馃憢 Teachers! Introduce yourself here

(Agus Edme) #415

Hi Everyone!!
I鈥檓 Agustina from C贸rdoba, Argentina. I鈥檓 teaching Web Development in HTML, CCS and JavaScript at Universidad Cat贸lica de C贸rdoba. With rmarku, we are trying to integrate Github in the course workflow.

(Ma毛lle ) #416

Hello ! I鈥檓 Ma毛lle, it鈥檚 my frist year teaching web development in Paris @EEMI. I enjoy hybrid apps !

(Ugo Pattacini) #417

Hi teachers,

I鈥檓 Ugo and I work at Istituto Italiano di Tecnologia as technologist researcher in humanoid robotics. We have been developing lots of software components hosted on the GitHub organization robotology to keep on improving our robots iCub and R1 :robot:

Earlier this month, we just ran our Winter School on Humanoid Robot Programming :school: providing frontal lessons as well as hands-on sessions using the GitHub Education platform. We received plenty of positive feedback from the students who showed to be really motivated and engaged with the assignments, trying always to work hard to get full marks in the ranking we generated with our automatic grading system. Check it out.

(Dean Nguyen) #418

Hi my name is Dean (dnguyencus) from Sydney Australia. I teach website design and development. I am interested in introducing Git/GitHub to students this semester. Cheers.

(Marco Secchi) #419

Hey everybody,
I鈥檓 Marco Secchi and I am a Freelance Developer and Teacher in Milan, Italy.
I鈥檓 currently involved at NABA (Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti), DigitalBros Game Academy, Fastweb Digital Academy as a Game Programming teacher (mostly Unity3D, C#, Lua).

You can find more info about me on my website (marcosecchi.it) or on Linkedin.


(Seppeg) #420

Hey everyone,

I鈥檓 Seppe currently working @cegeka. We have a new project where we provide a course for people who want to switch to IT (programmers).

Lovely to meet you all.

(Nathan H. Bean) #421

Hello. I teach software engineering, web development, and game development with the Computer Science department at Kansas State University in Manhattan, KS. I鈥檓 also involved in computer science education research and coordinate K-12 outreach efforts for our department.

I鈥檝e been teaching for ten years, and have also spent significant time in industry as a software developer. I have a Bachelors in Computer Science, a masters in Computer Game Technology, and am finishing a Ph.D. in Curriculum and Design.

I鈥檝e used Git and Github in my teaching for several years - especially for group projects. In my software engineering course, students work in teams of 3 building open-source software to support K-State鈥檚 research and extension mission and host their projects on Git. We use a variant of SCRUM for the development effort, and students submit a tagged release at the end of every sprint.

Lately I鈥檝e been leveraging the GitHub classroom to disseminate starter code for several of my other classes.

(Vanessa) #422

Welcome @zombiepaladin :slight_smile:

Can鈥檛 wait to hear your thoughts on Classroom. Please feel free to post in that category:

(G枚tz) #423

Hey folks,

I鈥檓 teaching Matlab and C++ courses at Univ. of Duesseldorf, Germany. The classes are for physics students and have the objectives to teach the students elementary programming techniques and get them to know the basic set of numerical methods for data analysis and simulations. I used GitHub already for one lecture and it greatly increased our ability to check the student鈥檚 codes and give feedback. I think we still have not used the full potential of GitHub and I am looking forward to optimize our workflow for the next course.

Cheers, Goetz

(Ozan K) #424

Hi all,

I am Ozan from METU, Turkey.
I used github for my graduate class ( https://github.com/odtu/ee564 ) last year, now I am very happy to see there is an easier way to implement it.

I am planning to use Github classroom on my undergraduate 4th year class ( http://keysan.me/ee462 )



(Brad Bazemore) #425

Hey I am Brad Bazemore

github: sonyccd

I am a graduate student at the University of Georgia Computer Science in the US. I am creating an IoT real time scheduling class with Dr. Shelby Funk. This will be our first time using GitHub for class. I am really excited about using a tool for students that is also used in industry.

(Jeongbae Kong) #426

Hello~^^ It鈥檚 nice to meet you. I鈥檓 so honored to be participated to Github Education. I鈥檓 a teacher to code for students in South Korea.

(Michelangelo van Dam) #427

Hello there!

My name is Michelangelo van Dam and I live in Mechelen, Belgium. Since 2010 I鈥檓 requested to give technical training courses at businesses and conferences because my company says I鈥檓 an expert. Unfortunately I don鈥檛 have any teaching education or background so I鈥檝e been doing my best to transfer knowledge to the students in my classrooms.

By joining this community I hope to learn more about teaching and get some insights from people who have been teaching way longer than I have.

(Nicholas Jaeger) #428

Hi all!

I鈥檓 Nick. I am one of the lead instructors for devCodeCamp (Milwaukee, WI). In addition to teaching JS, PHP, and .NET stacks, I also manage the majority of our startup projects that we organize for students. A 鈥榮tartup project鈥 is a 2 week sprint to create an MVP for a local startup company. Recent graduates are offered the opportunity to collaborate on these, usually in teams of 2-5. In my free time, I do freelance consulting and organize a web development meet up group of about 1600 people.

My GitHub handle is jaegernh.

I live in Wisconsin.

I spend nearly all my free time trying to build my community and put Milwaukee on the map as a technology hotspot. This means being activity in the Meetup community, startup scene, and as networking events. I think it is super exciting connecting people and companies to each other and the community. Milwaukee has a lot happening if you take a look under the hood. When I step away from that, I am busy running, playing tennis, traveling, and doing pro bono research in various STEM fields.

(Asysob) #429

Hi! I am Peter and i am working at the University of Trier, Germany, and i am always interested in new ways to collaborate and teach. My research and teaching topics are Operating Systems, Distributed Systems, Computer Networks, and Computer Games. I have my sabbatical this summer, but i plan to do a lecture on Distributed Systems using the GitHub Classroom. I am sure, it鈥檒l be a lot of fun 鈥

(Chris M) #430

Hello all!

I鈥檓 Chris, an Instructor at Ada Developers Academy a free non-profit coding bootcamp in Seattle, WA.

My interests include political activism & Gaming as well as reading.

(Debra M. Duke) #431

Hello! I鈥檓 Debra (DebMDuke on GitHub) and I teach computer science at VCU in Richmond, VA.

I鈥檓 new to GitHub Education this semester and have found it very helpful with team projects.

My other interests include travel and binge watching excellent television.

(Jose M Vidal) #432


I鈥檓 Jose and I teach Computers at the University of South Carolina. I鈥檝e been using github for my projects since the very beginning, but only started using it with my Senior Capstone project class a couple of years ago.

I hope to use the other Classroom features also, as I learn about them.

(susan evans) #433


I teach in a variety of programs 鈥 at the University of Washington (UW), in the computer science and engineering program I teach support classes for the intro sequence for students in the STARS program. Also at UW, in the Human Centered Design & Engineering program I teach a grad intro to creative computing course using p5.js. I also teach an intro-series for students with limited prior experience programming at Ada Developers Academy.


(Jim Teresco) #434

Jim Teresco of the Computer Science Department at Siena College in Loudonville, New York. I鈥檓 using GitHub for some personal and research projects, but I鈥檓 looking to use GitHub in my classes to get away from so much email, Blackboard, and other inefficient ways to receive submissions and provide feedback. I鈥檝e learned a lot from sessions and talking to people here at SIGCSE 2017, and I am excited to get this set up, maybe as soon as this semester.