👋 Teachers! Introduce yourself here

(Sophia danesino) #584

Hello! I teach web design and development at Majorana high-school in Torino, Italy. I’m going to integrate use of GitHub in the classroom to introduce my students to source code management and working as a team.
I have a background as a software specialist. I’ve been teaching for 24 years, full time. Thank u!

(Miren Berasategi) #586

Hi! I’m Miren from the University of Deusto in the Basque country , Spain. I’m planning on using github for this semester, seeing how to work it out at the moment. I teach a couple of subjects in the Communication degree, so I’m especially interested in git for journalists.

(Dave Blair) #587

Hello all, I teach programming at Northeast State Community College. I am looking into integrating GitHub into my courses. I have used GitHub before, and encourage the capstone class to use it to help them with source control but I know there are many other ways to use it. I look forward to hearing how others take advantage of this resource. Thanks!

(Vincent Klaiber) #588

:wave: I’m Vincent Klaiber, a full-stack development teacher at Yrgo in Gothenburg, Sweden. I’ve been an open-source enthusiast for a couple of years. Been active in PHP and Laravel projects.

Since 2016 I’ve had the opportunity to integrate GitHub in my daily workflow. At Yrgo we use GitHub as a learning platform. Our students create their GitHub accounts on day one. All course material, assignments and projects are managed through GitHub.

(George Lee) #589

:wave: I’m George Lee, a lecturer at the University of Hawaii at Manoa teaching software engineering this semester. We’ll be using Git and Github in the class to manage group projects and hopefully teach them a little about what it’s like to work with open source :slight_smile:

(oppenheip) #590

Hello. I teach at Southern Oregon University. I will be teaching Git and GitHub this year in our Systems Analysis class. This class is required of all seniors and prepares them for being practicing software engineers. :woman_teacher:t3:

(Kara A Carrell) #591

Hey y’all!

My name is Kara Carrell (@karaAJC on github), and I’m an instructor at Code Platoon and Blue1647 in :cityscape: Chicago, IL.


Teaching :books: Coding :woman_technologist:t5: and Community :fist:t5:

say hello! :wave:

(Mark Michon) #592

Hi everyone,

I’m Mark Michon, course director in the web development degree at Full Sail University. Our students use github for most of their projects, and we’re constantly experimenting with new ways to incorporate it into our workflow as educators as well.

Beyond that I’m a designer and web developer. Since Florida is pretty…Florida, you’ll often find me exploring someplace fare away whenever I get the chance.

(Renoir dos Reis) #593

Hello teachers!

I’m Renoir dos Reis, Antecipe lead developer and Full Stack teacher on Pontificia Universidade Católica de Goiás.

My GitHub handle is renoirfaria.

I live in Goiânia, Goiás, Brazil: :sunny:

I am currently evangelizing Web Development and Open Source importance on communities.

How about you?

(Ken Davidson) #594

I’m not a teacher per se, but run a high school robotics team (FIRST FRC 173, RAGE Robotics). Our programming group uses GitHub to manage their code during the build and competition seasons. During the day I do embedded programming, using Git myself for version control.

Ken Davidson

(Siddhant Nandkishor Pagariya) #595

Hello teachers!
I am Sid, a student, a teacher assistant at the Academically Talented Youth Program at Western Michigan University, and the president of the Portage Northern Programming Club.
My Github handle is sidpagariya.
I live in Portage, Michigan, USA, and I look forward to starting my senior year in high school and working on another internship during the school year!
My interests are: Machine Learning, Web Development, and UX/UI.


(Alison Presmanes Hill) #596


My name is Alison Presmanes Hill.

My GitHub handle is @apreshill.

I live in Portland, Oregon.

My interests include statistics and R.

I teach a graduate-level introduction to statistics course at Oregon Health & Science University in the computer science education program. I also co-teach a course in data visualization and data science programming.

(Sergio Delgado Quintero) #597

Hello dear teachers over there!

It is a pleasure for me to keep in touch with this community. My name is Sergio Delgado Quintero a.k.a. @sdelquin

I live in Tenerife (Canary Islands) :sunny:️ .

I am a computer engineer and, nowadays, I work as a teacher in a secondary school in Tenerife called IES Puerto de la Cruz - Telesforo Bravo. I mainly teach there a subject named “Web application deployment” within a high-level vocational training course “System administration”.

I love python. I like vegetables and spanish tortilla. I usually dance salsa and I am a big fan of FC Barcelona.

Kind regards for you all!
Made with :heart:️ by @sdelquin

(André Leon S. Gradvohl) #598

Hello, I am André Gradvohl. I teach at School of Technology at University of Campinas in Information Systems undergraduate course and in the Graduate Program in Technology.

My scientific interests include Computing and Astronomy! In addition, I like snorkeling and dogs!!

(Git Geeks) #599

Greetings everyone,

My name is Arnell Milhouse. I’m the co-founder of The CareerDevs Computer Science Academy and am one of its lead instructors.

We run multiple CS education classes.

You can find me online at @arnellmilhouse and our CS Academy at @CareerDevs

We use github every single day! It literally is the air we breathe.


HELLO! I am Philip Obiorah and a Programmer at the Centre for Information & Telecommunications Engineering, University of Port Harcourt, Nigeria. I teach Web Development, Java , & Android Application Development. Am seeking more avenues to integrate GitHub in the classroom & to encourage all my students to use Github for their classes and projects. Am excited to be here.

(David Schneider) #601

Hello everyone,

My name is David (@bivab) from Düsseldorf, Germany.

My colleagues and I are planning the next iteration of our software engineering class and laboratory at HHU .
The goal is for the students to use github and several integrations as part of the projects they should develop over the course of the semester.

(Esther Kok) #602

Hi everyone,

My name is Esther Kok, though my GitHub handle is @DataJedi.

I’m a lecturer at the HAN University in the Netherlands, and I teach Computing Science. As my handle suggests, my focus is in data sciences, so my main programming language is Python. The courses that I teach are in Python as well.

Interests are mainly history related, such as reenactment :crossed_swords: and historical sword fighting on horseback.:horse:

Happy to make your acquaintance!

(Jens Bendisposto) #603

Hi, I am Jens @bendisposto. I work with @bivab at the University of Düsseldorf. We want to use Github in our software engineering class. 6-8 students should work together on a mid-sized project.


I am Ahmet Anil Dindar from Gebze Technical University Civil Engineering Department. We are aiming to increase the use of Python coding and Github sharing in our research and education efforts.