👋 Teachers! Introduce yourself here

(Matthew Wu) #435

Hi, everyone.

My name is Ruswan, a student, lab assistant, and developer. I’m currently teaching two Java Programming class in my college. My Github handle is @mattxw. I spent a lot of my time to code. I’m not particularly clever or smart, but I’m just a bit excited when it comes to programming stuff. You can call me Matthew as well.

console.log(“Happy coding!”);

(Eric Kuha) #436

Hello, my name is Eric Kuha.

I teach Information Technology at Leech Lake Tribal College. It is my personal mission to build a new information technology program here, exposing students to cutting edge technology from 3D printing and robotics, to high-end computing and programming.

Much of my duties involve teaching computer applications, but I’m managing to shoehorn in basic programming modules into the introductory classes and I have so far offered two introductory computer science classes.

GitHub Classroom is going to be my assignment portal when I re-run my intro to CS class next fall. I’ll link to the assignments through our LMS, and then students only have to worry about committing their repos.

I have a background in literature, linguistics, and pedagogy. My CS education is largely self-taught, though I am soon to be enrolled in a graduate program.

If you’re interested, the org for my intro to CS class (under construction) is right over here.

My main interests include:

  • Literature
  • Education
  • Gaming (video, board, RP)
  • Programming


(Kevlar61) #437

Hi all,

I teach in a traditional CS program at a small liberal arts university in Iowa. I am new to GitHub, but would like to come up to speed and start using GitHub Classroom so my students will be familiar with GitHub when they enter the workforce.

(Vanessa) #438

Hi @DebMDuke nice to see you here!

(Vanessa) #439

@SirYancy warm welcome, glad you’re here & with your background in pedagogy I’m sure there’s a ton we can learn from you :wave: :bow:

What LMS do you use? And what is your department like?

(Vanessa) #440

Welcome @Kevlar61, :corn: is close to my heart and happy you are here. Hope you find the Classroom category useful–what courses are you teaching?

(Vanessa) #441

@josemvidal welcome! Which features are you interested in, in particular?

(Eric Kuha) #442

Hey, yeah. It’s very small. Our department is the whole STEM field. Bio, forestry, chem, psych/soc, math, and information technology. We have 20 full time instructors at the whole school. In fact, when the school was first accredited, I believe it was operating out of a rented space in a rundown office building. We’ve come a long way since then, heh.

Our LMS is Jenzabar, which is unpleasant. It’s clunky and dated and is built on old legacy code. I am pushing for a switch to either Schoology or Canvas.

(Ixm7) #444

Hi, Ido Millet from Penn State University (Erie Campus)
Looking to expose my students to Git and GitHub.
Planning to use a GUI (probably GitKraken). Any recommended video tutorials?

(Linda F. Wilson) #445

Hi, everyone! I’m Linda Wilson, and I teach anything and everything CS-related at a small liberal arts school, Texas Lutheran University. Although I’ve used GitHub off and on for a while, I learned about the new Community features at SIGCSE 2017. :slight_smile:

(Gunnar Wolf) #446

It feels somewhat strange to be such a newbie :wink: I am a long-time (20 years) Free Software advocate and developer, but… Well, I’m beginning to show my age! I’m not much of a web-based boards/forums user. I am almost ashamed to admit I didn’t know about the GitHub communities until today!
Anyway, I am a teacher at Bachelors level, in the Engineering Faculty of Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México. I am currently teaching the Operating Systems course. I have written a Fundamentos de Sistemas Operativos, for which the source code is hosted at GitHub, and extensively use GitHub for my teaching — For my previous group at this subject and at a diploma-course on embedded Linux, and for my current group.
So, I’ll most likely spend the next many hours (after my sleep time, of course, which is due to start soon!) clicking through this community!
PS- Ugh. I understand spam and all… But I’m required by The System™ not to put more than two links. So most of the things I’d link to in this post… Won’t be linked :stuck_out_tongue:

(Vanessa) #447

@ixm7 welcome! Glad you’re here.

I’ve been pulling together lists of resources (pasted below). Maybe you want to start a new thread asking for GUI video tutorials so others can chime in?

(René Solis) #448

Good Day to all community members,
My name is René, working with Git about 2 years, it was a slow adoption in my class at the Institute of Technology of Tijuana, MX and Lázaro Cárdenas High School, this year I remove my class from Classroom.Google also my Moodle 3.x, and move 100% to GitHub Organization and a Slack Portal from direct message. About 120 students and university and 300 at highschool.

