👋 Teachers! Introduce yourself here

(Adesh Shah) #479

Hi, I’m Adesh a Senior Researcher at Algonquin College Applied Research and Innovation in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. I handle server-side web development, native and hybrid mobile application development. We actively use GitHub and GitHub Pages with our students and researcher as part of our project.

(Rob) #480

Hello all I am a high school web design and ap computer science principles teacher in Colorado.

(Tcbressoud) #481

Greetings. I am Tom Bressoud, faculty in CS at Denison University.

I’ve used GitHub in the past for courses like OS, manually managing private individual and team repositories.

This fall, I will be teaching a new Data Systems class, targeted at students who have only had a CS1 class, and plan to introduce GitHub to them early for both course management and for assignments, and the facilities in the GitHub classroom should help me to do that effectively.

(Zita Nemeckova) #482

Hello. I’m PhD. student that wants to teach students about Git, GitHub and Open Source. As it seems that Git is one of the biggest challenges for new contributors.

(Kristóf Csorba) #483

Hello Everyone!

I am Kristóf Csorba (csorbakristof at GitHub), I am teaching IT and electrical engineers at Budapest University of Technology and Economics. I keep on experimenting with new technologies for education to keep it state-of-the-art and interesting.

I already have a class using GitHub classroom for student projects written in Qt C++ for the autonomous robotics contest of our department and now I am planning an additional one featuring unit tests and continuous integration for immediate feedback. (Great presentations on SIGCSE 2017!)

Beside using github classroom, I also maintain a github pages site collecting several short, example based tutorials: http://bmeaut.github.io/snippets/.
It is meant to be a cross-class tutorial pool with a wide range of materials which can then be cited from many classes. I sometimes also ask my students to document their results in the form of such a tutorial (sent to me via a pull request).

The third tech I am now experimenting with is collecting homework assignments using an additional screencast video recorded by the students before the presentation. This way (1) they do not need to fear of system crashes during the presentation as I have already seen it working, and (2) we do not need to go over boring details as all of them were already shown, only the interesting parts. And if the work is related to robotics and so it cannot be easily presented in a classroom, the video is even more useful. (Sorry, I did not find a good connection between this and github.)

Beside education, my research field is image processing for interdisciplinary applications, shortly described here: http://bmeaut.github.io/cv4sensorhub/ (yes, also github pages :slight_smile: )


(René Solis) #484

Teacher @csorbakristof , really like you proposal to students, and will review and adopt this point to my courses. Thank you. René

(René Solis) #485

@ampotty also available in latam/spanish, to check tips and trick on GH, thank you for working on a better tools for students.

(Luis Manzo) #486

Hello my friends

We teach Web Technology in IESTP Valle Grande from Cañete, Lima - Perú, Java, Database Management Systems and Mobile Application of Information Technology.

I use github to share code, notes, assignments and other stuffs with my students.

(Andy Exley) #488

Hi everyone!
I’m Andy Exley at Whitman College.
We’re thinking about using github classroom in CS1, looking to see what resources are out there for this.

(Claudio Santoro) #489

Hey folks, I’m Claudio Santoro, researcher at the University of Brasília.

Obviously, from the University of Brasília.

Actually from the Department of Electrical Engineering,

we do teach/study Git & GitHub on some programming classes, like Structures and Algorithms, Computing for Engineering, and other ones.

Actually we do not have something really focused for Web Development, or directly Programming.

Since the course is Network Communications Engineering.

(Anthony Lawrence) #490

Hello from sunny Cornwall (UK)!

I’m a teacher of Computer Science for students aged 11 - 16, and 2nd in Faculty (helping to shape the courses we deliver, guide the students through their journey).

We started to use GitHub for our senior students at the start of this academic year, as a way of allowing them to complete collaborative work. We’re now preparing to roll this out across a larger number of students!

(Heberto del Rio) #491

Hi all,

my name is Heberto del Rio, and I teach the first two programming courses for our CIS majors at Barry University. Our department has decided to use Python as our first programming language, which is amazing!

I am looking to get my students engaged and interested in new technologies. I believe that Github is ubiquitous and it is a must for any one interested in programming

(topher mykolyk) #492

ayo Folks,

Topher here. I work with the CS crew at Stuyvesant HS in Manhattan. We git’erdun in all our classes except intro: apcs, data structures & algos, software development, systems-level programming, graphics algorithms.

(Dr. N[0]) #493

Greetings from Greg Nordstrom (@gregnordstrom) in Nashville, Tennessee :guitar:. I teach microprocessors, embedded systems, and embedded networks (among other things) for the Electrical and Computer Engineering department at Lipscomb University. I’m new to GitHub Classroom, so I’m using the summer to incorporate git and GitHub into a few of my classes. I think this will be a big win for my students! Film at eleven :movie_camera:

(Mjhinek) #494

Hi All,

I am Jason and I teach at Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada. Trying GitHub classroom out for the first time this July for my CS2 class. I will use it for all assignments (individual) and the final project which is essentially a bigger assignment that uses teams. I think the class will really like using tools that are used in practice.


(Ryan B. Harvey) #495

Hi, everyone. Nice to meet you all.

I’m Ryan. I’ve been a software development professional for many years now, and have worked in most roles in a software team at some point. I also have a background in signal processing, applied maths and scientific computing.

I’m teaching Software Engineering at Loyola University New Orleans this fall using Fred Brooks’ classic The Mythical Man-Month and @armandofox & David Patterson’s Engineering Software as a Service.

On GitHub, I’m nihonjinrxs, and you can find me elsewhere online at datascientist.guru.

Outside of software engineering, data science and signal processing, my interests include reading mysteries :books:, playing music :guitar: :violin: and civic tech & volunteering :scroll: :computer: :mega:.

I use GitHub in my daily work, so I’m very familiar with it and am happy to help with mechanics questions if needed.

I’m looking to learn more about good workflows folks have built for automated assignment review/grading and such, and would love to discuss how folks are handling group project grading with these tools.

(Naupaka Zimmerman) #496

Hi all,

I’m Naupaka Zimmerman, a new Assistant Professor at the University of San Francisco in the Biology Dept. I’ll be teaching graduate and undergraduate bioinformatics courses this coming fall. In my own research, I study the microbial ecology of plant associated microorganisms like bacteria and fungi, and make heavy use of R and git.

I’m particularly interested in some of the approaches others here have taken to automate their classroom coding assignment testing process with something like Travis connected to GitHub.

I’m also interested if anyone has any experience integrating GitHub and Canvas (our school’s Learning Management System).


(Armando Fox) #497

good to meet you ryan!

thanks for supporting our SaaS curriculum & book - hopefully you’ve requested to be added to the esaas-instructors google group, which has lots and lots of instructor resources to complement the book and edX MOOC - contributions most welcome!


(Kyle Dencker) #498


I am Kyle from Orlando! I am a high school computer science teacher, and I wanted to try something new using professional level tools.

I am excited about trying this!

I will be lurking around looking for ideas on how to use this over the next few months. I have students in a camp that i am going to experiment with using this with. Hopefully it will be in my classroom in August!

Oh, my username is @c4cheats!

(Willy Sudiarto Raharjo) #499


I’m Willy and i’m a lecturer in Duta Wacana Christian University.
I have been using GitHub for several years doing open source projects and i’m excited to use GitHub for my lectures assignments soon.

Big thanks to GitHub for supporting education by giving away Students Pack.