👋 Teachers! Introduce yourself here

(Gail Kaiser) #564

Hello all. I’m supposed to introduce myself, so here I am: Gail Kaiser. I’m pretty sure I already introduced myself at least a year ago when I first subscribed to github education. I use github for the student projects in my software engineering class at Columbia University. I’ve also used github for many years for my lab’s research.

(Ricardo Pérez) #565


I’m Ricardo Pérez (@ricpelo on GitHub) and I’m a Computer Science, Web Development, SQL & PHP teacher in a public High School of Andalusia, Spain.

I’m already using GitHub for my classes as well as collaboration team work. I recently discover GitHub Education, and I love it!



(Dan Wallach) #566

I’m Dan Wallach, teaching Comp215 (“Introduction to Software Design”) for 2nd year CS students at Rice University. I’ve jumped in and I’m doing GitHub Classroom, Travis-CI, and all the other goodies this semester. Wish me luck!

(Larry Steinke) #567

Hello !

My name is Larry and I’ve been “in tech” most of my adult life and find myself looking to find a way to incorporate Github into my classroom. When I am not saving the world I have been known to provide backup acoustic guitar to my daughter at various open mic nights in our area (various Silicon Valley coffee shops)

Thank you, @sanicki for getting this party started.

(Pep Mendez) #568

Guys I’m Pep, a Software Engineer Java certified programmer working both as a computer vocational trainer at ‘Escola del Treball’ college from Barcelona and part-time Android/Spring developer.

(Matt Rissler) #569


I’m Matt and I teach Math/Stats/Data Science at Loras College in Dubuque, IA. I teach mostly statistics and intro to programming. I have a sports ranking algorithm that is based on a couple of Markov Chains. This sublimates my desire to play ultimate and basketball which between work and kids I don’t have time to play and get injured from.


(Roberto Hoyle) #570

Hello all,

I’m Roberto Hoyle, teaching computer science at Oberlin College, in Ohio. I’m currently teaching a systems programming class, in which I’m hoping that github will be used for assignments.

In other subjects, I’m interested in privacy and security, which are my research focus.



(Erex) #571

Eric from St Andrews

About to begin a statistical computing module to ~75 students perhaps including individual and group assessments.

(JB) #572

Hello everyone !

I’m JB, a 22 years old teacher at the WIS School in Montpellier (South of France).

I’m teaching for a second year, I teach JQuery, Vanilla JS, Angular and Node.JS.

I love to code, share with others, travel and LEARN. :smiley:

Cheers from France :heart:

(Jaya Nilakantan) #573

Hey, I’m Jaya on GitHub as j-nila
I live in the suburbs of Montréal, Québec and teach Comp Sci at Dawson College.
We are looking at using GitHub as the repository for our coursework, as well as for our students to manage and submit their assignments.

(Leslie Castellanos) #574

Hi everyone.

I’m Leslie and I’m an instructor at Hackbright Academy, a coding bootcamp for women in San Francisco. My team and I are super excited to integrate GitHub Classroom! We’ve used GitHub for submissions in the past, but we’re looking forward to customizing our work flow for giving students feedback.


(Valentin Vago) #575

Hi there!

My name is Valentin Vago (or zeropaper for the machines), I started teaching web development at Devugees in Berlin in July 2017.

I’ve been working with web technologies since the early 2000’s and my last pet project is a web based, zero-install, live-coding and MIDI capable, open-source VJing software called Visual Fiha.

I value consent, critical thinking and creativity.

Nice to meet you!

(Ian Dunn) #576

Hello! I teach computer graphics, game design, and other programming classes at Cal Poly in California. I love using git for everything from assignments to managing the course schedule and lectures, so I’m excited to start using GitHub classroom this upcoming quarter!

(Daniel Insley) #577


My name is Daniel Insley and I’ll be teaching the “Introduction to Programming Swift” course at North Island College (https://nic.bc.ca) and I’m planning on utilizing github classroom to facilitate handing in of assignments and group collaboration plans.

I’ve been doing professional software development for almost 15 years in a variety of languages (Ruby and Elixir more recently) and have been a Github user for quite awhile.

(Nicholas Edgington, Ph.D.) #578


My name is Nicholas Edgington, and I am teaching a new “Introduction to Bioinformatics :computer:” undergraduate course at Southern Connecticut State University :owl: in New Haven CT. I will be using GitHub Education to have students learn version control, collaborate, and to track assignments.

(Nasseef Abukamail) #579

I’m Nasseef Abukamail
I’m a Professor at Ohio University. I’m using GitHub for my Software Design class for the first time. If anyone has any hints and pointers, please let me know.


(Mike Borowczak) #580

Hi, I’m Mike and I’m a faculty member at the University of Wyoming! I’ll be using GitHub with in our Data Structures, Cybersecurity, and Senior Capstone courses!

Looking forward to getting involved in the community!

(Edward Kim) #581

Hi all, I’m a professor at Villanova University using Github for our senior projects class. We’ve been using Github for the past couple years and it has been a fantastic resource. Thanks!

(Neil Ernst) #582

I’m Neil Ernst, assistant prof at the University of Victoria on Canada’s west coast. We’ll be using Github/Classroom for a third year OO design class. I’ve previously used it in 2011/12 for 3rd year as well.

(Mister Stubbs) #583


I’m Collin, an associate teacher with a school in Ontario, Canada. My school doesn’t have a Computer Science class yet but we have a coding club that I supervise! I would like to introduce the students to the developer world and give them experiences within it with the goal of eventually attending a hackathon!