👋 Teachers! Introduce yourself here

(Marco Bakera) #520


My name is Marco. I’m a teacher for computer science at a professional school in Germany. I hope to get some feedback here and wish you all the best. :slight_smile:


(Paweł Dąbal) #521


My name is Paul Dabal. I’m a laboratory assistant at Faculty of Electronic, Military University of Technology, Warsaw, Poland. I wanted to try something new using professional level tools. I’m planning on using GitHub Classroom in Programing Language and DSP Programing courses.

(Jsway) #522

Hi, my name is Julie Sway. I teach coding classes to grades 8 - 12 in Columbus, GA. I have been looking for an easier way to handle grading, and just found out about GitHb Classroom. I’m looking forward to learning more!

(Diego Eckhard) #523

Hi, my name is Diego Eckhard and I teach numerical analysis with help of GitHub.
I’m a professor at UFRGS in Brazil.

I’m now using Jenkins to automate grading of students.

(Alex Salgado) #524

Hi everyone,

I’m professor in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) and I’am using GitHub in my classes and in an opensource project for education.

Hope to change ideas and experiences here.


(JoyNeace) #525

My name is Joy Neace. I am teaching at Lee County Middle High School. I teach AP CSA, AP CSP, and Intro. to Computer Science. There are close to 300 students in my school and I generally have somewhere between 50-60 students in my classes (all together). I have been teaching Computer Science for 3.5 years now.

(Mr. Yee) #526

Hello GitHub Community!

I am so very excited to use GitHub with my own coding as well as a way to get my students involved in becoming a community of coders. This is a great tool for them to collaborate on code.

My GItHub handle is MrYeeMath. From NY :apple:

I enjoy :mountain_biking_man: :soccer: :person_climbing: :video_game: hiking and OCR Racing.Just ran a Savage race; it felt amazing!

(Mrkiedes) #527

Hi there everyone!

I’m from Vernon New Jersey in the US. I have been using Github in the classroom for 3 years, and 2 years ago we also implemented its use within our FIRST robotics program. I teach around 60 kids a year who use it to collaborate on projects and submit their work while tracking changes. Its a great way for them to be able to see the progress of a project while learning to use a professional tool. Thank you for all you do github!


(Patrick Clawson) #528

Hi Scott,

My name is Pat and I am a Coding Instructor at West-MEC. We have a 900 seat hour, intensive two year program. I am very excited to begin teaching in a few weeks and I am looking forward to using GitHub Education as a way to improve feedback to my students.

We have approximately 90 students in the program. Juniors and Seniors from various west valley high schools.

I look forward to hearing from you.



(Justin Gagne) #529

Hi Peeps!

I’m Justin Gagne, an educator and designer. I’m an adjunct, teaching print and web design with a focus on semantics and typography. I’m also the design lead at Aquent Gymnasium — Gymnasium is bridging the gap between education and opportunity with free online courses designed for creative professionals. #onlinelearning

I use GitHub quite a bit for both academia and industry work and would like to leverage it even further, as I am by no means a power user.

Nice to meet everyone.

(Pannirselvam P.V) #530

I’m Pannirbr, GitHub Education Community from Federal university UFRN, Brazil.r.

My GitHub handle is pannirbr.

I live in Natal city tropical :cactus: sunny: semi arid developing country

My interests include simulation, modeling technology management for circular economy:airplane_small:, gadgets or calculator for small business and reading: and writing on Project management, Innovation, Online learning and training

(Scott Sanicki) #531

:wave:@pannirbr. I edited your post to clean up some formatting issues. I hope that’s :ok:



(Scott Sanicki) #532

Welcome @mrkiedes!

If your FIRST Robotics program requires unlimited free private repositories they may apply for them at https://education.github.com as a student organization. Just make certain they include a link to the FRC team page in their application, plus a photo of something displaying their team number.

(Paul Hermans) #533

I’m Paul, and I live in Pennsylvania (near Philadelphia).

I am a high school teacher (Math and Stem) with a previous career in Civil Engineering and some computer programming background as well.

I am new to Git, GitHub and GitHub Classroom but hoping to learn how to use it to distribute starter code as well as introduce students to the basics of GIT and help me detect students who might feel the need to copy from their peers.

If anybody has a class like this, I am teaching it for the first time and am starting from scratch so would love to see what you have.



(Scott Sanicki) #534

Hi @phermans2,

Have you seen these open source lesson plans for teaching Git & GitHub?

(Justin Riley) #537

Hi! I teach computer science and video game design at Hilliard Bradley High School in Columbus, Ohio. I’m excited to use Glitch.com and Github Classroom to introduce my students to the open source community.

(Frank Tamre) #538

Jambo! Frank Tamre! I Inspire, train and mentor young children into programming @earlycamp. We are based in Nairobi! Excited to be here!

(Jflowe) #539

I’m Jan. I teach math and computer science at Valdosta State University. We are starting a new club for a women CS majors. Hopefully an ACM-W. I am planning to be their Advisor.
I live in Georgia.
Interests include sports and gadgets!

(Gökhan Öztürk) #540

Hey Folks,

I’m an Android Trainer from Kodluyoruz and KodluyoruzAkademi
from Turkey.

Kodluyoruz is a non profit-oriented organization trying to offer free and long-term education to disadvantaged students because of the socio-economic situation which is insufficient financial status, have suffered from gender and sexual orientation or have persecuted due to the language, skin color, religion or race.

So Kodluyoruz developed some education program like “Androd Programming” and I am teaching them right now. We are writing code via GitHub. We teach them how to use GitHub too. So I have already Education Pack at my personal GitHub account but my students does not have. They are very motivated to develop new Android Applications with GitHub. They have email addresses which has @kodluyoruzakademi.com spurred domain. So I need GitHub Education Swag Bag for give it to them. And if it’s possible, their GitHub accounts need Education Pack for create free repo.

(Waqar Saleem) #541

Hello all,

I’m Waqar Saleem. I am a faculty member and the current Director of the Computer Science program at Habib University in the crazy metropolis of Karachi, Pakistan. We are a small Liberal Arts university aiming to re-establish the value of a holistic education in an environment where vocational degrees are the norm.

I am interested in effective pedagogy, programming (especially Haskell), sci-fi, and anime among other things.

As an educator, I am fortunate to have the opportunity to excite the next generation about computer science.

I am happy to connect with all of you and hope that we can use this platform to share ideas about teaching.