  • At the beginning we use official tutorial Try GitHub from CodeSchool.com for the introduction.
  • I use the Kanban project from GitHUB as my syllabus (project manager) official github video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C6MGKHkNtxU
  • Also use a lot markdown and also export my student rubrics and check list via http://www.tablesgenerator.com/markdown_tables
  • All are unlimited issues and can upload content on this block.
  • At first the students struggle moving from Dropbox/GoogleDrive to push/pull comands, a couple of weeks, and just love it and use it all Git; I motivate the class giving free Sticker of OctoCat, etc.
  • Also mix macOS, Linux and WinX, and some students use Issues on App via Andorid/iOS.

I work with Assembler GNU-ARM Raspberry Pi (ARM SBC), we use QEMU for virtualization, so they work with code in Git, and when they compile on VM or real RBP connected and “just give a PULL” and do the run via SSh.

GitHub Classroom, is at mid course assing private repos to final project with admin privilegies to workgroups.

All day connected via Twitter: @IoTeacher, FB msj: profesorsolis

(Colin Madland) #449

Hey everyone!

I’m a faculty developer at Trinity Western University in Langley, so my students are faculty. I am currently beginning a project to teach our faculty how to teach online in a way that is meaningful and engaging rather than just using an LMS as a file repository.

Looking forward to conversations here!


(Konzy) #450

Hi, I’m Brian
I’m an undergraduate student at the Northern Kentucky University. I used GitHub Classroom for our iOS class that I TA-ed for. I am trying to make myself available for other faculty to use it effectively and to make it an easy transition for students unfamiliar with Git to feel comfortable with it.

I also made a bash script that uses perl, grep, and the GitHub API to clone all repositories given a search term and the organization name. I wasn’t able to find a solution that met my needs, so I made my own.

(Vanessa) #451

Hello @IoTeacher great handle :slight_smile:

I use the Kanban project from GitHUB as my syllabus (project manager)

Would you please share a link or screenshots of this workflow? Eager to learn more about how you use it.

Also, welcome!

(René Solis) #452

Hi Teacher Vanessa, sorry was working out of GH-Classroom don’t see your MSJ.

Start Kanban in 4 easy steps
Note: This link just the concept of Kanban (no to sell the software)

This is official video of GitHub https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C6MGKHkNtxU


(Jaime Spacco) #453

Hello Friends,

I’m Jaime Spacco, and I teach many different CS courses, and one freshman writing section called “science fiction and human identity”, at Knox College, a small liberal arts college in the American Midwest.

I found out about Github Classroom at SIGCSE 2017 and have integrated it, plus Travis-CI, into the CS-3 course (basically more advanced data structures than we can fit into CS-2) I am teaching during the Spring term. We are on trimesters so Spring term just started last week. So far it’s going really well! Github approved me for unlimited private repos, and Travis has given me 1 free concurrent build, which is fine for the 35 students in the class.

Knox switched to Google Apps for Education, so I’ve started using Google Classroom instead of Moodle. In addition to pushing their code to Github, I am asking students to submit to Google Classroom a Google Doc of their main .java file highlighted to look like code with Code Blocks. That way I can use Google Docs built-in comment feature to give qualitative feedback on code pretty quickly, now that Travis-CI is running all of the unit tests for me. I’m pretty excited to try this, so we’ll see how it goes.

The CS-3 course is Java, and we use Eclipse as the IDE. One thing I need to improve is my workflow for creating the template repository for an assignment with Github classroom. Currently I do everything manually, which takes longer than I would like. I’m sure there are improvements I could be making!

So far Github Classroom is great. I’m waiting for something to go wrong but so far everything is working smoothly.

(F7502) #455

Hello! I am a research assistant at the University of Stuttgart (Germany) doing research in the areas of cloud computing, microservices, REST and service-oriented computing in general. We are currently creating a new lecture about cloud computing, accompanied by practical exercises. We chose to use GitHub for these exercises, mainly for providing the students with code examples.

(Roman Yasinovskyy) #456

Hi, I’m Roman.

I’m teaching various CS courses at Luther College (Decorah, IA). I’ve been using git (not necessarily GitHub) to share code with students but now I’m thinking about using GitHub for lecture notes and references.

It’s interesting to learn how others are using GitHub, including pages and classrooms.