is in Electronics Engineering, and now I teach Robotics, Programming, and Mathematics in the West Vancouver School District, in Vancouver, Canada.

This is the first year I’ll be using Github for the Robotics classes, and am very much looking forward to it!

(Pablo Martinez) #624

Hi teachers!

I’m teaching in Computer Engineering at Universitat de Barcelona, at Catalonia, Spain. Here we’ve been using GitHub in many subjects for a long time. We’re introducing Classroom in some courses this year as a test to work with CI and many other of the tools provided by Webhooks such as Automatic Grading.

I’m currently working in a PhD in Deep Learning.

Nice to meet you all!