👋 Teachers! Introduce yourself here

(Carl Savage) #500

Hello I am Carl Savage a High School Physics, Astronomy and Science Research Methods teacher in Parksville, British Columbia. I teach computational physics (in my senior physics class) and computational science (Biology, Physics and Chemistry) in Science Research Methods. I am using Python embedded in Jupyter Notebooks for most of my assignments and all of the lab writeup for these students. Empowering my students with the ability to code, at some level, is important to me as I believe it gives them a view in to how science is done today.

(j james) #501

Hello - I teach intro to web design in North Texas. Just getting ramped up with Github and teaching it this summer.

(Ryan B. Harvey) #502

Thanks, Armando! Yes, I did, and I now have access. I’m excited to look at the additional materials.

(Dcoreyrasm) #503

Hi I’m Darice. I write and teach various programming courses for an online college and am trying to incorporate GitHub into my courses. I’d like to include instructions for new instructors as well. I decided to use it more heavily in a course I’m teaching now and it made it so easy to review and grade programming assignments. We’re linking it to application deployments on Azure. I cut my grading down from about 20 hours to maybe 8!

It took several weeks to get approval for my classroom, so I was curious if the approval process has changed. I have to write my courses so instructors understand how to setup their own GitHub Classrooms, but they need to be able to do this a week or so before a course begins. I’m hoping you can point me in the right direction for resources? Looking forward to hearing more!

(Brian Emilius) #504

Hello everybody!

My name is @BrianEmilius and I teach programming for the web and apps at a Danish technical college.
We’ve only recently (on my behest) started using classroom and I have to say it has changed the way I think of the coding process of my students. I am really excited about what we might see this develop into.

Kind regards,
Brian Emilius

(Scott Sanicki) #505

Hi Darice!

Yes, we continue to improve our process for approving academic discounts. Applications are generally processed within a few days, but may take longer in peak periods such as the start of a new semester.

Here are instructions for new teachers applying:

Teachers are encouraged to create an organization per-class per-semester, and request an academic discount for each.

You will need to sign up for an individual account at GitHub.com if you do not already have one.

Then create your classroom organization under the free plan:


To apply for an academic discount, click this link:


Under Which best describes you? select Teacher.

Under What are you looking to get a discount for? select Organization.

On the next page choose the organization you are using with GitHub Classroom, and under Which best describes what this organization will be used for? choose Classroom.

Fill out the remaining information and submit the application.

To get started with GitHub Classroom, watch the tutorial videos here.

You’ll also want to join the GitHub Education Community where you can discuss current trends in technology education with your peers from around the world, access GitHub’s open source lesson plans for teaching Git and GitHub, and request a swag bag full of GitHub educational materials and goodies for your students.

Hope that helps!


(Dcoreyrasm) #506

Thank you, Scott! If I created one organization, would it make better sense to add new faculty as needed? And if so, can they create their own courses? Just trying to figure out the best way to structure this.

(Scott Sanicki) #507

Hi Darcie,

We realize it’s a bit unintuitive, but our current recommended approach is for each instructor to create a GitHub organization for each of their classes for each semester. You see, right now GitHub Classroom allows creation of a single classroom per GitHub organization. That may be something we change in the future.

If, on the other hand, you have teaching assistants helping with a course then, yes, you would add them as admins to the GitHub organization you are using for that course.

If you have other questions please let me know.


(Martijn Stegeman) #508

Hey all!

I’m Martijn and I teach the Programming Minor at the University of Amsterdam. We get a couple of hundred of students each semester, most of whom are learning to program for the very first time. If they do our complete program, they encounter GitHub in a variety of ways: submitting weekly assignments, co-developing a software project and finally, developing a project of their own in iOS, Android or D3js. At the top of my wishlist is to teach students a little bit of branching — if we can find a good place to do so within our program.

Oh, I almost forgot! All of the source materials for my classes are at www.github.com/uva - don’t mind the commit messages!


(cryptarch) #509

My name is Tim. I use Git for everything and am putting together an introductory Git & GitHub workshop for grad students at University of Melbourne and surrounding institutions. It will run for the first time at the end of this month.

(Mark Lantsberger) #510

Hey there!
My name is Mark Lantsberger and I teach CS to High School students in San Diego County USA. I’m totally new to GitHub and a wee bit overwhelmed! I’ve been teaching a 2 year sequence for nearly 20 years and ready to try something new. My first year instruction is in C with the second being an APCS course in Java (of course). I’m really thinking of a simple start with my n00b5 in first year just using GitHub to track their changes on lab work and get used to the interface. I’m looking to expand as the next academic year proceeds. Will be perusing the boards here over the next week or so looking for ideas, and happy to be (finally) joining the community!

(Ryan B. Harvey) #511

Wow, @sanicki, this is totally unintuitive, and it seems I’ve already screwed this up. Can I move a classroom to another organization if I create a new org for the class? Also, can one account create multiple organizations?

(Pierre Poulain) #512

Hi everyone,

I’m Pierre, lecturer in Bioinformatics at Univ Paris Diderot, France. I intend to use GitHub Classrooms to handle Python programming assignments and to have the ability to leave feedbacks to my students code.

(Scott Sanicki) #513

Hi Ryan,

I’d recommend renaming the GitHub organization you’re already using with classroom:


Yes, your individual account may be associated with any number of organizations.

Additionally we are working on a feature allowing multiple classrooms per organization:



(Ryan B. Harvey) #514

Renaming is probably not a good idea, since there are other repos already in that organization, and we’d then need to transfer them too.

Seems like the multi-classroom feature is in active development. Any thoughts on a timeline? Days? Weeks? Months?


(Scott Sanicki) #515

Hi Ryan,

Unfortunately there’s not currently a way to move a classroom, but you might make a feature request in the GitHub Classroom repository. Right now we’re limited to whichever would be easier for you:

  • Deleting the classroom, creating a new organization, and recreating the classroom there.
  • Renaming the current organization to match your classroom, creating a new organization, and transferring the other repositories over to that organization.

I’d also suggest commenting on the multiple classroom issue I linked. I can’t provide a timeframe, but the folks there working on it might.

(David) #516

Hi All,

I am a IT Supervisor with the Western Academy of Beijing.

I am working with teachers here to expand our MYP Digital Design course’s and after school activities to include GitHub as well as coding. Our students do a lot of App development, websites and VR stuff, and we want to expand this to include more code management.

Here is one article on app development.


(Hamish Cunningham) #517

hi, I’m preparing a course on the IoT using github classroom at the University of Sheffield in the UK.

I wonder if anyone has suggestions about structuring Arduino C code as a library that gets released to
students in stages to complement their own coding experiments week by week?

(Mr. Wiebe) #518


I’m Kyle and I teach a CS pathway at Edison High School in Fresno, CA! We use Github in the classroom to make sure students keep their work safe and I’m excited to see it used more in the classroom.

(Ianframe) #519

My name is Ian Frame and I’m a high school CS teacher in Atlanta, GA.

I teach AP Computer Science and Data Structures & Algorithms.

I’m planning on using GitHub Classroom in my Data Structures & Algorithms course this year. Looking forward to seeing how this goes!