👋 Teachers! Introduce yourself here

(Karan Verma) #542

Hi, My name is Karan Verma from Jalandhar, Punjab india.

(Mohammed Zeid) #543

Hi there!
I’m From Tripoli - Libya , I’m windows applications programmer

(Tara Jean L) #544

Hello everyone!

I’m Tara and I am going to be teaching AP CS Principles this year! I have taught tons of business classes as well as technology classes and am looking forward using GitHub in my classroom as a resource.

(Evanschaick) #545

Hello! I am a Teacher at Centereach HS in New York.

I am teaching AP Comp Sci Principles for the first time this up coming school year.

(Kkmiotek) #546

Hi ! My name is Kate Kmiotek.

I teach APCS A, APCS P and Geometry!

I live on Long Island in New York!

(Klewkowicz) #547

Hello my name is Katie Lewkowicz. I am a technology teacher at Newfield High School MCCSD. I will be teaching CS Principles in the fall and looking forward to it!

(Cuche) #548

My name is Chinma Uche. I teach AP CS A, AP CS P and Pre-Calculus at the Academy of Aerospace and Engineering in Windsor, Connecticut. My interests focus on advocating for #csforall.

(Msmit1) #549

Hi, my name is Michael Smit. I teach AP CS A, an intro class in Python, and an intro class in Scratch at Three Village School District in New York.

(Scott Sanicki) #550

Hi Gökhan,

As long as sufficient proof of Kodluyoruz’s non-profit academic mission is provided, instructors may apply for unlimited free GitHub repositories to use with participants invited to a GitHub Classroom organization. Once approved, instructors may request a swag bag by following these directions.

Unfortunately, individual bootcamp and code school participants are currently ineligible for the GitHub Student Developer Pack offer.


(Mr. Kaehms) #551

Hi, I’m Bob Kaehms, a 3rd year high school Computer Science/Programming teacher. I have spent ~30 years in the high tech industry, mostly at the bleeding edge of the Internet. I started teaching by volunteering to teach an enrichment game programming class at the middle school level using Greenfoot once a week for about four years. From there I taught a Java programming class at the high school level based on my experience at the middle school level, and am now teaching Project Lead The way CSA, and starting with Computer Science Principles this year. I teach at a great school (Dublin High in Dublin CA), and great students, so feel fortunate.

(Karentton) #552

Hello. I’m Karen Wellington, Program Manager of CoderDojo WA.

For the past three years I’ve catalyzed and supported the growth of the CoderDojo movement in Western Australia. I’ve supported over 150 community leaders to become club Champions, and as a result there are now over 3000 young people in our State learning to code in coding clubs.

I am interested in learning more about Github and sharing the resources with our community.

(Eduardo Zavaleta León ) #553

muy interesante. sigue así :smile:

(Thorin Schmidt) #554


I’m Thorin, a PLTW Computer Science Instructor at Lewis & Clark Career & Technical Center

I live in Missouri. My interests include coding, reading, tabletop RPGs, and Science Fiction in general.

my Github handle is ThorinSchmidt. Actually, I use that pretty much everywhere (it’s never been taken yet!)

(Christina von Flach) #555

Hello, I am Christina von Flach, from Salvador, Brazil. I teach Software Engineering course, every semester, for undergrad students (Computer Science) at the Federal University of Bahia.

We have been using GitHub and open source software to support Software Engineering Education since 2012. This is the first course I’ve planned using Classroom.

Hope we can talk about practices, supporting material and tools to be used for software engineering education.


@chrisflach (twitter)

(Francis Tuttle Online Web Design & Development) #556

Hello! I teach Web Design and Development to online adults looking for a second career. I have a background in Unix Systems Administration and Web Development. This will be my first year to teach.

(Brandon Brzuszkiewicz) #557

Hello Everyone,

My name is Brandon Brzuszkiewicz and I teach computer science in Plainfield Il. I’m new to GitHub because I’m looking for a new way to interact with my students and allow them to submit their work. After doing a lot of research and seeing what Git and GitHub have to offer I’m excited to try this out. I’m not going to lie though I’m a bit intimidated about some of the vocabulary and weather or not I’ll be able to get my students to buy into this as well.

Either way I’m going to give it a try and we’ll see how it goes.

Any advice is appreciated

(Permatsya) #558

hi my name is parmanand asthya. i am computer science teacher and mentor at galgotias university.i will use github for projects.

(Abhineet Anand) #559

Hi Everybody,

I am Abhineet Anand, Assistant Professor at Galgotias University, India. I teach Design and Analysis of Algorithm and Data Structure. I want to integrate classroom studies and projects with Github, so students can learn to work professionally as well as in a team.

I also want student to contribute more and more on Open Source Projects so that they can get the industrial exposure.

(Ali Karbassi) #562

Hello everyone!

I’m Ali, a teacher at ID living and working in Chicago, USA.

I will be teaching git and GitHub to design students!

(Peter Strawn) #563


My name is Peter, and I’m in my second year teaching CS. I teach AP CSP (using CS50 AP as my curriculum) and AP CS A. I got my 10 AP CS A students up and running on GitHub Classroom without a hitch yesterday. I am really excited about integrating git and GitHub into my teaching workflow this year!