👋 Teachers! Introduce yourself here

(Miro Hrončok) #21


My name is Miro Hrončok (@hroncok), I’m teaching at Faculty of information technology, Czech technical university in Prague, Czech Republic.

With my colleges we teach 3D printing, see stuff at @3dprintfit. We are mostly using Github there for the teachers. However, we are opening new advanced Python course starting in this October and we are going to use Github for students to submit their tasks.

(Rubens Mariuzzo) #22

Hey there!

I’m from Switzerland, living in Dominican Republic similar to @jblandino. I’m an open source advocate and a passionate JavaScript developer. Working remotely at X-Team I’m always looking for ways to contribute to open source communities via GitHub or StackOverflow.

@rmariuzzo :v:

(Olmo Maldonado) #24

Howdy from South Texas.

I’m Olmo Maldonado from Code RGV. We run a 12-week intensive bootcamp called (boot) to train adults to become Full Stack Web Developers. Git(Hub) is taught and used from day one.

(Joel A. Blandino) #25

Hey rubens :raised_hands:

(Cody Henrichsen Ctec) #26

Hi I am Cody, I teach in Sandy, Utah with students from 3 districts. I also do a girls programming camp in the summer to involve more young women in computer science.

I teach and love Java, Swift, App Inventor and Databases :smiley:

(Rob Muhlestein) #27

Woah! Ok this is a great idea. I retired early to create SkilStak Coding Arts because no one is teaching programming worth learning in most of the public and private schools.

GitHub is a core tool on which our entire school is built. We use it to not only save backups or everything our students do, but to do live web development and create HTML5 games with Phaser. Students are introduced to command line development as soon as they begin.

I frequently tell my students in class that I want to “kiss someone on the mouth” for adding drag and drop uploading of images and other files. This turned creating real web pages with GitHub’s built in GitHub pages into something we have nine-year-olds doing proficiently.

Thanks for everything GitHub!!

(Samuel) #28

Hi, Everyone,

I’m Samuel from Ghana, You can reach me on Github and twitter as @snamoah.
I love to read and spend time with my family. I’m happy to be here. :slight_smile:

(Panagiotis Petridis) #29

Hi everyone!
I’ m fron Greece, living in Thessaloniki. I love teaching physics. My interest are web applications and Mathematics.

(Prog Teach) #30

Hi everyone! My name is Carolyn Petite, and I teach high school computer science in Chagrin Falls, Ohio. I appreciate GitHub providing us with this support to help us use it in our classrooms. I think it will be a valuable experience for our students.

My GitHub handle is progteach.

I just started learning Swift, and I will be trying to get XCode to communicate with my repositories.

Looking forward to collaborating!

(Ian McLoughlin) #32

Hi everyone,

I’m a lecturer in the Department of Computer Science and Applied Physics at Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology.
I use GitHub for all my modules, with a different organisation for each.


(Fernando Contreras) #33

Hi everyone

I’m Fernando Cotnreras from Mexico, I love Javascript and use AngularJS for my developments.
My github account is @fercreek and my twitter is @fercreek/ :smiley:

(Daniel Mauricio Sánchez Ávila) #34

Hi everyone!
My name is Daniel Mauricio Sánchez, I’m from Manizales, Colombia
Actually I work how web developer
I love to learn so much, especially mathematics and physics :video_game:
and of course I like to make friends :grinning:

(Shawn Rider) #35

Hello everybody!

I’m Shawn Rider (@shawnr on Github and many other places), and I run the Web, Application, and Tech Studies program at Seattle University. We use Github extensively in our program, which focuses on project-based learning and the creation of portfolios to help students enter the world of web development. We also focus on adult learners looking to complete their education or change/extend their careers. Our site is located at http://webdev.seattleu.edu if you’re curious to learn more. (And I’m always looking for teachers!)

I really appreciate everything Github has done for teachers and students, and I look forward to becoming a part of the broader community. You can see the assignments we’ve developed using Github on our GH profile: http://github.com/suwebdev Those resources all have liberal licenses, so feel free to borrow/modify/extend if they are useful to you!

(Julia Damerow) #36

Hi all! This is awesome! Thanks GitHub! I’m a software engineer at Arizona State University and I’m involved in teaching digital humanities and software engineering in the context of digital humanities. I mostly develop in Java using the Spring framework, and some Python with Django.

(Jon Weinbren) #37

Hey - I’m Jon Weinbren, head of Games Design and Development at the UK’s National Film and Television School - among other things. We use C# and Unity3D and I try to encourage my students to get their heads round git, usually using sourcetree.
Looking forward to getting involved. Good quality video training stuff would be great if anyone is up for it.

(Taraghi) #38

Hi everybody,

I am Beni and interested in using Github in Education at programming classrooms

(James Brust) #39

Hi all!

My name is James and I’m the director of a Media and Innovation Lab in the College of Communication at Marquette University in Milwaukee, WI. What that generally means is that I help introduce new things to students, faculty, and the curriculum. Currently that includes lots of workshops and interdisciplinary partnerships for hackathons, design and entrepreneurial competitions, and other things that expand the skillset of comm students beyond traditional creative media. I frequently partner with amazing faculty here and our current coding toolbox is mostly Xamarin, Azure, Xcode, and GitHub. The lab is @wakerlymedialab on Twitter, and I’m @radione.

(Jason Freels) #40

Hello fellow GitHub educators! My name is Jason (@Auburngrads) I use GitHub everyday to teach courses in applied and computational statistics using R. I’m really interested in how others push and pull content with colleagues at their respective institutions to simplify the process of developing their own content.

(Philip Johnson) #41


My name is Philip Johnson and I am a professor of information and computer sciences at the University of Hawaii. I teach software engineering and am also interested in building technologies to support education. Here are a few of my recent projects:

The Morea Framework is a technology for building structured course websites based on Modules, Outcomes, Readings, Experiences, and Assessments. It uses Jekyll, GitHub, and Twitter Bootstrap.

TechFolios is a technology for building professional portfolios for technology students and professionals. It uses Jekyll, GitHub, and Semantic UI.

For more about me, you can see my professional portfolio (linked in the gallery section of TechFolio). Unfortunately I can only put two links is this posting as I am a new user!

Philip Johnson
Information and Computer Sciences
University of Hawaii

(Xavier Giro-i-Nieto) #42


my name is Xavier Giro and I am an associate professor at the Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya in Barcelona. I have used GitHub Education in two different courses on computer vision. I am planning to introduce it next Fall 2016 in another course related to Signals & Systems in Matlab or Python, mainly around discrete-time Fourier analysis. Please contact me if you are teaching on this topic as well.